Norwich Commercial Photography – Archer’s Butchers

Commercial Photography Norwich - Archer's Butchers

Norwich is blessed with a host of amazing food businesses that pride themselves on the very best provenance, heritage and pure quality of produce. One of the greatest examples of this is Archer’s Butchers of Norwich, an Award winning Butchery established back in 1929. Archers Butchers is a fantastic shop incorporating a modern delicatessen and baguette takeaway combined with a modern butchery showcasing an extensive range of the county’s very best meat, poultry and game. Now in its third generation, James (Jamie) Archer has taken the business into 2018 but maintained traditional techniques and methods used by his father (Jimmy) and grandfathers (John Archer & Oliver Craske.)

Commercial Photography Norwich - Archer's Butchers

Commercial Photography Norwich - Archer's Butchers

Food Photography NorwichBeginners Butchery evening

Archer’s Butchers offers a very special set of events throughout the year, where customers can literally engage in a “hands-on” evening on the premises. The Beginners Butchery Evening is aimed at keen cooks and butchery enthusiasts with a rare chance to learn some basic butchery skills from the Archer’s Butchery Team who will leave you in awe with their skilled demonstrations throughout the evening. The three-hour class includes;

    • Basic knife skills under the supervision of our experienced butchers
    • Knowledge on the different cuts and what they are used for
    • How to de-bone and prepare
    • Simple curing processes
    • Sausage making
    • Cooking tips
    • Tasting & Wine to finish

You can find out more information about the Beginners Butchery Evening, by contacting Archer’s Directly via their online Contact Form

Norwich Commercial Photographer

Norwich Commercial Photographer

Food Photography NorwichCommercial Photography Norwich - Archer's Butchers

Butchery Photography

We had the pleasure of working alongside the Archer’s Team as they delivered one of the Beginners Butchery Evenings at the Plumstead Road Shop in Norwich. An intimate group of customers were given a memorable meat experience, that included a behind the scenes tour of Norwich’s premier Butchery, demonstrations of ‘nose to tail’ butchery and a rare opportunity to actually make the now famous Archers Sausage, a historical recipe that even today is a closely guarded secret. We were extremely pleased to have been asked to document the evening as it unfolded, with a documentary styled selection of Commercial Photography. It was a chance to shoot relaxed business photography in a working environment where customers and staff did not feel uncomfortable with the camera’s presence.

About Food Photography Norwich

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