Review – Wacom Intuos Pro Redefines Pen Tablets

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Redefines Pen Tablets for Creatives


I’ve been using a Wacom Intuos Pro for many years and watched closely as the premium range of tablets has developed over a decade. Since I work predominantly with Lightroom and Photoshop, but also work with Video editing in Final Cut Pro and Da Vinci 16. Owning a Wacom Intuos Pro totally removed the need to use any form of mouse or trackpad. For editing work, the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet is not an option, it’s a necessity. Over the years, Wacom tablets have only gotten better and better with features being added year after year. Yes, the Intuos Pro is expensive, but the prices haven’t increased that much making the new 2019 great value for money when compared to previous models. The latest Wacom Intuos Pro design offers the user a more natural creative control than ever before. I have to say that the last tablet I purchased from Wacom didn’t last as long as I anticipated. I had problems with battery life and the physical longevity of the battery was underwhelming, finding the full time return to a fully wired wired Wacom came long before I would have liked. It didn’t impact on the usability of the product because my work editing work is predominantly desk based , but it is annoying when you pay for a wireless model and it doesn’t function because of a poor battery. The 2019 Wacom Intuos Pro wireless model from the outset functions very well, but the only thing that will really determine how Wacom have looked at charging and battery life will be timescale, so I really can’t comment on this.

I was excited to get my hands on the new 2019 updated Intuos Pro model. It is available in 3 sizes, Small which is roughly A6, Medium which is around A5 and Large, which is around A4 and my personal preference. The new Large Pro is beautiful and really comfortable to work with! It has no hard edges and it is a solid build, utilising premium materials like anodised aluminium and glass fibre composite resin. It’s a slick design and pretty thin at only 8mm of thickness. Wacom Intuos Pro is built from premium materials and has been rigorously tested to meet professionals’ needs although with my own philosophy of ‘Buy Cheap Buy Twice,” the Wacom Intuos Pro would be my go to choice for enthusiasts as well as prosumers and professionals.  As with the previous models it has touch gestures, which can be disable if desired, although personally, the variety of pens and different personalisation options remains a great feature. Easy shortcuts, customisable ExpressKeys and Touch Ring, and pen side switches give a huge amount of flexibility. The Wacom comes with Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity, but it does still retain the standard USB port for a wired connection which based on my own experiences with the last generation Intuos Pro, is an absolute must have. It just gives that extra sense of security. To set it up, you’ll need an internet connection for driver downloads and installation. I have to mention that I have also historically experienced some drive issues on Mac OSX where my Intuos presets have been wiped and the pen reverts to working as a traditional  mouse, so you have to drag the pen across the screen in a number of strokes to move from one side of the screen to another. This is an annoyance but it has only happened very occasionally. The Paper Edition is compatible with Windows 7 or later and Mac OS 10.10 or later.

Digital Drawing with the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition

The new Paper Edition is a great tool and possibly one of the best new features for creatives who don’t want to spend money on the likes of a Cintique. The concept enables the user to automatically convert paper sketches into digital files, as you draw. This is perfect for your next creative breakthrough. Choose from a variety of pens and different Texture Sheets* to personalise the way you work. Paper Edition* gives you the freedom to choose how you work. You can sketch directly onto to the pen tablet using Wacom Pro Pen 2, working digitally from start to finish. Alternatively, you can start by drawing on paper with Wacom Finetip Pen, then edit your sketches digitally in your favourite software. The Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Wacom comes with two pens, the new battery free Pro Pen 2 or an actual Finetip Pen, both of which are included in the box. The Pro Pen 2 comes with athe usual selection of spare nibs concelaed in the underside of the pen holder (there are six standard nibs and four felt pen nibs), while the real pen comes with ink cartridges and ensbles physical real drawing on paper. Each artist or designer will know which they need for their workflow—perhaps you do work that requires both—but the versatility of the Paper Edition is part of the appeal. Both pens feature 8,192 pressure levels and tilt recognition for holding the pen at an angle, and are battery free. The more advanced Pro Pen 2 includes two buttons, an eraser and multiple pressure levels, which can be fine tuned using the Wacom dashboard.

For anybody spending multiple hours in front of the computer, the Wacom Intuos Pro is a no brainer. I reverted back to using a mouse after my old Wacom gave up and the results were immediately noticeable with cramped hands and an almost repetitive strain injury pain in my knuckles and the edge of my hand. You get so used to working with a pen that a mouse almost feels alien when you have to revert back to using it. The idea that a tablet is specifically for illustrators and artists couldn’t be further from the truth. It may take a bit of time to convert to pen use but persevere and it will change the way you work forever.. Much like when somebody converts from a Windows operating system to the sleek Apple Mac OSX. You’ll never go back and the gras is most definitely greener on the other side. After a few days it will feel natural, and better than using the mouse.

The tablet accurately documents every line and stroke, you can work in layers and the creative options are vast for any creative.  You can work using the Inkspace app and your drawings will be automatically imported very efficiently. The added beauty is that, within the app, you can make adjustments to your original ink sketches. This includes drawing additional lines, erasing lines, and even rewinding to a certain point in your sketch and isolating each step. One of the most awesome aspects of the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition is that once you’ve designing your drawings or sketching your artwork, you can save and export the files in JPG, PNG or PSD format. Moving files is a pretty simple process but it’s really up to the individual to set up their own protocols because everybody will work completely different.

As a complete Wacom Intuous Pro fan, the paper edition gives just that little bit more and if you’re looking to enter the tablet market and want something with drawing capability, then this really is the tablet. It is an investment and if you read my previous blog about the Wacom  not a cheap investment, but for something that will last you years and allow you to create hand-drawn and digital work, it will very likely prove worth its cost.



Exceptional pen performance: Wacom Pro Pen 2 features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-response and virtually lag-free tracking

Paper to digital ability lets you choose how to work: capture editable versions of your paper sketches or work completely digital from start to finish

Use Wacom Inkspace to sync, store, and export your paper sketches in common creative file formats, then fine-tune your work on your Mac or PC

Speed your workflow with multi-touch gestures, customizable ExpressKeys™, Radial Menus and pen side switches

Super-slim tablet design with a smaller, more compact footprint and premium materials

Accessories (sold separately) include: Ballpoint Pen, Finetip Pen, Pencil, Texture Sheets (from smooth to rough), Soft Cases, Pen Nibs, Refills

What’s Inside

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Pen Tablet (large A4)

Wacom Pro Pen 2 (battery free)

Pen stand (includes 6 standard nibs, 4 Felt nibs)

Finetip Pen (Battery-free)

Paper Clip

10 single Paper sheets – A4

Accessory soft case

4 extra pen color rings

3 finetip ink refills

Texture sheet sample card

2m (6.6ft) PVC-free USB cable

Quick start guide


Commercial Portrait Photography

Norwich Business Photography

Commercial Portrait Photography

Commercial Portrait Photography allows you to tell a story and convey more about your business, your staff and what you do. Commercial Portrait Photography can be undertaken in a studio, but capturing staff in their natural woking environment opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities and showcases far more about your business than a plain background ever will. Shooting Commercial portrait in a typical environment also helps staff to relax.  Familiarity lends itself to putting your subject at ease and this is a huge factor in producing natural portraits. To coincide with a re-branding project, we’ve once again been working in the Norfolk Tourism Sector with one of our regular clients, The Bure Valley Railway.

Bure Valley Railway is a major tourist attraction within Norfolk and welcomes over 100,000 visitors a year. With a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers the railway operates on a not for profit basis. Husband and wife team, Andrew and Susan, head up the management team. Andrew’s love of railways from a little boy drew him to Norfolk and he became involved in the railway as a volunteer in its infancy and subsequently gave up his job in London a few years ago to work at the railway full-time. The Railway is built on the trackbed of the former Great Eastern Railway between Wroxham and Aylsham. Originally opened in 1880 the line survived for passenger traffic until 1952, eleven years before the infamous Beeching Report! The line did, however, survive for the purpose of carrying freight, a role it performed until the line was formally closed by British Rail in 1982. Norfolk County Council had an enlightened policy of safeguarding closed railway routes for use as footpaths. Through a partnership between local government and the private sector a narrow gauge line was built between Aylsham and Wroxham, with a nine mile long footpath running alongside.  It is Norfolk’s longest narrow gauge railway which runs between the historic market town of Aylsham and bustling town of Wroxham, at the heart of the Norfolk Broads. The 18 mile round trip runs through the pretty Bure Valley countryside following the meandering River Bure through meadowland and ancient pasture. Along the line are wayside halts serving the picturesque Broadland villages of Brampton, Buxton and Coltishall where you can hop off and explore by foot. Hop back on and continue your journey by train by waiving down the driver to stop.

Bure Valley Railway Commercial Portrait Photography

Shooting Commercial Portrait Photography in the heart of a steam based environment opened up some fantastic opportunities. Set against a background of engineering workshops, oil, grease and steam, we captured daily routines and passionate individuals who together, are responsible for the day to day running of the nostalgic railway. Shooting with predominantly natural light really is hard to beat. Creating ‘modern’ looking Commercial Portrait Photography is a case of working with the best lighting and backgrounds and making the most of having an eye for detail and composition. Working with a nice flat light was also really beneficial, reducing harsh shadows and the chances of over exposed highlights. The chances to work with a Northern light canproduce an almost  softbox look creating a soft, flattering light which fits just perfectly  for modern looking portraits. There is a reason why many artists have their  studios purposely facing the north.

If you think your business could benefit from professional Commercial Portrait Photography, then please reach out to our team today and call our office on Mob: 07871 364041 or email


Commercial Portrait Photography

Commercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyAdvertising Photographer NorfolkCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyNorwich Business PhotographyNorwich Business PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait Photography NorfolkCommercial Portrait Photography Norfolk

Business PR Photography

Business PR Photography- Norse Group Tidy Up

Business PR Photography is a form of commercial photography with a news angle commissioned to create images for a business, organisation or individual’s news usage. We’ve been delivering professional, well-composed News images for many years. Not only , do we work directly with independent and national companies, but in Freelance capacity, we’ve globally syndicated hundreds of News Photography and Music Photography images to press outlets, newspapers and TV News channels. Images elevate stories and add an element of exposition, so the reader is immediately aware of the story with a simple glance at the Headline and photographs.

Business PR Photography – 2019 Tidy Up

We covered the NORSE Group 2019 Tidy-Up campaign again this year. Staff at Norse Group locations turned out in force up and down the country to take part in the 2019 Norse ‘Tidy Up’. The event saw almost 130 largely office based workers (80 in 2018) at 14 locations, donning high viz jackets and gloves and using litter pickers to collect more than 180 bags of rubbish. Locations which took part included Barnsley, Daventry, Exeter, Great Yarmouth, Medway, London, Newport, Norwich (where four picks in total were held),  Wellingborough, Lowestoft and Gressenhall in Norfolk. The third ever Norse Tidy Up also involved staff from NorseCare’s The Meadows facility in Norwich. At least one Norse member of staff also volunteered to carry out his own ‘mini’ pick in North Norfolk and several members of staff came in on their day off to take part. The biggest Tidy Up was at Fifers Lane in Norwich where 20 or so staff tidied up a route stretching from Norse’s Fifers Lane headquarters and the surrounding streets, collecting around 245 cans, more than 60 bottles and 27 plastic bottles, which were sent for recycling. Other litter picks in Norwich were held by staff at Lancaster House on the Broadland Business Park and at Townshend House in the city centre. Staff in Barnsley joined others in cleaning up a local beauty spot and in Wigan items discovered included a bike and a pregnancy test! The pick in Lowestoft collected the most bags of litter,  26 in total!

Group Managing Director Dean Wetteland said the event was a big success, adding that the Tidy Up was becoming an important annual feature of the Group’s Norse Way corporate social responsibility calendar. He said:

“Encouraging office based staff and managers to volunteer to collect litter is a simple but effective way of demonstrating our commitment to the environment and the communities we serve. I’m delighted the Tidy Up has grown again, with a record number of litter picks taking place this year. Littering our streets is completely unacceptable and I believe there is a real enthusiasm for this sort of community based action and, as a company with a strong social conscience, we wanted to set a positive|”

We approached the assignment slightly differently this year, building a set of Business PR Photographs that were both transferable across the business and creative enough to ensure the images could be used across tenders, news and case studies. Shooting Event based images will capture attendees in the moment, but one of our main priorities is delivering a maximum Return on Investment for our clients with Business PR Photography that has a large distribution value. Shooting element of Stock Photography enables our clients   to publish press releases on the companies website, forwarded images to relevant media and news outlets, but also archive the creative photographs for future projects.

If you think we could help your business with professional photography, why not call our office today to discuss your project on Mob: 07871 364041 or email


Staff Photography – GCB Recruitment Agency

Staff Photography - GCB Recruitment

Staff Photography – GCB Recruitment Agency

The importance of professional Staff Photography simply can’t be underestimated. Whether its’ for general Social Media, the Linkedin Business Platform or a personal profile page on a website, good quality Staff Photography is essential.  Staff Photography can cover a wide range of styles from Formal Business Photography, Work Based imagery, Corporate Headshots or Relaxed Portraits. It’s always great to avoid overly contrived images, because the results will undoubtedly appear unnatural and  will not reflect your personality. Images need to be engaging and show a friendly, trustworthy appearance. If you have a number of staff or a business that has any kind of regular staff turnover, then one key element is consistency. Staff Photography should remain consistent across a business. We’ve all seen ‘Meet the Team’ Web Pages with multiple staff images where one person has a photograph taken on a smart phone that stands out on the page for all the wrong reasons. Consistency is the key. Images should be delivered in a format that is completely portable across all printed and digital media platforms which increases the return on investing in professional Photography. The philosophy at GCB Recruitment is one where they believe that business thrives on ownership. Each staff member is given both the responsibility and the creativity to generate results. Freedom of expression is vital within a personality-centric industry and GCB Staff photography is the starting point in this process. Genuine personal investment from GCB Team members starts as soon as clients land on the ‘GCB Recruitment Meet the Team’Page. I’ve been photographing Staff Photography for almost a decade and we have been working regularly with one of the regions Premier Recruitment Agencies.

Management Photography NorfolkGareth Broom – Managing  Director GCB Recruitment

GCB Recruitment. Founded in 2010 by Gareth Broom, a former estate agency manager, who was left frustrated throughout his career by the lack of quality, effectiveness and reliability of recruitment companies that he’d used. Gareth found that recruitment agencies didn’t understand what he was looking for or just didn’t seem to care. After working in recruitment, he identified a gap in the market for a specialist property recruitment company that actually knew what was required to succeed and would be able to supply the quality staff, no matter what their size or budget. Gareth places a high value on his own personnel and insists on investing in professional staff photography. Not everybody enjoys being in front of the lens so we never shoot imagery with a clock running. It may take a few minutes photographing an individual before they relax, so staff photography assignments requires reassuring communications and an approach where the subject poses in positions that they would normally adopt. There is nothing worse than placing a subject into awkward situations that are out of character.

If your business would benefit from professional Staff Photography, we would love to hear from you. Why not call our office on Mob: 07871 364041 or email

Personnel Photography NorfolkHeadshot Photography for BuisnessManagement Photography NorfolkHeadshot Photography for BuisnessHeadshot Photography for BuisnesssHeadshot Photography for BuisnessHeadshot Photography for BuisnessHeadshot Photography for BuisnessHeadshot Photography for BuisnessNorfolk Staff PhotographyStaff Photography - GCB Recruitment

Stereophonics – Music Photography


Stereophonics Music Photography 

Concert Music PhotographyAs far as music venues go, the Stereophonics probably couldn’t find a more eco friendly venue. To play in the middle of a Forest is almost a surreal experience and Thetford High Lodge offered a unique natural arena with a touch of magic: The Stereophonics took to the stage as the closing act of Forest Live 2019 and received an enthusiastic welcome from crowds who had queued for hours to gain front row views. We’ve been providing Official Forest Live Music Photography for the past six years and 2019 marked the anniversary of our first ever concert on the site in 2013 as Paul Weller made a welcome return to Norfolk.  But that’s another Blog.

For the first time at Thetford High Lodge, the stage came complete with a runway and Kelly Jones didn’t hesitate to get as close to the crowds as possible.  The band were faultless as they entertained the audience for almost two-hour set. The Stereophonics have an iconic following, but Jones giving insights into the band’s Welsh roots and recalling how family bath times inspired him to make up tunes, added a few memorable moments in between songs. No stereophonics set would be complete without ‘Handbags and Gladrags, Just Lookin’, Hurry Up and Wait to Have a Nice Day’ and the band delivered all of these with massive energy and pace.

Professional Music Photography in 2019 is a ruthless business and the opportunities to work as an ‘Official Photographer’ at Music Festivals or Concerts where iconic bands are playing are few and far between. Working the stage in an environment where no freelance photographers are permitted and no syndication sales are allowed, makes for very special music photography and the Stereophonics concert was no exception. With over a decade of experience, we’ve built a music photography portfolio of Global Artists and offer a full Concert or Festival package that includes Professional Licensed Drone footage, Video Production services and Concert Photography.

If you think that we could add value to your Festival, Concert or other Public Event, then please contact our team today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email

Stereophonics Drone Photography
Stereophonics Concert Photography
Festival Music Photography Stereophonics Music PhotographyConcert Photography NorfolkStereophonicsStereophonics Concert PhotographyStereophonics Concert PhotographyStereophonics PhotosStereophonics Concert PhotographyStereophonics Photos

5 Reasons why Estate Agent Videos are essential Marketing Tools

Estate Agent Videos


5 Reasons why Estate Agent Videos are Essential Marketing Tools.

Haart Estate Agent – St Annes Quarter Social Media Teaser from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.


Estate Agent Videos are no longer a nice to have for any reputable property business. Estate Agent Videos are now essential for marketing. We live in a digital media age where visual content has never played such an important part of daily busines, but it can still be hard to convince Estate Agents to invest money into video marketing. Professional Video Production is labour intensive. Every aspect of pre production, shooting and editing takes up more time than traditional still photography and many Estate agents believe that the cost will be high. This is not always the case and many clients are surprised at just how affordable productions can be.

Why Estate Agent Videos can reap rewards!

Reason 1.

Statics indicate over 70% of people selling properties are more likely to list with an Estate Agents who has video on their website, although around only 9% of  Estate Agents create listing videos. Only a few years ago, aerial photography was super expensive, require a physical trip in an aircraft and close up shots were really hard to achieve. Customers are more tech savvy than ever and Estate Agent Videos are adopting Professional Drone filming as an integral part of marketing. It’s inexpensive to achiebve fabulous high quailty footage. It makes  video marketing more attractive than it ever has been.

Reason 2.

Across the globe, video marketing yields one of the biggest returns on investment for businesses. In fact, video takes up almost 79% of consumer internet traffic. Video increases following, gains more customers, and boost brand awareness.

Reason 3.

Businesses who invest Investing in video marketing are guaranteed a faster, more productive revenue growth. Using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%. For companies with large email databases and regular mailing protocols, Estate Agent Videos should be considered as a top tactic to increase engagement and revenue growth. It all comes down to the return on investment (ROI). If we look at the numbers, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media (Animoto, 2018). The same report shows us that 80% of marketers also claim to be satisfied by the ROI of video ads that they have posted to social media. Social Media is a great way for Estate Agents to  share properties with professional Estate Agent Videos. Social Media Uses are seeing videos increase on every platform. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram. Linkedin, Youtube or Vimeo… the ever growing list of social media site users are expecting more video content. Estate Agent Videos fit perfectly into the social media spectrum  Based on the 2018 State of Social Video Marketer Trends report, 73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision. Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms using video to influence purchases and drive sales of products.

Reason 4.

Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more. Video placed on the homepage of an agent’s website will have a greater impact and increase conversion rates greatly. Agents should upload their video business card that embodies their main message on their homepage for the best results. A video on the homepage will make it more likely that visitors sign up for a newsletter, request more information, or head over to the blog (whatever the call to action is on the site). Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of search engines. While marketers typically use video to increase traffic for brands, they also use it for attention on the first page of Google search results. Agents should create SEO-friendly videos to launch themselves to the top of search engine result pages.

Reason 5.

Did you know the The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. We live in an age where people don’t want to read pages of text. Take this blog as an example. This should have been 10 reasons, but in reality, nobody is going spend their time reading such an extensive blog. T’s wordy for one reason only.. Google crawling and the chance that there may genuinely be Estate Agents out there who are not using Estate Agent Videos as a marketing tool and could seriously benefit from this post.  Internet Users spend more time on websites with video, which means they digest more information and learn more about the company. Also, it’s an easier way to learn if the products or services are applicable to their search. Agents can use video to introduce themselves or explain what they do so prospects get the information they need quickly.

Video marketing is a competitive, visual strategy for Estate Agents because it helps highlight areas that photography simply can’t capture. Videos delivers a real view through popular media platforms, that most definitely grow traffic online and drive potential client engagement.

At Blanc Creative, we offer a complete Estate Agent Video Service from pre production through to delivery. If you think we can help make your visions become a reality, then please reach out and contact our team today at or Mob: 07871 364041 

Horse Racing Photography

Horse Racing Photography – Great Yarmouth Festival 2019

The three-day Great Yarmouth Festival is always a great opportunity to capture Professional Horse Racing Photography. The Great Yarmouth Eastern Festival featured three thrilling days of racing, with the opening day on Tuesday 18th September, the feature £50,000 EBF John Musker Fillies Stakes on Wednesday 19th September, and culminated in a packed Ladies Day on Thursday 20th September. We’ve been working with Great Yarmouth Racecourse for four years, delivering commercial Horse Racing Photography and images used for a whole host of marketing, PR and on the official course website. September Ladies Day is always a fantastic finale to the season and a great chance to capture Horse Racing Photography. A day shooting Horse Racing Photography covers much more than the physical racing. From The Best Dressed Ladies Competition, the build up of excitement between races, jockey’s in the Paddock talking race day tactics with trainers and powerful horses racing a 300 year old course. For further information about how we can help your business with professional photography, please call one of our team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email the office at

Great Yarmouth Racecourse History

Racing at Great Yarmouth was first recorded in 1715, when a lease was granted by the Great Yarmouth Corporation to a group of innkeepers for some land where they could stage race meetings. Racing may well have been taking place there before that date. It was probably intermittent during the eighteenth century, and will often have coincided with the annual town fair. Diverse events such as donkey races and chasing a pig with a soaped tail were held. Not until 1810 did the official Racing Calendar begin to record meetings with thoroughbred races and sufficient prize money. This course, on the South Denes, then became established. A two-day meeting was held in the late summer each year. Not until 1866 did the number of fixtures start to increase. Racing resumed after suspension during World War I, but in 1920 the course was moved to the adjacent North Denes, in the face of pressure from the local fishing industry to expand its premises onto land on the South Denes. Two grandstands were dismantled and relocated to the North Denes, where they are still in use today. Great Yarmouth Racecourse is part of the Arena Racing Company (ARC), which operates 16 racecourses and two greyhound stadiums across the UK. This modern-day course is home to a summer season of 23 flat race meetings attracting top name jockeys, and up-and-coming two-year-old horses, some of which go on to compete and win valuable races as far afield as the USA and Brazil.

Horse Racing Photography - Great Yarmouth RacesHorse Racing Photography - Great Yarmouth RacesHorse Racing Photography - Great Yarmouth RacesHorse Racing Photography - Great Yarmouth RacesGreat Yarmouth Horse Racing Photography Horse Racing PhotographyHorse Racing Photography - Norfolk PhotographerHorse Racing Photography - Norfolk PhotographerHorse Racing Photography - Norfolk PhotographerNorfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer

Estate Agent Videos – Orbit Group

Urban Drone Photography Norfolk

Professional Estate Agent Videos

We’ve recently filmed a number of Estate Agent Videos and Construction based films across the UK for the Orbit Group. Orbit is a group of  housing associations providing affordable housing to around 40,000 households in England, mainly in the Midlands, East Anglia and the south east. To coincide with the building of a major City Centre Develop, Blanc Creative were commissioned to work with Orbit and Spicer Haart Estate Agents, to produce a film that would front a sales campaign showcasing the benefits and lifestyle of living in St Annes Quarter Apartments.

St Anne’s Quarter is a new residential & retail development in the heart of Norwich. Situated inside the original city walls, it offers  a selection of studios and one & two bedroom apartments. Located off King St, alongside the River Wensum which flows through the city and on towards Yarmouth and only a short walk from the city centre, the Riverside entertainment area and Norwich’s main line railway station. The development will have a mixture of outright sale, shared ownership, affordable & private rent homes with a small commercial area, which with the New Bridge across the River Wensum, will give quick access to other areas of the city. 

Why Shoot Professional Videos?

It’s a good question? We’e all been online and seen shaky self shot videos of Estate Agents inside a dimly lit property, giving a Homes Under the Hammer styled commentary about how great the property is that they’re marketing. Shooting professional Estate Agent Videos for a client requires a great deal of planing, risk assessment and creativity. Especially when you working in an environment where the a vast amount of the residential homes are still under construction and development and even more so if shooting Professional Drone film in a congested area. Professional Video Marketing throughout social media is now a lucrative advertising tool with a massive market, but content needs to hold the viewers attention, be concise, punchy, professional and deliver a call to action. With most social media sites limiting content time to a maximum of 59 seconds, we decided to produce a social media specific film and a slightly longer version that clients can embed into websites and host on Video Channels such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Full Length Videos can be used on Web Sites, in Show Offices, Industry Exhibitions and a wide range of Digital Media Platforms.


Working with Simon Trigg, Haart Estate Agents Regional Sales Manager, we focused their Estate Agent Videos n not only the high quality of the new apartments and the modern build, but the benefits of purchasing a home in one of the most historical parts of Norwich City Centre. At Blanc Creative, we can lift your property videos to the next level, using our professional camera crew and where possible, Professional Aerial Drone Filming. This allows us to bring each development or property to life with. Estate Agent Videos  should give a prospective buyer the ability to get a feel of a property or the community where their new home is being built. Professionally shot Estate Agent Videos really are the ultimate marketing tool for the modern estate agent, landlord, residential and commercial property developers.

Haart Estate Agent Videos for Social Media Platforms

Haart Estate Agent – St Annes Quarter Social Media Teaser from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.


Norfolk Property Photography

Norfolk Property Photography

Norfolk Property Photography

Norfolk Property photography can cover a wide range of genres from residential homes to commercial properties, corporate offices and industrial property. We recently shot a set of  modern images of a Norwich based property that had undergone an extensive renovation. The Norfolk Property Photography would be used across digital and printed media platforms and as marketing material as the house was placed on the market for sale.

We live in a society where search engines are the go to place for properties before we even consider walking into estate agents. 92% of potential buyers will use the Internet during their home search. This single statistic is enough to realise the importance of internet in today’s buying decisions. For property sellers, this goes on to explain why great property photography is so imperative. Things are now online and to understand how an online buyer goes about things, you have to get in their shoes. There is a huge gap in the Norfolk Property photography market, from businesses showcasing properties from iphoneography to Medium Format images. Professional photographs are becoming an essential tool for serious marketing whether it’s rental properties, Air b and b or residential property sales. People are naturally drawn to clean photographs and properties that are dressed ready for sale. Great Norfolk Property photography  photograph should naturally encourage people through your door, where poor imagery is likely to detract potential buyers.

We’ve been delivering Property Photography for many years and have a wealth of experience shooting residential and construction based imagery. We also offer a licensed Drone Service capturing aerial property photography and aerial film of your property in stunning high definition film. We have worked with a wide range of construction industry, Building companies and estate agent clients including Morgan Sindall, Norse Group, Orbit Group & Spicer Haart.

Please feel free to call our office on Mob: 07871 364041 or email for further details.



Norfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyEstate Agent Photography NorwichEstate Agent Photography NorwichEstate Agent Photography NorwichNorfolk Property PhotographyInterior Photography NorwichInterior Photography NorwichInterior Photography NorwichInterior Photography NorwichNorfolk Interior PhotographyNorfolk Interior Photography





Professional Headshot Portraits

Professional Headshot Portraits

Professional Headshot Portraits

I’ve recently returned to London to Photograph a new set of Professional Headshot Portraits for one of my International Clients, Artorius Wealth Management , a group of internationally based financial professionals. I’ve had the pleasure of working with their personnel and senior management for around two years across offices in Manchester, London and Zurich. One of the key requirements for Artorius is achieving modern, natural looking images, with a clean, uncluttered style. It was important that I produced dynamic, natural, Professional Headshot Portraits to re-enforce not only the corporate environment, but images that would reflect the personalities of each individual member of the Team.

Each office was situated in a very different geographical location, with the London Office situated in an 18th-century garden square in the Marylebone area in London, a short distance from Oxford Street. It is one of the smaller but best preserved squares in central London and made for the perfect backdrop to capture external portrait images as well as board-room based Professional Headshot Portraits.

Why Do You Need Professional Headshot Portraits

Professional Headshot Portraits are a super way to really stand out from your competitors in a crowded marketplace. Taking yourself and your team seriously will undoubtedly be at the forefront of your business and brand, but many businesses fall short when it comes down to Business Headshot Photography. It makes sense that the quality of leadership and professionalism is reflected in headshot portraits, but more and more, we see inferior quality images, selfies and smartphone photography forming a basis for management and team photography. We have literally been shooting professional headshot photography, commercial portraits and Team PR imagery for almost a decade and we have a diverse portfolio to reflect the many different approaches we take this important area of business photography. Shooting in a studio, natural work environment or on key location are all options available to clients. We take a relaxed, engaging approach to our business headshot photography. After all, not everybody loves to stand in front of the camera and people can find the whole process a little daunting. Business headshot Photography is used for a multitude of purposes and forms part of your own personal brand, particularly if your business is independent or if your brand, is yourself. First impressions are invaluable and it’s always reassuring that you can visualise the person at the end of the telephone or before your first meeting. There’s nothing worse than seeing an inappropriate profile image.

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