Trawl the internet for Business Stock Photography and there are literally hundreds of stock image libraries and hundreds of thousands of images that can be purchased for your business needs. So what it’s it that we all go on websites and find the same images over and over again. Stock Photography range from completely free photos, all the way through to renowned high-end providers. The problem is that purchasing Business Stock Photography is exactly that, It’s Stock Photography and everybody and their brother or sister is likely to also have it on their websites or Promotional material. To put things into perspective, Eight months ago I submitted the following generic image that I had taken, onto a completely Free Stock Image Platform to see what kind of response I would receive offering the image in a Free Business Stock Photography format. I have to say the results were pretty staggering.

Business Stock Photography

The image has received almost ONE MILLION VIEWS and has been downloaded over 6000 times by people. That’s 6000 potential brochures, webpages, blogs or other digital or printed media platform usage. From a photographers perspective, it’s absolutely great that people think the image is creative enough that they want to download it, but it also demonstrates why individuality in business is so essential when producing marketing and PR material. We already know just how important visuals are to people, so why take your most powerful medium of speaking to people and make it generic? Using stock photos misrepresents what your company stands for and lacks originality every time. If a client sees an image on two or more different websites, the meaning behind the photo becomes redundant, as it creates inconsistency in the photos. How many times do you see Shiny offices with sleek interior design, professional Armani Clad staff portrayed on Stock images only to walk into your client and find an untidy, dark office space with dishevelled, tired looking staff. Stock Photography can be a huge “smoke and mirror’ area for your business. We already know just how important visuals are to people, so why take your most powerful medium of speaking to people and make it generic? Using stock photos misrepresents what your company stands for and lacks originality every time.

Bespoke Stock Photography Norfolk

If you really feel you need to join the masses and download this image for FREE, then head over to our UNSPLASH PAGE and grab a high resolution version. 

So how can a businesses be seen as individual when we use stock images? It can’t! And stock images at the higher end can cost a serious amount of money when compared with creating affordable bespoke Stock Photography for your own business. For example, we worked with a client to produce a set of food based images for an advertising campaign. They had looked at purchasing images for their brochures. A set of three, high resolution Business Stock Photography images showcasing Food Products, with limited time usage, would cost around £1000. For the same cost, we were able to offer a comprehensive pre-shot consultation, on-site photography for a full day and deliver a set of 30 high quality Bespoke Business Stock Photography that can be used across the business without the fear of re-licensing or anybody else using the images for campaigns. The power of bespoke stock imagery simply can’t be under-estimated. It really is so valuable. We all live in a world where the high-resolution phone camera has become part of everyday life. I agree with many people thats smart phones and the editing software that come with them can take amazing photographs. The truth though, it that the parameters of an experienced professional photographer combined with a professional camera and post shoot editing will out way smart phone photography every single time.

At Blanc Creative, we can physically manage photography every aspect of your stock photography shoot, from sourcing models, scouting locations, storyboarding the shoot and art directing. We have a wealth of experience in commercial photography and will work with you to create images that can be utilised across many areas of your company including marketing, promotional, PR and all printed and digital media platforms. To find out more about our full range of services, why not contact our office today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email our team on

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Business Stock Photography

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