How to take a good selfie video. Killer selfie video tips

Selfie Video Tips

Selfie Video Tips. Read on for some great pointers on how to take a good selfie video!

It’s a question on the lips of so many potential video makers, that we just had to put a little something together to put a few myths to bed and to help a few people along the way. We’ll start right at the very beginning. Shooting a solo video can be a bit on the daunting side if you’re new to filming, but we’re here to remove that overwhelm and show you that it’s not as tough as you think. Before we go any further, we need to look at where the content is going to be published. It could be social media, Tick-Tock, Instagram, Facebook. Or it could be that you’re here for something much more important, like a work based project. Either way, it’s important to know where the content will be hosted, because it also dictates how you compose your video and how you shoot it. But more on how to take a good selfie video in just a moment.

how to take a good selfie video

Selfie Video Tips – No:1 

We’ll start with the main concern around shooting selfie footage. Portrait or Landscape? It’s a BIG question. As a traditional Video producer shooting social media videos and commercial video projects for clients, the thought of producing video in anything other than landscape (or horizontal as we call it) was just bizarre and unorthodox. Video like any other trend, develops as social media platforms evolve. The digital video market has literally exploded in the past 5 years so knowing how to take a good selfie video is a training need that almost everybody with a mobile phone needs at some time or another, if for no other reason than to make the little videos you send to friends, easier to watch. So when is the best time to shoot in portrait (vertical mode) and at what point is it right to shoot traditionally… 

Vertical videos

Filming in portrait mode! Shooting upright will draw the viewer into the whole of the video and is is good for grabbing attention. It consumes the entire screen focusing on the subject. Statistics say that around 95% of the time phone users can’t be bothered to rotate their phones to watch a full video, so from a perspective of social channels just as instagram, snapchat and Tick-Tock, vertical is a winner. If youre producing a solo video clip for these platforms and the footage isn’t being mixed with other people’s footage, then vertical is good. You know it can easily be adapted to fit a square profile such as instagram so you can sit back and relax with your vertical creativity.

Horizontal videos

Professional Video, Youtube, Vimeo and Linkedin! Business videos, videos that are going to be played on large screens or televisions. They are all traditionally shot horizontally. As a professional video producer shooting commercial video and creative film for clients, my own selfie video tips verge on the side of shooting traditionally if footage will be published for business or it’s going to be used in conjunction with footage that is being shot horizontally. One of the biggest reasons for making horizontal videos is the alignment of our eyes being horizontal and our day to day lives also pan out  the same. If you’re shooting a combination of footage from different sources, then it’s usually better to stick with horizontal composition. We’ve all watch TV programmes or the news where you suddenly see footage shot on a phone by somebody and the left and right sidebars are blurred out so the footage can be viewed correctly horizontally. the video has to be modified because the video was shot in a vertical position rather than horizontal. The blurry bars are added in post-processing with the video playing in the centre, split in two to fill either side of the frame to fulfil the required aspect ratio of the broadcast. Personally I don’t like it because it looks messy and breaks all of the rules of traditional video and filming (unless of cpurse, you’re shooting  for a specific advert

This format is far better for everything that doesn’t involve just a single person. Include more person dynamics,  movement, pans or zooms… Then vertical is not recommended.

selfie video tips

Selfie Video Tips – No:2

One of our better tips is using a good camera angle. Different individuals use different angles to make themselves look better on camera. Lower angles have a tendency to be a little unflattering, so don’t hold or position your camera too low. It’s good to keep the camera quite level your camera level with your eyes, reducing the need to look up or down. Strange angles and positioning are a bit awkward. We’ve all seen people ion groups over stretching arms to get 8 people into a photo and turning into a contortionist just to get the shot. It’s ok for a simple still, but try and hold that pose for any length of time (and) shot video (and) try and talk to camerta and you’l end up in al sorts of bother. If you’re shooing for a work based project, it will probably end up with unusable video. Learning how to take a good selfie video may take a few practice takes but enjoy yourself and just be natural. Shooting selfie videos are a lot different to still selfie photographs. This needs to be kept in mind when shooting your video. ! Don’t stand too far away unless you are trying to include other people, objects or background scenes in the shot as well. If you’re going to do this, then one of our good selfie video tips is use a selfie stick…. But not if you’re talking to camera because it’s a pretty good bet that the quality of the audio is going to be seriously affected.  Selfies are meant to be natural, like the camera is a person looking directly at you.  If you do plan on creating a silly video though, go ahead and experiment with different angles.

Selfie Video Killer Tips

How’s the light? – Tip No:3

Your camera quality is going to impact pretty heavily on how your video looks. Cameras have come a long way on smartphones, but unless you’re sporting a 2021 camera, selfie front facing cameras on smart phones you have much less resolution that back facing cameras. Combine this with your shooting location and it can make or break your footage. One of our great selfie video tips is that natural light is your friend. Best shooting times are often in the morning while the sun is still coming up or in the evening when the sun starts to go down. We call this the golden hour. This type of sunlight acts a type of diffused light that will give your video a soft and warm look. Try and avoid shooting in directly harsh sunlight. If the sun is directly behind you, your face will be dark or may be silhouetted, if it’s in front of you, chances are you’ll be squinting. A selfie video doesn’t take much to change shooting location as you only have a phone, so try out a couple of different places to see what looks best or creative. If you are planning on filming indoors, be sure that you have plenty of light. Shoot near a window perhaps, with you facing the window and the camera pointing away from the window or perhaps film near  a light source LED lights are great because they often cast daylight or cool white light or you can pick up really inexpensive LED Panels which are great for this purpose.

Careful with your clutter – Tip No:4

Dodgy backgrounds have been the downfall of many professional video, not just the selfie. This simple Tip. Make the most of what you have at the location. Move clutter and undesirable objects out of the shot. For myself, as an avid plug and cable hater, moveable electrics need to go. Removing distractions where ever possible will make the viewing experience much more appealing for your audience. A few minor adjustments may be all that’s needed. Be sure to take a look at what is behind you before recording your video. Check for photo people video bombing your selfie video. As selfie video tips go, that’s one of the better ones. It’s easy to be so wrapped up in your video that you fail o see those people ruining your shot in the background. Whatever background you decide to go with, it’s always a good idea to do some test recordings to see what looks good before you start to shoot your actual video. If you’re shooting a video in your workplace, then you may not have to take this type of thing into consideration, particularly if you’re shooting in an industrial, production, construction or manufacturing industry. If you’re an interior designer trying to promote your business, then backgrounds may have considerably more importance.

Keep your camera steady if you can – Tip No:5

No matter how steady your hands are, it’s definitely worth the extra effort to stabilise your shots with a tripod even if you are using the selfie camera. Try to position your camera slightly above your eye-line so we are not looking up your nose or commenting on your chins! It might be worth creating a dedicated area for your videos with good consistent lighting and marks for your camera so you can return to this in the future with minimum set up time. If you don’t have a suitable support or tripod there are a few DIY solutions out there on the internet such as using a wine bottle and some hair bands.

What Kind of Sounds & Noises are Around You? – Tip No:6

This one is super quick. Remember that the microphones on smart phones are pretty small and will pick up everything from around you . Nobody likes to hear reversing vehicles, power tools and aeroplanes overhead. A video can be ruined by noise and sound. It makes up 50% of a good or bad film but we don’t always pay attention to sound before we start recording. If you;’e in the office, are people talking in the meeting room next door or will their mobile ring just as you’re about to deliver that seriously important message that your whole video rests upon.  This is an important part of how to take a good selfie video.  Stand still for a minute a to see if there are any annoying or repetitive sounds where you want to record. Traffic noise and  air conditioning running in the background. This can really detract from your videos. You want to make sure that if there is any noise at all that it’s not too loud and that it won’t take away from your video. As close to silence as you can get, sometimes works the best.

Think About What You Are Wearing

Sometimes we forget to stop and think about what type of clothes we have on and whether or not they look good. Are you shooting for your business or the company you work for. Then take a step back just before you shoot to make sure that your clothes reflect your brand and your business. Are you in an environment talking about PPE or Health & Safety but you are breaching company policy by not wearing the correct safety clothing. It could be that you’re wearing a hi vis jacket showcasing old branding that is out of date. It’s the little things that matter. Be sure that your cloths don’t blend in too much with your background and dress for the content that you’re talking about.

Posting Your Selfie Video to Social Media Sites

So you’ve shot your footage and need to get it out there in the public domain. How you do this is  completely up to you on where you want to post! We’ve already mentioned the most popular places to host your content including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin for business shooters, Instagram or even vimeo.  It’s really important to make sure that your video is formatted correctly for the screen and how it’s been shot. You want to make sure your viewers  can see all of it! I mean, you want them to enjoy all of your hard work.  To make sure you’re really on top of things, here;’s a quick over of the sizes and formats for video and a link to a really informative article that gives you an enormous amount of information about video sizes for social media. But not now! Finish reading this article first please! The link is at the bottom of the post.

We’re Done! Now it’s over to you!

You have the tips, so now it’s time to head out and shoot those creative films. Approach your tasks with energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment. If you’re pitching your content to the right audience, then people ‘will’ definitely like your work. You may not please everybody, but shooting video is a subjective exercise and as long as you’re happy with the results, then that’s what matters. Hopefully we haven’t confused you too much and all of the tips are just that… ‘TIPS’ that may just give you then edge over somebody who doesn’t have that information. There are millions upon m,illions of selfie videos out there. Why not dig around, find a style you really like as a benchmark and set to work on your own journey. We look forward to maybe clicking a like on your social media or following your video channels soon.

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Forest Live Concerts postponed until 2022

Covid roadmap from lockdown halts Forest Live as concerts are postponed until 2022

A set of outdoor summer concert series presented by Forestry England, where acts perform in spectacular woodland locations around the country has been postponed to 2022. The news has come as a blow to music fans of all ages, who were looking forward to attending a set of four concerts held in the stunning grounds of Thetford High Lodge. The relaxed concerts draw huge crowds some of the most nature based venues you’ll find in the UK.

Forest Live Music Photographer Norwich

Forest Live Music Photographer Norwich

Forest Live is a major outdoor live music series held in June that introduces forests to new audiences in unique, natural woodland arenas around the country. Over 1.9 million people have attended the woodland gig over the last twenty years, enjoying great music and supporting the nation’s forests when buying a ticket. Going to a concert helps Forestry England create beautiful places for people to enjoy, run important conservation projects and keep growing trees. Every year they plant some 8 million trees sustainably, caring for the nation’s 1,500 woods and forests and welcoming 230 million visits annually.

Forestry England released a statement today that read:

“The Government’s roadmap out of lockdown has made it clear that we cannot hold our Forest Live concerts this summer. We are extremely disappointed, but this is the best way to keep our valued customers safe, as well as the staff, volunteers, contractors and artists that make the events possible. We look forward to welcoming fans to see their favourite artists performing in the nation’s forests next year. We are delighted to confirm that all headline acts have been able to reschedule all their performances and will be joining us in June 2022. All bookings remain valid for the 2022 dates and customers will be contacted by their point of purchase. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

“We would like to send our deepest apologies to everyone who was hoping to come to a Forest Live gig this summer. We can’t wait to experience the best live music in our beautiful forests with you next year and thank you very much for your continued support.”

The annual events have ben hosted in seven forest venues throughout the UK  since 2000 as part of an initiative to bring new audiences into forests and encourage people to see their woodlands. The high profile concerts are family orientated and audiences cover every conceivable age. Over the years, the woodland concerts have attracted international artists and bands including the likes of Tom Jones, Stereophonics, Elbow, Paloma Faith, Paul Weller, The Script and Gary Barlow.

Forest Live Music Photographer Norwich


Forest Live Music Photographer Norwich



Festival Photographer Norfolk and Suffolk


Festival Photographer Norfolk and Suffolk


Festival Photographer Norfolk and Suffolk


Forest Live Concert Photography


Forest Live Concert Photography


Forest Live Concert Photography


Norwich Music Photography

Norwich Music Photography


Concert Photography Norfolk - Professional Festival Photographer


Concert Photography Norfolk - Professional Festival Photographer

Best Ever Concert Photography

Best Ever Concert Photography


The music industry has been hit badly by Covid-19 as major public gatherings were forced to abandon in the spring of 2019. International artists from Pearl Jam to the Rolling Stones and Post Malone to Liam Gallagher were forced to cancel concerts, festival appearances and world tours. As summer 2021 approaches, the coronavirus pandemic has effectively put the multibillion-pound concert industry on indefinite pause. When Glastonbury Festival doesn’t go ahead, everybody in the industry tends to follow. There is however, great news on the horizon. Forestry England have already delivered their 2022 Concert Schedule with further acts to be announced.

Full listing of confirmed dates for Forest Live 2022:


Friday 10 June: Westonbirt Arboretum, near Tetbury, Glos.

Saturday 11 June: Cannock Chase Forest, near Rugeley, Staffs.

Friday 17 June: Thetford High Lodge, near Brandon, Suffolk.

Saturday 18 June: Delamere Forest, near Northwich, Cheshire.

Rag‘n’Bone Man

Thursday 9 June: Westonbirt Arboretum, near Tetbury, Glos.

Friday 10 June: Cannock Chase Forest, near Rugeley, Staffs.

Thursday 16 June: Thetford High Lodge, near Brandon, Suffolk.

Jess Glynne

Thursday 9 June: Cannock Chase Forest, near Rugeley, Staffs.

Sunday 12 June: Westonbirt Arboretum, near Tetbury, Glos.

Sunday 19 June: Thetford High Lodge, near Brandon, Suffolk.


Saturday 11 June: Westonbirt Arboretum, near Tetbury, Glos.

Saturday 18 June: Thetford High Lodge, near Brandon, Suffolk.


Sunday 19 June: Delamere Forest, near Northwich, Cheshire.


Best Ever Concert Photography
Have you ever fancied getting behind the lens and embarking on a career as a professional Music Photographer? Then why not head over to our informative article all about Music, Photos and more! 

At Blanc Creative, we offer a full service of Music Photography and Festival Video Production services for concerts, Events and Music Festivals of all sizes. To find out more about how we can professionally make your concerts and festivals look even more awesome with creative images and film, then reach out and talk to our team today on Tel: 07871 364041 or email:




Health and safety Photography – Helping your business through the Covid-19 Pandemic

How can professional Photography and Video Production  benefit your business during coronavirus?

Covid-19 Photography for Business

As the world comes to terms with an unprecedented health risk with COVID-19, high quality Health & Safety photographs have never played such an important role for many businesses. It may be hard to believe but for many companies, new working practices and policies surrounding staff welfare and safe business operation has highlighted a genuine need for updating risk assessment, Health and Safety Photography and essential staff training videos. Lockdown easing has been announced and businesses of all shapes and are preparing to ease staff members  back into their roles and many businesses are opting to produce easy to follow online procedures and guidance. Throughout the pandemic and lockdown, Professional Photography has still been permitted subject to social distancing and implementing common sense Health & Safety procedures. You may be wondering what kind of commercial photography would be essential for businesses, so we’ve highlighted a few examples of how we’ve been helping businesses.

Heath & Safety Photography promoting essential workers distributing PPE.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, businesses have been working 24 hours a day to ensure that lives are saved by ensuring essential protective equipment, emergency food boxes and tests kits are stored, packed and delivered across the UK. We worked with Norse Total Facilities Management division, to document the PPE team at a secret location as they responded to requests for PPE, prepared orders and planned deliveries to care homes, social work teams, schools, district councils, fire services and test and trace teams, as well as delivering food to households in need, or to people shielding.

Health and Safety Photography Norwich

Cleaning procedures for businesses where covid-19 is suspected 

Through the absolute height of the pandemic, the Norse Group ensured that their exacting levels of safe working practices remained in place for those who remained in work. reducing any potential spread of coronavirus was imperative. Durng the first lockdown in 2020, we worked on Health and Safety Photography assignments with The Incident Management Team (IMT)  producing important training material in line with changing Government guidance.  The work assisted with the Group maintaining frontline services with the correct control measures in place, protecting staff and customers to the correct level of restrictions within the appropriate local tier level. Read more about our Cleaning services Health & Safety commercial photography.

Health and Safety Photography Norwich

Health and Safety Photography Norwich

Lateral Flow Rapid Test Centre Health and Safety Photography

Rapid Flow Testing for Covid-19 has been an important measure in identifying those who might be carrying and spreading the virus without knowing it. Symptom-free community COVID testing is being rolled out across Norfolk after successful pilots in the east and west of the county.We were assigned during the pandemic to document the opening of a brand new testing facility. Imagery would be used for PR, Press and promotional purposes, but would also serve to provide up to date images of test procedures being carried out that could be used in future case studies, printed documents and online news articles.

Lateral Flow Test Photographs

Lateral Flow Test Photographs - Blanc Creative

Socially distanced Health and Safety Photography for essential workers

As Covid-19 continues in different ways in many parts of the world, workplaces have had to adapt new, Covid-secure ways of working and managing safety, health and wellbeing. Even. the most seemingly simple of day to day working practices have been affected. This presents challenges, especially with restrictions such as social distancing whilst working in public places. We’ve been working with businesses as they adapt to the pandemic. Our commercial photography and Health and Safety Video training products resources help companies to navigate a safe path with guidance across areas including safe people, safe workplaces, safe systems and safe equipment.

Health and Safety Photography Norwich


Norwich Commercial Photographer


If your business could benefit from Health and Safety Photography or informative Video Training Products, then why not call our team today on Tel: 07871 364041 or email:
We would be thrilled to speak with you about your upcoming projects and can offer guidance and advice on the most cost affective means of delivering professional photography to your business.



Norwich Photography for Groundwork Contractors and Arborists

Groundwork Photographer Norfolk

Blanc Creative provide Photography services for local groundwork contractors, arborists and tree surgeons.

At Blanc Creative, we’ve been running our Norwich Photography business for over ten years. Unlike many other photographers, we specialise only in the Commercial Photography Sector and recently, we’ve ben spending quite a lot of time in Woodland, around lakesides and deep in the heart of forests and scrublands around the country with a number of Groundwork companies. J W Riley Contracting Ltd have taken delivery of the Green Climber LV600, the latest in industrial remote control slope mowers and as part of their latest ,marketing strategy, opted to work with our team at Blanc Creative to film their promotional video productions and commercial imagery. As a forward thinking Contracting company, J W Riley have a really solid social media presence, so our brief was to deliver a bespoke set of stock based images and business based video footage that could be used across all of their social media platforms.

Shooting across a number of locations, we were able to capture a really diverse set of images including Business Portraits otherwise known as business headshots, product photography showcasing brand new plant machinery and working images, documenting the benefits of the Green Climber to potential clients. Choosing to have Commercial Photography is actually a really invaluable product and can be surprisingly inexpensive. Choosing to add a professional promotional video during the same assignment can add even more value. We actually find more and more businesses are choosing to combine packages because they also appreciate the value of video in their marketing. In the case of J W Riley Contracting Ltd, they have incorporated video into dedicated Blog posts on their business website, on their youtube channel, on their instagram pages, facebook business page and Google Plus.

Norwich Photography - Blanc Creative Commercial Photographer

Norwich Photography Services - Blanc Creative

Norwich Photography Services - Blanc Creative

Groundwork Photographer Norfolk

Website and Social Media Photography Examples for J W Riley Contracting Ltd
Social Media Photography Norwich

Social Media Photography Norwich


Find out more about Blanc Creative Norwich Photography and Video Production.

At Blanc Creative, we’re pretty certain that we’ll have a portfolio, a blog post or a professional look book that reflects the type of business photography your own company requires. We really love to speak with our existing clients and future clients about their photography and video visions, so why not call our team today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email