Is inexpensive Video Production Achievable?

Video Production without a huge marketing budget! Is this a concept that is deliverable to clients? At Blanc Creative we certainly think so! We’ve seen a huge increase in moving image as an advertising tool. Video Productions are a hugely attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes and as the world becomes a faster place, business also move at a quicker pace and the option to deliver professionally produced Video production for the corporate and commercial sectors is becoming an essential marketing tool. The word ‘Budget’ Video Production shouldn’t be confused with cheap and unprofessional. The world is literally awash with Video covering every conceivable product, service and business, shot on every type of device from smart phones to cinema quality cameras. Video production is about creating cinematography that meets the requirements of the client and to an old phrase.. “Not breaking a nut with a sledgehammer.” Whilst most clients would love their project shot on £100,000 8K Camera, these type of parameters are often way out of the budgets of many small businesses, so it’s about compromise.

How Popular is Video?

Did you know that web-based content including online video is now watched at a higher level than generic television broadcasts. Computer users are watching digital video content up to 15 hours a week. Almost 50% of internet users now browse videos relating to products or services before visiting a store (ThinkWithGoogle), 80% of shoppers believe demonstration videos are are a source of making purchases decisions. People now spend on average over 200% times more on pages with video content than those pages without.

Ride Harder. A Case Study

Corporate Budget video Production is achievable on a surprisingly tight budget and in some circumstances, with minimal project development . A physical example of working to tight schedules and budgets was the recent video production that Blanc Creative undertook for an independent Cycle Shop, In a Spin and Ride Harder, with Professional Bike Fitter, James Walsgrove. With two days notice and a minimal budget, we were able to Plan, Shoot, Edit & Deliver, an informative, creative Video Production for Hot Chain Waxing Product, Molten Speed Wax, with a turnaround of only 24 hours.

There are a number of factor to consider when producing Video that will impact on how the project pans out. Things to take into consideration include;

*Planning & Briefing – Video Production will generally rely on significant pre production meetings and a solid brief to ensure that location time is maximised and downtime reduced between takes. This cannot always be achieved on last minute projects, so having some knowledge of the subject matter you are shooting, can really help to speed up the process. As an avid, passionate cyclist, having a knowledge of the Hot chain waxing process, meant that developing a shot list was a relatively easy prospect as the whole video production could be undertaken in one location using selective angles and a backdrop that delivered lots of exposition for the viewer. Planning interview content with those who aren’t necessarily comfortable in a presenter type role can take a while, especially if no pre-shooting script writing has taken place. We knew that the video in this case was going to run for no more than 90 seconds, so on site script writing was a very simple process, centred around the Molten Speedwax product.

* Geographical Location – Actual travel time, fuel and out of pocket expenses may increase project costs, especially if last minute Hotel bookings, flights or other travel plans need to be made. Choosing local Video Production options may help to keep your project a Budget Video Production. Working with local businesses means that pre site surveys, physical meetings and any logistical issues can usually be dealt with much more easily than perhaps that of an international assignment would pose. Ride Harder is situated around twenty minutes from the Blanc Creative office and having visited the shop historically, this reduced any logistical worries. *The complexity of the Production – Transparency is an area that has underpinned our business model from the day we launched our brand. It’s super important to be clear and upfront from the very start about what is achievable and deliverable based on a clients financial constraints. Budget Video production works particularly well on projects where perhaps self-directed cinematography takes place or reducing unnecessary staff. Small promotional videos are more than manageable with self-directed camera operator, providing they have a good understanding of visual composition, sound and production. It’s important that the client and your own business are comfortable with the workload and the budget. Avoid being a “Busy Fool” and be aware of ‘project creep’ where one day of filming turns into three days for the same cost. Over delivering can leave film makers disgruntled and essentially de-values a product and leaves clients perhaps expecting the same on future projects.

The Quick Turn Around of Budget Video Production

Shooting, editing and delivering a 90 second Budget Video Production is more than possible, turning around an edit either same day or preferably overnight. After all, as film makers, I’m sure we’ve all shot film for perhaps a corporate event where a final cut is required for a presentation or award ceremony later in the day. Same day delivery or the offer of super fast turn can be problematic. Rushed editing comes with the downside of losing the little attentions to detail or quality that you would expect to proudly deliver to a client. Clients will have less control as to how the production is shot, the artistic direction and the content of the final edit. Quick turnarounds will be subject to less re-editing and minor tweaks. Our Ride Harder video was a pleasure to edit overnight. Having shot and digitally marked all rushes on site using the Atomos Shogun Flame as the shoot progressed, it was simple process of importing the selected clips, editing into a time line and adding a suitable audio track before colour grading. This involved a late night edit and super early start the next morning, but finalising a video in under twenty fours hours, does give a nice sense of satisfaction. Factors That Dictate Turnaround Time

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