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Social Media Video – Fosters Solicitors LLP

How to produce a sub 30 second commercial video from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

Our previous 30 second video marketing blog covered the subject of Social Media Video Marketing with an emphasis on “why 30 second video marketing is a winner” and how important short videos are in the world of the social media digital platform. Today we will look at our latest Video short, which we produced for our client, Fosters Solicitors LLP with a very specific aim. We received an initial brief to produce a video advert that met a very succinct criteria.

    • The video could run for no longer than 29.5 seconds including any call to actions at the end.
    • The content had to cover five key elements of law that the business offered to clients including Family / Employment / Property / Motoring / injury
    • The social media video should not have any voiceover or spoken script
  • Was aimed at a younger demographic as the content with a primary objective of being be played on a loop in an environment where music would already be playing.
  • The content had to be interpreted purely from a visual perspective.
  • The content would be used in a secondary capacity as a social media video across a host of platforms and therefore would require some element of audio but not a scripted voiceover.

Social Media Video Pre-production

During our pre-production meeting, we discussed the pace of the film. Conveying 5 key areas of law in a social media video left very little time for each element, particularly as we needed to incorporate a call to action and branding at the end. My initiial thoughts were to look at historical marketing campaigns that were fast paced, conveyed numerous cuts into one flowing theme and immediately, I thought of Lurpak. I’d always had a fascination with these adverts from the disembodied Rutger Hauer voice overs  trumpeting the benefits of butter and the continuous movement covering the rise from bed to leaving the house with lunch in just 37 seconds was so appealing, that I couldn’t think of any other concept that would have worked any better. Fosters Solicitors were really receptive to the theme, so the initial planning concepts and storyboarding would all be planned around this theme.


The storyboarding concept was quite straight forward as there was no script to worry about and therefore the emphasis was placed on three main elements, which were visuals, sound and Text. The storyline would be built around the lifestyle of a young, successful person and would convey the aspects of Family Life, Employment, Property, Motoring and Injury Law set over the course of getting out of bed and driving to work. We all have personal needs in our lives and Fosters Solicitors provide expert legal advice and services across a multitude of legal areas. The concept of the marketing campaign would re-enforce the message that during your life, you may need professional solicitors across a whole range of scenarios and that Fosters Solicitors is indeed the place “Where your life meets the law”.

Assignment Costs

Whenever we produce a Social Media Video for a client, production costs are always one of the main areas we focus on. We have built our business ethics on delivering high quality work at a fair price with awesome customer service. We live in a time where creative industries are a saturated market so delivering value for money is at the forefront of everything we do. The video could be shot at one location, with once cinematographer and actor,, so from a production cost, this was really favourable. The length of the social media video being under 30 seconds, also meant that post shoot editing and colour graded would be relatively inexpensive. The storyboarding process meant that we knew exactly what shots were required, so in addition, filming time was reduced. Taking into consideration the need for sound, we opted to incorporate no music, reducing the requirement for Royalty Free Licensing. However, one of the largest tasks outside of filming would be the sound production. Dispensing with the use of a sound recordist on site, we once again reverted to the Lurpak advert and opted for a complete Foley soundtrack to be produced to accompany the visuals. In film production, 50% of the viewing experience is the sound. Produce a bad soundtrack and you can ruin an otherwise great production. Whilst the initial brief required no soundtrack at all, failing to include a soundtrack would render the advert almost unusable across social media platforms, so the decision was made to create a whole new track that was built from scratch in the studio with a sound recordist.

Location scouting

Location scouting can be as difficult or complicated as you want it to be. Keeping it simple is always the best choice unless you’re producing an epic saga. The larger the production, the more work is entailed and the chances of having to seek permissions for filming and complete extensive RAMS assessments for Health and Safety increase workload, add to your budget and either eat into your profits  The storyboarding for this project was set in one location, so finding a suitable property was slightly easier. There were no particularly expansive scenes, lots of closeups and therefore, providing we found a property and vehicle brand that reflected the modern type of lifestyle to reflect the demographic we were trying to capture. We actually shot the project in my own house, so there were no costs involved.

Social Media Video

Social Media Video

Shooting your Social Media Video

So you’ve already produced a great storyboard for your social media Video that your client has signed off, you’ve secured your location, found a suitable actor for the role and secured a post production sound engineer and foley artist to produce your soundtrack, you’re then ready to shoot. There’s no point in hiring freelances, runners and extra staff unless you need them. You should be able to plan the team you need on set during your planning and setting your shooting schedule. It’s great turning up to your client with a team of six people, but if nobody has a role to play and spend the entire shoot standing around, then your client is going to be pretty unhappy and is likely to challenge you about the need, especially if they are on set to watch filming. We worked with a two person team, with myself working as Director of Photography and one assistant, who worked as runner, clapper board operator and set dresser. Build you team around your workload and the technicalities of your film. If you have scenes that require continuity from a perspective of multiple camera angles, then you’ll need to camera operators or you’ll lose the continuity. Extensive planning will save all of your headaches in post production. Check footage as you shoot it. We use an Atomos system with a large screen and built in Solid State Drive. If your client wishes to be part of the production process, they may very well want to  sign off the rushes to make sure that the footage fits with their vision. If you can’t review the footage on anything other than the LCD on the back of a camera, then this will. look unprofessional and you don’t really want to be having to download every single ‘Take’ onto a laptop as your film as this  will be counter productive and eat into your filming.

Blanc Creative Video ProductionPost Shoot Editing

Keep your editing process as simple as possible. We edit our Social Media Video in Davinci Resolve which is a solid professional platform. Our personal preference is to shoot in S-Log where lighting conditions permit as this allows for some great colour grading and dynamic range of your footage. We allows edit without a client being present. On numerous occasions, clients have requested if they can be part of the editing process, but this will definitely slow down your process and can cause multiple problems. If you have storyboarded, developed the concept, shot the film in the style to reflect the storyboard, then the editing process should naturally flow. There are no hard and fast rules about this, it’s just a personal preference, but we always send our clients a primary completed version of the production. You may receive a request for minor changes and this generally comes in the form of soundtrack music if you’re using it or Font changes if a specific has not been chosen. Ensure that you deliver the final product in a suitable format that your client can use. Particularly on larger productions that aren’t short social media video  products, that delivering a heavy 4K version is often impractical. Listen to your client from Day 1 and you should be able to deliver a fabulous product that will the audience wanting more.

A few tips for Social Media Video Production

Tip 1- The importance of a pre-production meeting and the chance to listen.

Never undertake a social media video production without first holding a pre production meeting with your client. If you’re tight for work it’s really easy to agree over the telephone to take on a project and offer a quote for the job only to find out that the workload is two or three times more than you thought and that the clients expectations, far far exceeded your fee and more importantly your ability. It’s a key opportunity to listen top your clients vision and make a decision about your experience, your equipment and the production time versus workload. The last hing you need, is to agree a price simply to seal the assignment and then to find out that the timescales, hire of equipment and any other freelancers or sub-contractors is way outside your quote. If this happens and you decide not to undertake the project after you’ve agreed, will leave your reputation and credibility in tatters. And you really can’t afford to have this in such a competitive business. Pre -production is a chance to listen and to document everything your client visualises for the production. Your clients will mainly be led by your experience. Don’t offer services that you can’t commit to and more importantly, if a concept doesn’t work, explain why. Your knowledge in the industry is the reason your clients wish to engage you services. Provide examples from your portfolio or showcase work that really stands out for you as an example of the kind of work that would suit your clients brief.

Tip 2 – Storyboarding your Social Media Video

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating  a TV advert, social media video or a large scale film production, storyboards are super helpful to quickly tell a story. A storyboard showcases the shots planned for filming and presents the client with everything from camera angles and style of shot for that element of the scene. of your film. From a pre-production perspective it’s really valuable because it clearly conveys how the story will flow. It allows your client to glimpse what they can expect to see and can save a lot of time, worry  saving you time and money, after all, it’s reduces the need to shoot footage that will be discarded and stops the problems of having key elements missing from your edit that you suddenly realise should have been included in your shooting schedule. Social media video is often produced as an explainer video or marketing tool, so the work that goes into storyboarding isn’t a labour intensive task. It will tell the story and communicate the concept, serving as a guide when producing the the final work. The storyboard is the first opportunity following your pre production meeting, where you client can visualise the overall concept of your visual ideas. Take your time to think of the script when you begin to sketch out each board. Focus on the characters in the story. You don’t need to spend a lot of time filling in the background if it doesn’t affect the plot. At this point it’s a good idea to share your boards with someone to get feedback. Sharing your storyboard and script helps identify if your boards flow and makes sense. If you’re missing something or need to revise the concept, then it’s a relatively simple process, as most professional video production companies use dedicated storyboard software.  The art of storyboarding is powerful and will ave a lot of potential headaches. It also allows the scripting process to be written around the timings of your production or vice versa. There are numerous storyboarding options on a subscription basis, including Studiobinder or Toonboom to name just two.

Tip 3 – Shoot for your intended platform

For most social video, landscape mode is generally the best choice. Videos are almost almost always presented horizontally unless you are choosing to shoot for something such as a dedicated campaign on a Digital Bus Shelter or a portrait style screen in a retail store or a bespoke screen.  When videos are filmed in portrait mode, there’s always two large black bars on the side unless the footage is adapted to fit the screen, which causes all sorts of problems unless you’re filming with the camera on the side. unless, of course, your viewers are on a platform like Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Stick to tradition and how video is meant to be viewed… in landscape mode.

Tip 4 -Aim to catch attention quickly

The first 30 seconds of a social video is what matters most. Make your video engaging, exciting, succinct and leave the viewer with a message they will remember.

At Blanc Creative, we are a group of creatives who love to make short films, shoot awesome commercial photography and deliver fully licensed drone footage. If you are planning your next visual project or require imagery for any commercial purpose, then please reach out to our team on 07871 364041. We’d love to help turn your ideas into reality.


Kasabian – Tom Meighan ordered to Leave Band

Kasabian Tom Meighan

Kasabian ‘had no choice’ as they sack ex-frontman Tom Meighan after Domestic Violence assault charges

Kasabian Photos Blanc Creative Norwich

Will Kasabian ever be the same again as the band made a decision to sack now ex-frontman Tom Meighan after his conviction in court this week for a Domestic Violence assault on his partner? Meighan had been lead vocalist with Kasabian for 23 years but following a drunken and “sustained” attack. The 39-year-old, who said he left the group on Monday due to personal reasons, appeared in Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. Meighan had thrown his partner across the room “in a rage,” the court heard before Prior to his court appearance, the band released a statement saying Meighan was dealing with “personal issues” and wanted to concentrate on “getting his life back on track”. Meighan, whose net worth has been estimated at around £1 million was ordered to pay £90 victim surcharge and £85 in prosecution costs and given a community service order to undertaken 200 hours of unpaid work. Meighan subsequently wrote on Twitter:

“Following today’s announcement I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing well. I’m in a really good place now Thanks for all your love and support. I’ll be seeing you all very soon.”

Kasabian respond to conviction and Domestic Violence

In contrast to this, a statement released following his conviction, Kasabian  the band members said they were led to believe Meighan would;

“hold his hands up and in his statement tell everyone what he’d done”, but instead “misled” fans. No one in the band wanted this to happen. the We have all worked so hard for the past twenty-three years and had big plans for our future together. We’re completely heartbroken. But we were left with no choice but to ask Tom to leave the band. There is absolutely no way we can condone his assault conviction. Domestic violence and abuse of any kind is totally unacceptable. As soon as we found out about the charges made against Tom, we as a band made the decision that we could no longer work with him. We were led to believe that Tom would hold his hands up and in his statement tell everyone what he’d done but he chose not to, misleading a lot of fans. Ultimately, as much as Tom has hurt us all, we’re not the victim in all of this. Domestic violence is something that can never be excused.”

It’s a situation far removed from Meighans conviction, the summer of 2018 saw Kasabian took to the stage in a sellout concert deep in the heart of one of the most beautiful forest venues in the UK. The band headlined Forest Live at Thetford High Lodge. Professional Music Photographer, Lee Blanchflower of Blanc Creative captured the performance which saw a The set started with King for the Day, prompting the crowd to rush to the stage and throw their pints in the air. So followed a set including Shoot the Runner, Club Foot and Empire. The atmospheric setting of the Thetford Forest never pales, and as the sun went down the stage came alive with an electrifying light show and the slick and pulsating performance.



Kasabian order Tom Meighan to leave band after domestic violence assault conviction

Kasabian order Tom Meighan to leave band after domestic violence assault conviction

Kasabian order Tom Meighan to leave band after domestic violence assault conviction

Kasabian order Tom Meighan to leave band after domestic violence assault conviction

Kasabian order Tom Meighan to leave band after domestic violence assault conviction

Kasabian order Tom Meighan to leave band after domestic violence assault conviction

Kasabian order Tom Meighan to leave band after domestic violence assault conviction

Kasabian Photos Blanc Creative Norwich

Kasabian formed in 1997 and reached the UK charts with their third single Club Foot in 2004. Major success came with albums Empire in 2006 and West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum in 2009, which featured a string of hits including Underdog and Fire. Meighan’s departure leaves guitarist Serge Pizzorno and bassist Chris Edwards as the only remaining founding members and it’s unclear if the band will replace Meighan with a new frontman.

If you love music, then why not head over to the latest Blanc Creative Lookbook and Concert Portfolio.

Construction Industry Photography

Norfolk Construction Photographer

Construction Industry Photography

Construction industry photography are now an integral part of any commercial build and at Blanc Creative we have built an impressive portfolio of professional imagery with industry leading names in the UK including Orbit Homes, Morgan Sindall and The Norse Group to name a few. Documenting your commercial and residential building projects has never been so important. Construction Industry Photographs are a valuable tool that can be used across a masive range of printed and digital media platforms including brochures, tenures, case studies and publicity material before we even mention social media sites. With digital platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook commanding a huge share of advertising opportunities, the requirement for high quality, professional photography has never been so important.

construction industry photography

At Blanc Creative, we have been capturing construction industry photography for almost a decade. We are fully insured with employee liability, professional indemnity and public liability cover. Based in Norfolk, our clients are spread across the whole of the UK. We shoot every aspect of the construction industry from groundwork photography through to licensed drone imagery and internal and exterior architecture images. A recent example of our work took place at the newly built  St Annes Quarter development in Norwich, an exciting new community of prestigious residential and commercial properties. Spanning a period of months, we worked on site at key stages to document the entire process of the build from construction, interior design photography, commercial drone footage, drone photography and commercial video production.

Our services are increasingly popular since the construction and property sectors are so immensely competitive. We enable properties to stand out and tell stories through the construction process with highly specialised and effective photography. We offer high quality imagery that. can be incorporated in your business sectors including;

  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Work progress reports
  • Architectural photography
  • Development projects
  • Annual reports
  • Construction equipment advertising

Norfolk Construction Photographer

construction industry photography

construction industry photography

construction industry photography






Construction Industry Photography – Interior Photography

construction photography Norwich


Norwich Interior Photography

construction industry photography

Norwich Interior Photography

Norwich Interior Photography

Construction Industry Professional Drone Filming

Orbit Group Mavic 2 Pro 2.7K footage Norwich City Centre from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

We understand that construction projects encompass a great deal of responsibility, time, budgets and pressure. We offer help in preparing shooting schedules, storyboarding for video assignments and art direction. If you think that your development could benefit rom professional construction photographs, then why not contact our office today on 07871 364041, email or our online contact form.









30 second video marketing is a winner

30 second videos Norwich

30 Second Video Marketing in a nutshell.

30 second video marketing has never been so important as a means of marketing your business, products and services. We currently live in globally challenging times with the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world, your future customers are spending more and more time trawling online content. Individuals are working from home, people are in lockdown or are extremely apprehensive about venturing out to shops and businesses. In fact there’s never been a better time to take your business to the next level with short creative films. 30 second video marketing is all about cutting out the clutter and focusing on key content elements and delivering a creative message very succinctly in order to succeed. This is a huge push towards short advertising formats on social media channels with Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Linkedin and all offering the facilities to distribute video. So why is the 30 second number so important. Unless you’ve been living as a hermit, you’re probably aware that video is truly the king of online content. With billions of hours’ worth of video being viewed each day,  it’s easy to see why brands are flocking to this highly engaging format to communicate their message.


Keep it Short. Keep the attention.

The only downside is that the average consumer has an extremely short attention span, which has pretty much pushed the video producer to tailor content to meet the demands of a generation that is very easily distracted. Over half of the videos out there are under 120 seconds in length and whilst social media sites have a different set of preferences about maximum run times, you don’t necessarily have to fill out that whole time with content. 30 Second Video Marketing has its’ name for a reason. It’s a fact,  that the average social media video that lasts 30 seconds in length, is viewed 85% of the way through, while the average 2-minute video was viewed on average 50% of the way through. Ask yourself? How many times you’ve failed to reach the end of a social media video just because you can’t be bothered to watch it. We used to have the same problem with long blogs, so I actually wonder how many of you reading this will get to the end? We’re time precious and have a desire to suck up online media like a sponge, so as a business, well made  30 second video marketing is a no brainer.

Key tips for 30 second video marketing

1. Create a storyboard and don’t deviate.

Visualising your content is a priority when preparing 30 second video marketing. Deviate and you the risk of project creep. You’ll shoot footage you don’t need, you’ll try to cram in too much and end up with a 60 seconds of video with no space for movement and unable to upload your content where you really want it especially as you’re trying to stick to a limited timeframe. This is what will help you avoid wasting time – you’ll be setting each frame ‘in stone’, so there’s no way you’ll end up with a scene that fails to communicate something important.

In the storyboard, there shouldn’t be frames left without information: everything that ends up being in the storyboard must be essential. This is a job for the director of the video!

2. Your script should be short and sweet

30 second video marketing is what it is! For millennials they should be even shorter – a study by IAB found brands running 10-second mobile video ads had greater appeal and persuasion potential with younger audiences. However, a slightly longer, 30-second spot did better with those between the ages of 35 and 54.

Keep your content succinct and direct. Don’t complicate things. 30 seconds to sell a service or a product is highly achievable if you plan your content.. Especially as you will have a well written script (If you’re having spoken content or a voice over) or key subtitles. Remember though, you don’t always need a script to convey a message as you’ll see in our very own FOSTERS SOLICITORS LLP CASE STUDY.

3. Think about it like a TV commercial

We all know it’s not it’s not the same but… for the sake of the comparison, think of your video as a way to introduce your brand to the audience, just like a TV advert. 30 seconds on TV is a huge amount of time so you should be able to transfer the same message online.

How Lurpak influenced our latest 30 second project.

It may be hard to believe that Proper Danish butter producer Lurpak was the influence for a 30 second video to showcase a renowned firm of Solicitors, but that’s just how it happened. We’ve put together a little case study explaining how we worked with Fosters Solicitors LLP on there latest project and a little insight into how you can create inexpensive content for your business.

30 second video marketing is a winner

Read our extensive case study of how we made our latest social media video for Fosters Solicitors LLP

 Blanc Creative have been making short, to-the-point commercial videos for a wide range of businesses of all sizes including startups, local companies and national organisations. We transform your visions into memorable, engaging videos. Why not reach out and contact our office today on 07871 364041 or email

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Kit Review

Norwich Commercial Photography

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

Why choose the Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Lighting kit as your go to potable lighting setup? Well we all know when it comes to lighting equipment, there’s a massive amount of choice on the market with a range of prices to fit every pocket and the whole spectrum of photographers from novice to award winning professional. Choosing what is right for you as a photographer can at first seem a bit overwhelming. Believe me, I know. I trawled the internet and Wex Photography (the showroom in Norwich happens to be literally on my doorstep,) to try and find a solution that would fit my work as a commercial photographer. I’ve done the whole heavy light set-up having owned two pairs of Bowens 500 Gemini R lights for the past ten years. The Bowens didn’t owe me a penny. They were used spectacularly for assignments including professional hairdressing photography, commercial portraits, event photography set-ups and acted as warm constant lighting during video production. But they weighed a tonne. The lights were cumbersome, heavy and were totally oversized for transportation. The lighting stands really weren’t very substantial and the modelling lamps and fuses had a tendency to blow at the most inappropriate of times. They were amazing workhorses, but In July 2017, Bowens went into liquidation after 94 years of business, ultimately succumbing to the market’s growing competition and changes in consumer purchase trends. The ELB 500 TTL weighs 1.7 kg (3.83 lbs) and the battery weighs about 0.73 kg (1.60 lbs). It’s got a very small carry case which means it’s a dream to just throw in the back of the car.

If you’re planning to shoot on location somewhere without mains power, battery powered lights are the most practical means of achieving professional powerful lighting and The Elinchrome ELB 500 TTL is incredibly light and compact. I opted for the dual kit, which comes as standard with two lighting heads.  is the most powerful and portable TTL kit on the market and I was very impressed with both the design and the sheer lightness of the kit. There are different types of quality out there depending upon what you’re looking for — Profoto have an extensive range of superb lights including the B10and  B10 Plus, there’s the Badger and entry level Interfit FLA2002K1 Studio Essentials to name just a few. Elinchrom have a solid reputation for making great lighting and are constantly bringing out new and improved products. The ELB 500 TTL Kit is designed for use both on location and in the studio but does not have a dedicated mains setting in order to power the lights without a battery.

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTLElinchrom ELB 500 TTL


About the Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

This is a very clever piece of kit. Not only does it offer TTL but it also offers HSS. Basically, it will synchronize at super high speeds up to 1/8000s so capturing ultra fast action isn’t go to cause problems. The battery will give You about 400 flashes from one charge dependent on the power output that you’re pushing to the lights. The battery has the active charging, which means you can charge the battery as you shoot. This is awesome if you’re using the lights to shoot event photography on location or any indpoor locations where you have mains power available. It means you can shoot the interior set and still have a afull battery when there’s no charging options and still have a full battery to work with. The ELB 500 TTL features built-in Skyport, Elinchrom’s proprietary wireless system. For photographers already using the Skyport Plus HS Transmitter, there’s a firmware update available to obtain the TTL feature set. There’s also built-in functionality for the Phottix Odin II transmitters. 

The Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL battery pack allows for two separate lights to run off the one power supply. Labelled A and B, the pack can power and control two separate heads at the same time with  independent control of one another, meaning you can fire the lights as you would any mains powered system. The battery pack has an easily navigable menu system with options for black and white background colours and functionality that is clear and very simple to manage. he display gives you complete control over the kit, allowing you to activate and has asymmetrical distribution, meaning you can extend the power range when you’re using a single head.

The ELB 500 TTL enables the unit to act as a slave unit, so it will flash automatically along with other flash units. Triggering with the ELB 500 TTL is 15m is around 10 metres. I really recommend the Skyport Transmitter Pro. It’s reliable, has multiple frequency channels and fully controllable from the top of the camera. The lights will automatically adjust the power based on the metering of the scene and your camera’s settings. And, as the kit has HSS, if your shutter speed is outside the sync speed of your camera the light will automatically detect this and use HSS to maintain the correct exposure levels for the shot. The TTL option will automatically  predict the power to us

Blanc Creative Norwich

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

The kit is reasonably priced but be prepared It’s definitely a great piece of kit but the extras will bump up the cost. The lights will wet you back just shy of £1800, but remember you get no lighting stands, no Skyport Transmitter. Obviously softboxes and light shapers are another very personal and subjective item, so the lights come with mo modifiers. I opted for the Rotalux modifiers but in order to use these, the Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II will also be required. This will push up the overall cost by another £700-£800 for a pair of modifiers and mounts.

For professional use, the Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL series is a compact, easily transportable system with a host of features that are heard to beat for the price.

Mavic 2 Pro Drone Point of Interest Mode Tutorial

Dji Point of Interest

Using the Point of Interest Mode on the Dji Mavic 2 Pro.

The Dji Mavic 2 Pro has a host of awesome features to play within its Intelligent Flight Mode Section including Point of Interest mode or POI. It’s an awesome feature that enables smooth, cinematic footage to be shot with just a few taps of the screen and with just a few practices, you can really develop the quality of your aerial footage with some great new looks.

So how do you use Drone Point of Interest Mode. Follow the steps below and you should find that POI works with very little problems.

Open the intelligent flight mode menu and select “Point of Interest on the screen”.

Dji Point of Interest Mode

Tap GO. The drone will proceed to take a measurement with a radius from the centre of your chosen interest point. IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT CONTROL AND FLY  THE DRONE DURING SUBJECT CALCULATION. Once everything is set, you can make any adjustments in relation to the route, distance from subject, height and sped per metre  either directly on the screen (I’m using the Dji Smart Controller)  or using the app or with control sticks. The Flight parameters can be set whilst the drone is conducting an automated orbit route.

Dji Point of InterestIf you notice the gimbal drifting away from the POI,  then the “Towards POI” in the app, will automatically adjust its direction and face towards the point of interest again.

I would strongly suggest that before undertaking any commercial drone assignments using POI, it’s a good idea to test out the Point of Interest flight mode in an unobstructed open space to ensure that you are comfortable with the settings. The following video footage is a quick example of Point of Interest and shows movement mid flight using the Dji Smart Controller screen to make any adjustments.

Dji Mavic 2 Pro – Point of Interest Sample Footage from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

Business Event Photography. NorseCare Award 2019

Business Event Photography. NorseCare Award 2019

Blanc Creative were on hand to capture Business Event Photography at The NorseCare Awards held in Norwich on Friday 4th October 2019. The Annual Event recognises the exceptional performance of Norse Care Teams and Individuals throughout the year   Over 300 care staff and representatives gathered at Open venue in Norwich, where the finalists and winners in 10 categories were announced. Karen Knight, Managing Director at NorseCare, who presented the awards with representatives from suppliers of services to NorseCare, congratulated the staff and spoke of her pride on the night:  She said;

“Tonight is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the outstanding care and support that our fantastic staff give to the people who live with us. Every year, I am more and more proud of the stories that are shared at this event. It’s lovely to celebrate our finalists and winners and a great opportunity to recognise everyone’s continued hard work and commitment.”

Paul Coleman, winner of the Values in Action award for his work at Harker House residential care home in Long Stratton, South Norfolk expressed his delight: “I am totally over the moon! Being a winner sums up the last year I have had with NorseCare, it means so much to me and I am so thankful to be able to work for such an amazing company and group of people”. Rhonda Dunthone won the Community Engagement award with her colleague Kelly Potter. The Housing with Care scheme in Lakenham, Norwich has worked closely with Age UK Norwich on their ‘Still On The Ball’ football reminiscence programme and also Lakenham Primary School, with pupils regularly visiting the tenants – playing and craft-making with them. Rhonda explained: “My colleague Kelly and I have worked extremely hard to introduce Lakenham Primary School to our tenants at Harriet Court. We have seen friendships build, smiling faces and most of all – fun and lots of glitter! We held a picnic in the summer with around 50 children; seeing the connection between the people of different ages was very heart warming.”

Blanc Creative offer a wide range of Event Photography services including Award Ceremony Photography, PR Event Photography, Editorial and Launch Events. We have on-site printing services and offer Video Production to capture your Business Events as they happen.

Business Event Photography NorfolkBusiness Event Photography NorfolkNorwich Event PhotographerCorporate Event Photography NorwichCorporate Event Photography NorwichBusiness Event PhotographyCorporate Event Photography NorwichCorporate Event Photography NorwichCorporate Event Photography NorwichCorporate Event Photography NorwichCorporate Event Photography NorwichCorporate Event Photography NorwichCorporate Event Photography Norwich

Business Event Photography Norfolk

Paul Weller Concert Photography 2019

Thetford High Lodge Concerts

Concert Photography. Paul Weller performs at High Lodge 2019

2019 marks our six year anniversary shooting Concert Photography for the national and International Press. In 2013, as a huge fan of Paul Weller, I’d almost begged my very good friend and then Picture Editor of Norwich’s Archant Newspaper, Steve Adams, if he would let me shoot the concert. He agreed and so began an affinity of Music Photography that would forever fuel the need to photograph Concert Photography. I’d been operating as a part time photographer and full time Police Sergeant, but the opportunity to combine creative imagery of The Modfather, one of the most influential and legendary British Music Artists of all time, was amazing.

Paul Weller in Concert at Concert at Thetford High Lodge in 2013Concert Photography Norfolk


Fast forward to Concert Photography 2019

I already look back on what is a wonderful career shooting music and a Concert Photography. My portfolio ranges from Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Muse, Taylor Swift and Coldplay to name just a handful of successful artists. I grew up listening to P{aul Weller and there;’s something particularly special about photographing your music heroes. Particulary, when they are playing a real forest. For the sixth consecutive year I was assigned the humbling role as the official Photographer for Forestry England.

 Paul Weller stepped out onto the stage at Thetford High Lodge Friday night at High Lodge in front of 9000 fans on a beautiful midsummer’s night.Weller repaid the loyalty with a gig out of the very top drawer. He and every member of his band were simply magnificent. With a career spanning 42 years, his voice remains amazingly powerful and untainted. Concert Photography at at a Paul Weller concert ids always an enjoyable experience, with great lighting from the first song and Weller took fans on a journey through his years of producing a wide range of superb music from Strange Museum off his first solo album to What You Give Is What You Get, Move On Up and That’s Entertainment from his Jam days.

No Weller Gig would be complete without his guitarist of choice, Steve Cradock. A former member of the rock band Ocean Colour Scene who also plays bass, drums, and keyboards, Steve Cradock has toured with Paul Weller for what seems to have been a lifetime. Cradock joined Weller’s band in 1992, having supported him with Ocean Colour Scene. Cradock has appeared on all studio albums by Weller, playing the guitar and other instruments.

Steve Cradock Guitarist Concert Photography

The crowd was treated to an excellent support act set by Stone Foundation. The R&B band is touring the summer outdoor series with Weller and recorded their latest album in his studio, and he has appeared on several of their tracks. There are clear influences from Weller – especially from his Style Council days – in Stone Foundation’s material and will be well worth seeing when they come to Norwich’s Waterfront in November.

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Paul Weller ConcertPaul Weller ConcertPaul Weller Concert PhotographyPaul Weller Concert Photography

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Business Stock Photography

Bespoke Stock Photography Norfolk



Trawl the internet for Business Stock Photography and there are literally hundreds of stock image libraries and hundreds of thousands of images that can be purchased for your business needs. So what it’s it that we all go on websites and find the same images over and over again. Stock Photography range from completely free photos, all the way through to renowned high-end providers. The problem is that purchasing Business Stock Photography is exactly that, It’s Stock Photography and everybody and their brother or sister is likely to also have it on their websites or Promotional material. To put things into perspective, Eight months ago I submitted the following generic image that I had taken, onto a completely Free Stock Image Platform to see what kind of response I would receive offering the image in a Free Business Stock Photography format. I have to say the results were pretty staggering.

Business Stock Photography

The image has received almost ONE MILLION VIEWS and has been downloaded over 6000 times by people. That’s 6000 potential brochures, webpages, blogs or other digital or printed media platform usage. From a photographers perspective, it’s absolutely great that people think the image is creative enough that they want to download it, but it also demonstrates why individuality in business is so essential when producing marketing and PR material. We already know just how important visuals are to people, so why take your most powerful medium of speaking to people and make it generic? Using stock photos misrepresents what your company stands for and lacks originality every time. If a client sees an image on two or more different websites, the meaning behind the photo becomes redundant, as it creates inconsistency in the photos. How many times do you see Shiny offices with sleek interior design, professional Armani Clad staff portrayed on Stock images only to walk into your client and find an untidy, dark office space with dishevelled, tired looking staff. Stock Photography can be a huge “smoke and mirror’ area for your business. We already know just how important visuals are to people, so why take your most powerful medium of speaking to people and make it generic? Using stock photos misrepresents what your company stands for and lacks originality every time.

Bespoke Stock Photography Norfolk

If you really feel you need to join the masses and download this image for FREE, then head over to our UNSPLASH PAGE and grab a high resolution version. 

So how can a businesses be seen as individual when we use stock images? It can’t! And stock images at the higher end can cost a serious amount of money when compared with creating affordable bespoke Stock Photography for your own business. For example, we worked with a client to produce a set of food based images for an advertising campaign. They had looked at purchasing images for their brochures. A set of three, high resolution Business Stock Photography images showcasing Food Products, with limited time usage, would cost around £1000. For the same cost, we were able to offer a comprehensive pre-shot consultation, on-site photography for a full day and deliver a set of 30 high quality Bespoke Business Stock Photography that can be used across the business without the fear of re-licensing or anybody else using the images for campaigns. The power of bespoke stock imagery simply can’t be under-estimated. It really is so valuable. We all live in a world where the high-resolution phone camera has become part of everyday life. I agree with many people thats smart phones and the editing software that come with them can take amazing photographs. The truth though, it that the parameters of an experienced professional photographer combined with a professional camera and post shoot editing will out way smart phone photography every single time.

At Blanc Creative, we can physically manage photography every aspect of your stock photography shoot, from sourcing models, scouting locations, storyboarding the shoot and art directing. We have a wealth of experience in commercial photography and will work with you to create images that can be utilised across many areas of your company including marketing, promotional, PR and all printed and digital media platforms. To find out more about our full range of services, why not contact our office today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email our team on

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Grounds Maintenance Commercial Photography – The Norse Group

Commercial Photography – Grounds Maintenance. Norse Group

When you think of Grounds maintenance Commercial Photography, it’s not difficult to imagine a wonderful vision of well-tended green spaces and a sense of pride among communities. It shows that the grounds are treated with the care they deserve. Whether it’s parks and gardens,  green areas around historic buildings, libraries, offices, residential homes or school playing fields, Grounds Maintenance make communities happier and healthier places in which to live, work and learn. The Daventry Norse Group Grounds Maintenance division combine the latest technology, the best materials, top quality equipment and well-trained and motivated staff across a diverse range of horticultural facilities. The teams work in areas including: school playing fields, hospital grounds, cemeteries, housing and amenity sites. In addition to the care and upkeep of these areas, the highly skilled gardeners and managers are able to advise customers on opportunities to improve their gardens and grounds.

Why choose Grounds Maintenance Commercial Photography?

With so much hard work being undertaken by Grounds staff, having professional commercial photography to support and reflect a Professional Maintenance service is incredibly important. Photography can really work for any business, providing creative, colourful imagery that can work as Bespoke Stock Photography, PR Photography, Case Study Imagery and Advertising Material. Generic Stock Photography will serve a purpose, of course, but Bespoke Commercial Photography that highlights you brand, commercial values, professionalism and dynamic staff are just a few reasons why employing a Professional Photography makes financial sense. Bespoke Photography will definitely cost less than high quality Stock Images when you consider how many images you are likely to receive from a professional assignment combined with the fact that you simply won’t or shouldn’t find your own bespoke images across other businesses.
At Blanc Creative, we can physically manage photography every aspect of your commercial photography or stock photography shoot, from sourcing models, scouting locations, storyboarding the shoot and art directing. We have a wealth of experience in commercial photography and will work with you to create images that can be utilised across many areas of your company including marketing, promotional, PR and all printed and digital media platforms. To find out more about our full range of services, why not contact our team today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email
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