Winsor Bishop Sparkle at Royal Norfolk Show 2014

[heading subtitle=””] Winsor Bishop Sparkle at 60th Royal Norfolk Show [/heading]

Winsor Bishop, premier Norwich Jewellery store, really did embraced the true meaning of a very Royal Norfolk show when their spectacular Avenue 6 store received a visit from Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex Price Edward popped in for a chat with Winsor Bishop owner,  Sophie Fulford as he made his way around the Norfolk Showground on a glorious day, where the weather held and the inevitable rain thankfully stayed away.

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Haunting photographs of Nagasaki atomic bomb

Nagasaki atomic bomb attack photographs found in UK


A story posted online by the Daily Mail Newspaper has uncovered five Nagasaki photographs showing the very moment ‘The Fat Man’ Atomic Bomb exploded 500m above ground and the following destruction that was unkeashed on the city of Nagasaki on the Japanese island of Kyushu. The 5 photographs came to light after British Newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ ran an article about a forthcoming auction.

Blanc Creative Nagasaki Photos

The original images were unearthed after lying hidden for seven decades. They were taken by one of Japan’s top photographers the day after the explosion, but were then confiscated by the U.S. military in a bid to stop them being used as propaganda. They show the devastated landscape of the formerly thriving city, with lines of refugees looking for shelter and the skeletons of hollowed-out buildings after the bombing, which killed between 60,000 & 80,000 residents of Nagasaki.

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