Health and safety Photography – Helping your business through the Covid-19 Pandemic

How can professional Photography and Video Production  benefit your business during coronavirus?

Covid-19 Photography for Business

As the world comes to terms with an unprecedented health risk with COVID-19, high quality Health & Safety photographs have never played such an important role for many businesses. It may be hard to believe but for many companies, new working practices and policies surrounding staff welfare and safe business operation has highlighted a genuine need for updating risk assessment, Health and Safety Photography and essential staff training videos. Lockdown easing has been announced and businesses of all shapes and are preparing to ease staff members  back into their roles and many businesses are opting to produce easy to follow online procedures and guidance. Throughout the pandemic and lockdown, Professional Photography has still been permitted subject to social distancing and implementing common sense Health & Safety procedures. You may be wondering what kind of commercial photography would be essential for businesses, so we’ve highlighted a few examples of how we’ve been helping businesses.

Heath & Safety Photography promoting essential workers distributing PPE.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, businesses have been working 24 hours a day to ensure that lives are saved by ensuring essential protective equipment, emergency food boxes and tests kits are stored, packed and delivered across the UK. We worked with Norse Total Facilities Management division, to document the PPE team at a secret location as they responded to requests for PPE, prepared orders and planned deliveries to care homes, social work teams, schools, district councils, fire services and test and trace teams, as well as delivering food to households in need, or to people shielding.

Health and Safety Photography Norwich

Cleaning procedures for businesses where covid-19 is suspected 

Through the absolute height of the pandemic, the Norse Group ensured that their exacting levels of safe working practices remained in place for those who remained in work. reducing any potential spread of coronavirus was imperative. Durng the first lockdown in 2020, we worked on Health and Safety Photography assignments with The Incident Management Team (IMT)  producing important training material in line with changing Government guidance.  The work assisted with the Group maintaining frontline services with the correct control measures in place, protecting staff and customers to the correct level of restrictions within the appropriate local tier level. Read more about our Cleaning services Health & Safety commercial photography.

Health and Safety Photography Norwich

Health and Safety Photography Norwich

Lateral Flow Rapid Test Centre Health and Safety Photography

Rapid Flow Testing for Covid-19 has been an important measure in identifying those who might be carrying and spreading the virus without knowing it. Symptom-free community COVID testing is being rolled out across Norfolk after successful pilots in the east and west of the county.We were assigned during the pandemic to document the opening of a brand new testing facility. Imagery would be used for PR, Press and promotional purposes, but would also serve to provide up to date images of test procedures being carried out that could be used in future case studies, printed documents and online news articles.

Lateral Flow Test Photographs

Lateral Flow Test Photographs - Blanc Creative

Socially distanced Health and Safety Photography for essential workers

As Covid-19 continues in different ways in many parts of the world, workplaces have had to adapt new, Covid-secure ways of working and managing safety, health and wellbeing. Even. the most seemingly simple of day to day working practices have been affected. This presents challenges, especially with restrictions such as social distancing whilst working in public places. We’ve been working with businesses as they adapt to the pandemic. Our commercial photography and Health and Safety Video training products resources help companies to navigate a safe path with guidance across areas including safe people, safe workplaces, safe systems and safe equipment.

Health and Safety Photography Norwich


Norwich Commercial Photographer


If your business could benefit from Health and Safety Photography or informative Video Training Products, then why not call our team today on Tel: 07871 364041 or email:
We would be thrilled to speak with you about your upcoming projects and can offer guidance and advice on the most cost affective means of delivering professional photography to your business.



Norwich Photography for Groundwork Contractors and Arborists

Groundwork Photographer Norfolk

Blanc Creative provide Photography services for local groundwork contractors, arborists and tree surgeons.

At Blanc Creative, we’ve been running our Norwich Photography business for over ten years. Unlike many other photographers, we specialise only in the Commercial Photography Sector and recently, we’ve ben spending quite a lot of time in Woodland, around lakesides and deep in the heart of forests and scrublands around the country with a number of Groundwork companies. J W Riley Contracting Ltd have taken delivery of the Green Climber LV600, the latest in industrial remote control slope mowers and as part of their latest ,marketing strategy, opted to work with our team at Blanc Creative to film their promotional video productions and commercial imagery. As a forward thinking Contracting company, J W Riley have a really solid social media presence, so our brief was to deliver a bespoke set of stock based images and business based video footage that could be used across all of their social media platforms.

Shooting across a number of locations, we were able to capture a really diverse set of images including Business Portraits otherwise known as business headshots, product photography showcasing brand new plant machinery and working images, documenting the benefits of the Green Climber to potential clients. Choosing to have Commercial Photography is actually a really invaluable product and can be surprisingly inexpensive. Choosing to add a professional promotional video during the same assignment can add even more value. We actually find more and more businesses are choosing to combine packages because they also appreciate the value of video in their marketing. In the case of J W Riley Contracting Ltd, they have incorporated video into dedicated Blog posts on their business website, on their youtube channel, on their instagram pages, facebook business page and Google Plus.

Norwich Photography - Blanc Creative Commercial Photographer

Norwich Photography Services - Blanc Creative

Norwich Photography Services - Blanc Creative

Groundwork Photographer Norfolk

Website and Social Media Photography Examples for J W Riley Contracting Ltd
Social Media Photography Norwich

Social Media Photography Norwich


Find out more about Blanc Creative Norwich Photography and Video Production.

At Blanc Creative, we’re pretty certain that we’ll have a portfolio, a blog post or a professional look book that reflects the type of business photography your own company requires. We really love to speak with our existing clients and future clients about their photography and video visions, so why not call our team today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email 


Vegetation Clearance Services. Green Climber LV600

Vegetation Clearance Norfolk. Green Climber

Norfolk vegetation clearance services from J W Riley Contracting Ltd

Vegetation Clearance services has formed a huge part of our business for a number of years but recent technological advances in Robotic Heavy Equipment has enabled us to offer very affordable commercial vegetation clearance across a range of challenging environmental conditions using the Green Climber LV600 Flail Mower. At J W Riley Contracting Ltd, we incorporate traditional Forest Clearance, Bankside management and Vegetation Clearance methods with modern technology including The Green Climber LV600. Our latest Flail Mower is remote-controlled and specially developed for vegetation clearance services on slopes up to 60o.



Remote Controlled Vegetation Clearance Services

Stability is ensured by rubber tracks which are hydraulically extendable with the latest in ‘Traxion Technology’. The Green Climber can traverse terrain that would be inaccessible to conventional driven machinery. It is designed and built for constant use in harsh conditions and has 400mm of hydraulic side shift to assist with cutting up close to trees and fencing. Our mower comes with a flail mower as standard however other attachments including power harrow, trencher, snow blower, snow plough, sweeper and hedge cutter are also available for hire. Perfect for grasses, brush and trees up to 6 inches, the Green Climber LV600 is the tool you need for your tough jobs and our vegetation clearance services include road maintenance, light forestry, and even fire breaks.  Multiple attachments allow for flail cutting, guard-rail deck mowing, and finish mowing. Unlike other remote control mowers the LV600 is equipped with a common rail turbo intercooler diesel engine with low fuel consumption and high torque, even at low rpm.  The LV600 engine meets EPA, TIER4 FINAL standards and is ready for the EU Stage-V standard. Some of the key benefits of the Green Climber are;

Toughness & Reliability

Operator Safety – Up to 500′ of distance from steep slopes, flying debris & harmful exhaust

Reduced Maintenance Costs


Safe Investment with 40 years of engineering experience

Maintenance & Operation Training

An On-Line Owners & Dealer Idea Forum


Vegetation Clearance Services Norfolk. Green Climber

Norwich Vegetation Clearance from J W Riley



Norwich Vegetation Clearance from J W Riley


Norwich Vegetation Clearance Services


Business Photography Norwich - Blanc Creative


Business Photography Norwich - Blanc Creative
Commercial Photography – Blanc Creative Norwich


Vegetation Clearance Services from Norwich based J W Riley Contracting Ltd

J W Riley Contracting Ltd are a multi service specialist contracting company. Our operations are predominantly in Ground Works including Commercial Vegetation Clearance Services across a diverse range of sectors including Construction Clearance, Highway Maintenance, Forestry Management and Agricultural & Fishery Bankside Clearance. You may ask yourself why you should consider J W Riley Contracting Ltd undertaking your vegetation clearance services project with the Green Climber LV600? Here’s a few simple reasons;

The Green Climber LV600 is a long range radio controlled Flail Mower. It is a diverse piece of plant that can safely endure dangerous environments minimising operator risk even in the harshest of surroundings.

Vegetation clearance services are made easy with the Hydraulic side shifting attachments and Traxion Technology Tracks with expandable undercarriage.A super low centre of gravity allows Green Climber to work on slopes up to 60° in total safety.

The Green Climber LV600 can be easily transported from location to location within work areas

The standard Flail Head works well on multiple materials from thick grass, light to medium brush (up to 2” thick), and steep slopes

The LV600 is a diverse, commercial machine designed for dense vegetation, trees up to 3” diameter

The Green Climber mulches debris into manageable one to three inch pieces  and grubs up to three inches of soil (subject to environmental conditions)



To find out more about how J W Riley Contracting can assist with all of your Commercial Vegetation Clearance Services needs, why not reach out and contact our office on Mob: 07827 297187 or email


Hospitality Photography. Business Portrait Shoot for Norfolk retailers

Hospitality Photography Blanc Creative Norwich

Charlie Hodson Business Portrait Photography. Shooting for Small Business Owners in Rural Norfolk

Our commercial photography brief was pretty simple. Produce a snapshot, pictorial story of a renowned Chef and now…Aylsham’s ‘Big Cheese’ Charlie Hodson through Portrait Photography. It’s a term that potentially covers a multitude of job titles around the Catering, Hotel and Food Retailer sector. But when you’re trying to describe the genre for photographs of a successful chef, owner of a funky Cheese Room and Deli, award winning Sausage Roll maker Chef Patron of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, the Hospitality Term just seems to fit. At Blanc Creative, we  genuinely love working with people. We make constant reference to this across our website and the vast majority of our photography is based around people. We shoot our Hospitality Photography in the same style as all of our other commissions, with a slightly relaxed style and lots of communication that hopefully helps to win over even the most camera shy of subjects. Fortunately, we’ve had the pleasure of shooting hospitality photographs with Charlie over a number of years and never had to coax Charlie out of his shell.

hospitality photography norfolk for small business

Business Portrait service for Independent Food Businesses

Hospitality Photography. It’s a term that potentially covers a multitude of job titles around the Catering, Hotel and Food Retailer sector. But when you’re trying to describe the genre for photographs of a successful chef, owner of a funky Cheese Room and Deli, award winning Sausage Roll maker Chef Patron of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, the Hospitality Term just seems to fit. At Blanc Creative, we  genuinely love working with people. We make constant reference to this across our website and the vast majority of our photography is based around people. We shoot our Hospitality Photography and Business Portrait photographs in the same style as all of our other commissions, with a slightly relaxed style and lots of communication that hopefully helps to win over even the most camera shy of subjects. Fortunately, we’ve had the pleasure of shooting hospitality photographs with Charlie over a number of years and never had to coax Charlie out of his shell.

hospitality photography norfolk for small business


Commercial photography norfolk for small business

Commercial photography norfolk for small business
Commercial photography norfolk for small business


We recently asked Charlie to write a few words about his journey to Aylsham and his opening of Hodson & Co Cheese Room & Deli, so in his own words;


The Launch Of Hodson & Co Aylsham Norfolk. This is for me a story of how the simple sausage roll planted the seed in 2017 at The Red Lion at Barnes #rolloff and has been the inspiration for my new Hodson & Co Cheese Room With Deli, in the heart of Norfolk. At the age of 50, I owe a lot to so many for my life within hospitality. From those who mentored me in my early life right through to the chance to run the kitchen at the Grove at Cromer on my return to Norfolk in 2013 where I was awarded 2 rosettes within in 7 months. But for me it always rolls back to local pork, wrapped in chef’s pastry of choice, with highly guarded secrets and locally sourced ingredients.  My dream was always ‘could i gather all those I’ve met and worked with, chutney and jam wizards, millers of Norfolk grains, apple squeezing cider-pressers, grape growers and bubbly wine makers, spirit of the county distillers, blade forging magicians, foundry pan makers and chef’s apparel providers?’ The list is simply endless with of course, cheese churning scientists last but never ever least. But what, I thought, if I could bring together all my favourite foodie and culinary items, all under one roof.  In a shop had that a traditional English charm, large windows, creaky floorboards, shelves full of my favourite things and that smell of freshly baked rolls of pork filling that simply encapsulates the foodie soul.  That is how the idea of Hodson & Co was born. Now it was about finding the venue.

With Aylsham in the heart of Norfolk farming land and the porky home of our ‘Big Norfolk Sausage Bash’ co-hosted and organised by Coxfords the butchers, Walsingham farm shop & Charlie’s Norfolk Food Heroes. Something just felt right when I walked over the threshold of the shop door, with that creek of the floorboard and after ten seconds of walking around I knew this was it.  I had found the home for Hodson & Co.  Not simply a shop but a way to give back to all those amazing producers who have supported me as a chef and local food champion over the years. To truly be able to sing and dance about all things Norfolk within a town that means so much to me. On walking back up towards the marketplace and wondering was this really the right location I looked up at the beautiful Norfolk sky and saw the street name ‘Red Lion Street’. The very road in which the shop sits has the same name as the pub in which the dream of Hodson & Co first began.  I’m not sure Angus & Clare would have ever realised and to be honest neither had I ..but the ‘Roll Off’ really had started a new life plan and three and a half years later that dream is now being realised and for that I will be for ever grateful.

With Love From Norfolk


Hospitality Photography for the small business

The Covid-19 pandemic means that as business owners, we are living in very uncertain times. For many small businesses, the first thing that tends to go is advertising and promotional material, where in fact, promoting your products and services when you most need it actually makes really great sense. Creative imagery will help bring your small business to life and highlight your people. Being an independent business ourselves, we understand the huge amount of work that goes with running a small business. We work really closely with customers to ensure you only receive the most important images for your business at the very best of pricing. We never undertake assignments with the intention of ‘project creep’ and our pricing is transparent to the extent that you know exactly what you’ll receive to ensure we meet your budgets. Our Hospitality Photography for business will enhance your brand by providing a portfolio of images that will work across all visual media, whether it’s Portrait images for an online Biography, Marketing photography or documenting community events, charitable work or supporting other like minded retailers for a common good.

Small business photographer Norwich


Business Portrait


Chef Business Portrait Photography Norfolk




Chef Business Portrait Photography Norfolk


Chef Portrait Photography Norfolk


Farm Shop Hospitality Photography

Farm Shop Hospitality Photography


We have an extensive portfolio of Commercial Headshots and modern portraits for literally every type of business sector possible. Why not head over to our Portrait page where we’ve showcased some great case studies. 

If you’re a small business owner looking to expand your companies photography with professional Business Portrait images or commercial Photography , then we’d love to speak with you. We’re really confident that you’ll our style of work and our really favourable pricing. To speak with our team today, either call Mob: 07871 364041 or email: 

Butchery Photography for Award Winning Archers Butchery Norwich

Butchery Photography Norwich


Butchery Photography  – Advertising and PR Photographer for Butchery Businesses

Butchery Photography isn’t as niche as it may appear but believe it or not, if you have the time for a quick web search, there are actually very few professional Food Photographers who capture the artistic skills of the Butcher. Butchery Photography and Meat Photography go hand in hand, whether it’s simple Product photography for Butcher’s who’ve taken the necessary steps to set up e-commerce and online ordering to combat lost sales due to Covid-19, Staff Portraits for websites or PR Photography. The “Farm to Fork” customer experience and a big emphasis on environmental nose to tail butchery, saw a pre-covid surge in Butchery Workshops for budding home chefs. Our own experience with Meat Photography is pretty extensive and we’ve had the pleasure of all of the aforementioned and much more, documenting a whole range of Butchery Photography and Meat Photography for Multi Award winning Archers Butchery in Norwich. In fact, Archers won the prestigious Best Butchers shop in Britain 2019 in the Meat Management Industry Awards.

Butchery Photography Norwich

Professional Butchery Photography Packages

Our case study of Archer’s Butchery documents a great client / photographer retraction and a portfolio that has been built over time. Suffice to say, Butchery Photography can be compacted to provide all of the elements you will ever need for marketing your business and it doesn’t take long to build a portfolio of bespoke stock images that fit a really diverse range of purposes incl social media, advertising, online ordering, website and Press releases.

Commercial Photography Norwich- The Butchery

Butchery Photography NorwichFarm to Fork – Livestock Images

Meat Photography with Heritage and Provenance. Almost all of Archers Butchers beef is supplied locally by P O Almey & sons of Tavistock Farm, Antingham near North Walsham. The Almey family have been farming cattle for generations and have a good stock of quality animals all year round. The breeds of cattle we have are mostly Simmental and Limousin (continental breeds which are famed for their lean tender meat) crossed with native breeds such as Hereford, Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus which are known for their marbled texture. The Cattle are free to graze in large fields in and around the farm, eating mainly grass, supplemented by grain and vegetable waste such as potatoes and swede. They are bought into sheds for the winter months to shelter from the harsh weather and help to regenerate the soil.

Norfolk Farming Photography

Norfolk Farming Photography

Butchery Photography Norwich

Retail Photography for Butchers and Food Shops makes perfect sense in 2021

Gone are the days where Butchers shops consisted of sawdust floors, bloody counters a blood soaked aprons. We all love to experience awesome shopping experiences and walking into a modern, clean environment with welcoming, knowledgable staff and super attractive products is an appealing aspect for any potential customer. Showing off your interior online is actually another shop window to your business and a great way to generate new customers.

Commercial Retail Photographer Norwich- The Butcher

Commercial Photography Norwich- The Butchery


Commercial Retail Photographer Norwich- The Butcher

Butchery Photography is a great way to engage staff with customer. Make it personal!

Shopping local and building personal relationships with your customers has seen a phenomenal resurgence over the past few years. Staff who care about their customers is a recipe for success for return business. How many people return to a restaurant because of the fabulous service a they receive and when the staff know you by name. It evokes a sense of warmth that makes you feel special and it’s become the norm for many deli’s, farm shops and butchery businesses. Butchery Photography staff images are a great way to showcase the important behind your brand and add a sense of personality, especially if captured while interacting with customers and in the natural working environment.

Norfolk PR Photography from Blanc Creative

Norfolk PR Photography from Blanc Creative

Butchery Photography Norfolk

Butchery Photography for food retailers

Recent data suggests Fresh red meat shoppers are more prepared than average to invest time shopping for their meat, wanting to become more informed about the product Quality is a top consideration for shoppers when purchasing meat so if you have an online shopping presence, why wouldn’t you want Butchery Photography to reflect your ethically sourced products. At Blanc Creative, we have an impressive for portfolio spanning  huge range of products including meat, poultry, deli, restaurant food and Gastro Pub menus. We shoot our food photography using predominantly natural lighting and our style of imagery means that we are able to work in smaller spaces and on location. After all, you wouldn’t want to have to transport all of your Butchery produce out to a studio when you can shoot high quality photographs of your produce straight from the fridge.

Meat Photography

Meat Photography

Butchery Photography Norwich

Shout out with Butchery Photography. What makes your product different and desirable?

If you have a product or service that makes your brand or produce special, then why wouldn’t you shout about it. Himalayan Rock Salt Wall used for ageing the very best beef. Using Himalayan Salt Walls, butchers have been able to dry-age meat for extended periods of time without excess decomposition taking place. This is because of the naturally anti-microbial environment the salt chamber creates. The dry environment salt walls maintain, promotes the desired chemical reactions to take place within the meat. This includes the denaturing of protein fibres, which tenderises the meat to provide a heightened level of succulence. We entered the depths of a very cold refrigerator to photograph an impressive wall installed in Archers Butchery producing a set of imagery just perfect for social media platforms and press.

Want to talk more about your Brand. We’d love to hear from you!

We hope this small case study has “wet your appetite” for Butchery Photography or any other form of food photography that you may require to promote your business. We think it’s provides a genuine overview of how forward thinking businesses are adapting to changes in shopping environments and the need to positively market their brands successfully and inexpensively using professional photography. We would genuinely love to hear your ideas and we genuinely believe that we can turn your ideas into concepts into gorgeous food photography images. You may be surprised at how affordable professional photography can be.

Why not reach out today and speak with our team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email




Restaurant Food Photography

Commercial Photography Norwich

Restaurant food photography in a pandemic culture

Restaurant Food Photography has literally exploded over the past twelve months. The Covid-19 Pandemic ravaged restaurant trade across the UK. Following an initial three months of lockdown due to coronavirus, restaurants in the United Kingdom were allowed to re-open only to be hit with further extensive closures. As of December 20, 2020, the percentage of seated restaurant diners in the UK was around 44.35 percent lower than the last year’s figures. The hospitality industry has been looking for new ways to stay agile while also staying true to their values. It isn’t easy to change the core of a restaurants operation but for many predominantly eat-in establishments, the only infallible solution for survival during the COVID-19 crisis for many is online ordering for restaurants.

We’re living in an age of working from home, third-party delivery services and collect by car and professional restaurant food photography is now playing a big part in promoting the role of the restaurant in really uncertain times. The rise of the online men and visual platforms like Instagram are an essential part of the dining experience as customers have much more time to search for the meals they’d like to eat online. People shop with their eyes and attractive, professional restaurant food photography is experiencing a serious upturn. Social platforms and Commercial food photography doesn’t need to be shot in a studio.  As a Norfolk based Commercial Photography business, Blanc Creative have seen a definite shift towards real food photos, shot onsite with natural lighting and no gimmicks.

Why Shoot your Restaurant Food Photography on location in your restaurant

1. Socially distanced food photography

Regardless of the size of your restaurant, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be locations available in the dining area, kitchen or even outside with natural lighting that will blend itself to affordable restaurant photography. Social distancing should be achieved with ease, especially as most restaurants will have already been set up as Covid safe environments. Meals can be presented and handed over safely to the photographer, who can then utilise any accessible areas in the restaurant. It’s important to remember where the photographer has been from a perspective of cleaning after the shoot has finished.

2.Styling your Restaurant Food Photography

At least half of great food photography is styling. There’s no need to employ food stylists. Your chefs plate food for service every day of the week. Different chefs style their plates differently, so it’s really important that the food genuinely reflects what the customer will see. We’ve all chosen from fast food menus that depict gloriously stacked burgers only to receive a pancake flat meal that looks nothing like the food on the photographs. Restaurant Food Photography needs to be shot honestly. Great Chefs love to take some artistic license.

3.Shooting food fast… but not that fast

Freshly prepared food has a short time frame for photography. It can lose its appeal quickly. As food photographers, we love to work fast, but not too fast that we get a backlog of dishes piling up to photograph. We’re super experienced shooting food. It’s an area we specialise in and our business values have always been about transparency and  honesty. We shoot our food the same way. Our restaurant food photography showcases the actual food your business sells. Yes, there are multiple tricks that involve glue, shaving foam, mashed potatoes and varnish to make food fantastic, but this really isn’t us. We’re confident that you’ll love our photography and the way we work with you.

Food that’s been sat out for longer than 10-15 minutes will start to look tired, so you have to work quickly and creatively when shooting onsite.

4.Covid-19 has made Restaurant Food Photography an attractive purchase

If you business is seriously thinking about a food image portfolio, it may be a great time to turn your ideas into professional photographs. Many restaurants and venues have no customers or tables booked. This enables many more creative options for getting the best lighting for your images. It’s not all about tables. We use a variety of surfaces including the floor to really show off your food at it’s best. Setting up while a restaurant is closed enables you to spread out as much as you need and should reduce pressure on your chefs and kitchen staff who can concentrate solely on preparing attractive food rather than servicing orders for customers.

5. Shooting on location simply works

Shooting restaurant food photography onsite is completely different from studio based photography and I’m a great believer that customer reap benefits from booking shoots in their own environments. There may not be as much access to studio lighting or consistently lit backgrounds, but food photography is all about environment and every restaurant creates their menu to fit the environment they work in. Chefs know their kitchens inside out and shooting in a studio can be very clinical. Shooting naturally lit food photography  also benefits those customers who have more limited establishments where space isn’t necessarily optimum.

If your business is looking to create a portfolio of professional Restaurant Food Photography images, it may not cost as much as you think. Professional images showcasing your food is an investment. Images have a vast range of uses from social media, websites, printed menus, signage and even artwork. To find out more about how we can help your business with moth watering food photography, why not call our office today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email:




Photography Law. Know your Rights in 2021

Photography Law jonathan-harrison-G4UAlDJeJFk-unsplash

Photography Law. Your rights as a photographer.

How to stay on the right side of the Police, Security & Public.

This article is specifically geared to UK Photography Law at the time of writing. Legislation frequently changes . Other countries may have very strict laws regarding photography. This article has been produced as a rough guide and I can’t be held responsible actions you may take as a result of reading this while you’re out photographing in public. Always adopt a common sense approach and if in doubt, don’t do it! I don’t accept responsibility for any loss, damage or inconvenience suffered as a result of following information If you have any concerns about legal aspects of your work, the best advice is to consult a solicitor who specialises in this area.


Norwich Press Photography.


Photography Law is an evolving beast.

I’ve written about photographing in public places historically but it’s always a valuable subject to return to, especially with more and more hostility directed towards photographers as they photograph in public places. A photographer on the streets can only be attributed to having a magnetic  target on your back. People jumping in front of the camera, becoming abusive and generally quoting factually incorrect Photography Law along with the “You’re breaching my human rights” card simply by photographing a public space as they go about their business. I imagine many of these same people wouldn’t even take notice if a TV crew were working on the same spot filming the streets or if they saw themselves on TV at a concert or a large sporting event. For some strange reason, it simply wouldn’t evoke the same reaction as a solitary photographer working on a public street in a city centre.  

Photography is subject to many laws that restrict where and when can operate and as a commercial photography business so a knowledge of Photography Law is really important, if nothing more than being able to provide a definitive answer when challenged or to prevent photographing illegally or running the risk of having legal action taken against you if you are flouting the law. I’ve worked as a professional commercial photographer for ten years but ironically, my previous career was in law enforcement as a Police Sergeant where amongst other disciplines, I worked as a qualified Evidence Gatherer on the Police Support Unit (or what many people will know as a riot team.)

I’m pretty confident about where and what I’m allowed to photograph in public, but I’m able to provide a number of examples where I’ve had hostility from members of the public or even been challenged by Police where the circumstances did not warrant it. Generally speaking, in the UK if you are in a public area, you may legally take as many photographs, either recreationally or for Business Photography purposes without fear of the law. However, over the past few years there have been several well-publicised incidents in which both amateur and professional photographers have been stopped and questioned by the police, and in some cases even arrested, while innocently taking photographs in public places. Let’s look at just one small example from my own experiences.

Photography Law Case Study. Why did the Police feel the need to challenge Commercial Photography in a public place?

Norwich Professional Commercial Photographer Lee Blanchflower

I freelance for a business photographing Digital and Advertising Photography for a national client. During an assignment I was on a footpath on a main public road in a city centre location, around 50 metres from a College. I was approached by a plain clothes Police Officer who requested to know what I was doing. I didn’t feel the need to have to justify my actions. I’d not been acting suspiciously and legally didn’t need to offer any personal information. Photography Law essentially placed me in the same legal position as any other member of public on the same road who didn’t have a camera. Would the officer have challenged an innocent member of public standing on a public footpath. I think not! Stating the obvious, I had the decency to tell the Officer that “I was taking photographs” before I was told that my behaviour was suspicious because I was outside an Educational Establishment despite the fact that it was half term and the College was closed. Any unscrupulous individual taking photographs for a clandestine reason or for immoral purposes would be highly unlikely to be standing in plain view with large tripod and a professional camera on top. Eventually, having provided him with a very frank reason for why I was there, he left, having achieved nothing at all.


24-year-old media graduate Alan Noble was shooting a time lapse video for a personal project promoting the North East, when Security Staff  from Port of Tyne demanded that he cease filming even though he was doing sop from a public footpath  and highway. Security treated Alan in a hostile manner, became abusive  “lunatic” when he declined to comply before Police were called. Security threatened Alan with arrest and at one point, a uniformed security operative also grabbed his tripod and demanded to see  the images he had captured. Fortunately Alan supported his story while filming the event unfold. Thankfully when the police were called they supported the filmmaker – agreeing after the end of the clip that he was well within his rights. Further information about this incident can be viewed at

Police Services in the UK address gaps in Photography Law with clear guidance

Some Police forces have subsequently made efforts to publish clear guidance to officers. Contact with photographers, reporters and television crews is a regular occurrence for many officers and staff. The media influences our reputation so it’s crucial to maintain good working relations with its members, even in difficult circumstances. The Metropolitan Police have released an  advice document that states; 

“We encourage officers and the public to be vigilant against terrorism but recognise the importance not only of protecting the public from terrorism but also promoting the freedom of the public and the media to take and publish photographs. Guidance around the issue has been made clear to officers and PCSOs through briefings and internal communications. The following advice is available to all officers and provides a summary of the guidance around photography in public places.”

Best Practice for keeping on the right side of Photography Law

Photography Tips. Stay on the right side of the Photography Police

You have the right to photograph any subject providing you are in a public place and your actions are not carried out for the purposes of terrorism. If you are stopped on the street, remember;


Do not hand over your images or delete images from your memory cards or hard drives. You have the right to keep any photographs you take unless confiscated via a warrant.

You “DO NOT” need permission from your subject to take their photograph.

The copyright to any photographs you take belong to you, not the subject you have photographed (Imagine taking a photograph at a concert of a crowd and having 10,000 people demanding that they own the photograph you’ve taken. It’s ridiculous but a huge misconception that people actually believe)

You cannot be removed or restricted from taking photographs from a public place.

Police Officers may not forcibly viewed by a police officer unless they have good reason to do so.

Photography Law 2021. Professional Photography Norwich

Photography Law – Your restrictions as a photographer in public places

Understandably, there are circumstances as a photographer that will render your images or footage illegal and where Police rightfully have the have the authority to stop and search, seize your images, confiscate your equipment and arrest photographers with a view to prosecuting. A few of these examples are listed below;

Your photographs may not be indecent.

You may not take photographs in a private establishment or location without permission.

You may not take photographs for the purposes of terrorism.

London specific– You may not take photos for commercial purposes in Trafalgar Square or Parliament Square without permission of the Mayor!

You may not be persistent or aggressive if a subject will not be photographed as you could be committing the offence of harassment. Photographing another person in public only becomes harassment, as defined by the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, if “the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other.” In other words, taking one or two photos of someone isn’t harassment, but repeatedly deliberately stalking them and photographing them despite their protests would be a criminal offence.

Photographing Police in the UK

Terrorism Act 2000

If an individual is behaving suspiciously, then it is important that the suspicions should naturally be reported the incident to police or through polite questioning of the individual. The police have a number of powers related to photography for terrorist purposes, but it’s inappropriate for Police to stop legitimate photographers from photographing. It is not an offence for the public or press photographers to take photographs of a public building and police officers photography law prevents do not have police, even with powers under counter-terrorism legislation to delete pictures or destroy memory cards or digital images. Equipment and media can only be seized when Police reasonably suspects they are intended to be used in connection with terrorism.

Photography and Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000

The power to stop and search someone under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 no longer exists. Police officers continue to have the power to stop and search anyone who they reasonably suspect to be a terrorist under Section 43 of the Terrorism Act.

Photography and Section 43 of the Terrorism Act 2000

Officers have the power to stop and search a person who they reasonably suspect to be a terrorist. The purpose of the stop and search is to discover whether that person has in their possession anything which may constitute evidence that they are a terrorist. Officers have the power to view digital images contained in mobile telephones or cameras carried by a person searched under S43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 to discover whether the images constitute evidence that the person is involved in terrorism. Officers also have the power to seize and retain any article found during the search which the officer reasonably suspects may constitute evidence that the person is a terrorist. This includes any mobile telephone or camera containing such evidence. Officers do not have the power to delete digital images or destroy film at any point during a search. Deletion or destruction may only take place following seizure if there is a lawful power (such as a court order) that permits such deletion or destruction.

Section 58A of the Terrorism Act 2000

Section 58A of the Terrorism Act 2000 covers the offence of eliciting, publishing or communicating information about members of the armed forces, intelligence services or police where the information is, by its very nature, designed to provide practical assistance to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. Any officer making an arrest for an offence under Section 58A must be able to demonstrate a reasonable suspicion that the information was, by its very nature, designed to provide practical assistance to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. It would ordinarily be unlawful to use section 58A to arrest people photographing police officers in the course of normal policing activities, including protests because there would not normally be grounds for suspecting that the photographs were being taken to provide assistance to a terrorist. An arrest would only be lawful if an arresting officer had a reasonable suspicion that the photographs were being taken in order to provide practical assistance to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. There is nothing preventing officers asking questions of an individual who appears to be taking photographs of someone who is or has been a member of Her Majesty’s Forces (HMF), Intelligence Services or a constable so long as this is being done for a lawful purpose and is not being done in a way that prevents, dissuades or inhibits the individual from doing something which is not unlawful.

Photographing Children


This is a sensitive area and every photographer needs to be aware of the potential impact of photographing children in a public place. Like myself as a parent, we’re understandably protective of our children. They are viewed as vulnerable subjects and many photographers with innocent intentions have found themselves in awkward positions either legally or from aggressive parents who jump irrationally to the wrong conclusions about why their child is being photographed. If you are taking photographs in a public place, at sporting events sports event or just on the street, there are some guidelines you must follow. There is no specific law in the UK against photographing people, even children. Photography Law means it is your right as a photographer to take a photo of whatever subject you unless it’s in a location where they might reasonably expect privacy. If you’re working commercially, you may be requested not to take photographs of individual or groups of children from a safeguarding perspective, so if you are a professional, then failing to adhere to these requests is likely to impact negatively on your reputation and ability to obtain repeat assignments. Legally, there is no  legal jurisdiction under law to prevent you from taking photographs, but please do take a common sense approach.



Photography and Law in the UK



Photographing Children - Know your Photography Law

You may receive some questions or comments from your subjects and we have detailed an appropriate response to these:


”You have no right to take a photo of me or my child!

By law, you can take a photo of anyone from any public place. If it is a private establishment like a bar for example, you must get permission from the owner.

“You can’t use those photos unless I sign a model release form.”

There is no requirement for you to sign a model release form under UK law, unless you intend to use the image in commercial work like advertising. It is advisable to get a model release form signed under those circumstances.

 “You are invading my personal privacy.”

There are no specific privacy laws that stop me taking photographs in a public place apart from locations where your subject might reasonably expect privacy for example if I was taking a photograph “You are invading my privacy.”

“I would like to see your photography license or ID”

You do not need a photography license to take photos from a public or even in a private location if you have the consent of the owner. Photography licenses are something that do not exist in the UK.

“I do not like that image of me/ my child — I want it deleted”

I’m afraid that the image owner ship is mine as the photographer. The subject has no rights or ownership to the image. Any attempt to delete the image is against UK law. This also applies if I’m photographing figures in authority like security guards or police or the general public. Only a Police Warrant will allow photographs to be taken away.

“My child is/ I am under 16, so you cannot publish the photo.”

There is no age law to prevent the publication of any photos regardless of the age of the subject. There are indecency laws which cover all imagery.


Photography Law and how we conduct ourselves in public is a massive area of interest that could be written about in volumes and we’ve literally just broken the surface. Be polite and respectful, ask permission to take photographs from a parent or guardian where appropriate and act responsibly and sensibly using a commons sense approach. Following just these three steps will make the whole process of photographing in public, a much more enjoyable experience. Put personal safety before anything else and enjoy your work. If you can educate just a handful of people, then we should be able to slowly reduce hostility and suspicions about why and who we are photographing.

Company Photography: Security Industry Photographs

Company Photography for the Security Industry

Company Photography for the Security Industry from Blanc Creative

Commercial Photography is as important in the security industry and defence sectors as it is in the corporate world. Creating dynamic company photography that can be utilised for exciting marketing campaigns, tenders, advertising has never been so important. Great company photography can act as a very positive marketing tool and diverse commercial photographs have the added advantage of multiple uses across public relations and social media photography platforms.

We live in an age everyone wants to see the faces and services behind a business. behind a business. People don’t want to ‘just’ read about these things anymore. If the truth is to really be told, most people, myself included, creative informative copy for my Company Photography Blogs, because without it, there’s a lot less opportunity to picked up by Google Rankings or other SEO based platforms. Potential clients for your business are looking more and more to see exactly what your services and products are through photography and really stunning commercial photography images. It really doesn’t matter what sector you work in, and Covid-19 has impacted dramatically on this as businesses turn more to online sales, marketing and advertising to replace traditional face to face meetings.

Company Photography for the Security Industry

Security Industry Company Photography

Private security is a multi billion pound industry, with personnel outnumbering police officers by 18 to one. The marketplace is booming. There are approximately 360,000 licensed security operatives in the UK compared with 20,000 police officers. The security industry has increasingly become part of the police family. According to the  Infologue website, the turnover of the UK’s regulated security industry two years ago in 2018 was over £4 billion and this figure appears to be growing at a speedy rate. The need for a professional, dependable private security industry is required to protect people, property, assets and operations. These responsibilities cannot always be maintained by the police as the demands for security in society and businesses increase.

The Norse Group Security Sector cover a huge range of Security based services, nationally, to commercial clients and small to large businesses and recognise the importance of bespoke commercial photography. Modern, impactive images documenting professional services have replaced outdated stock images of smiling models which are simply no longer representative of your team or business! We work with our clients to showcase your individual employees, your senior management, your equipment.. your whole security industry operation. Incorporating branding into your business photographs is a key way to let your audience know, that your photographs are legitimate and specifically relate to your own company and furthermore, images of your workplace can demonstrate professionalism and show the world that your business is a ‘real’ operation – not just a faceless website operation run from your house.


Norwich Business Photography for security companies

Norwich Business Photography for security companies

Norwich Business Photography for security companies

Norfolk Commercial Photographer

Norfolk Commercial Photographer

Company Photography for the Security Industry

Norwich Headshot Photographer for Business

Norwich Headshot Photographer for Business

Norwich Headshot Photographer for Business

Health & Safety Photography

At Blanc Creative we offer a full spectrum of Company Photography services from staff headshots and portraits to marketing photography and social media packages ideal for use on social media platforms such as LinkedIn,  Instagram and more. We’ve been established for over ten years established working with numerous companies from large multinationals to sole trader businesses and business professionals. Our Company Photography has taken us across the whole of the UK and internationally. We are based in the heart of Norwich but regularly cover Kent, the Midlands, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. To find out more about our extensive range of services including Drone Filming, Aerial Photography and Creative Video Production, why not reach out to today and speak with our team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email:

Social Media Photography

Social Media Photography in Norwich. We work with new customers and existing clients to help promote social media with professional Photographs.

Social media photography is a fantastic tool to get your business seen by potential new customers. We work solely in the commercial photography industry. That’s the truth. I know that many photographers claim to be “Commercial photographers” shooting “Social Media Photography” and “Corporate Photography” but take a visit to their home pages and you’ll find all manner of wedding photography, newborn photography, pet photography and any other genres. We pride ourselves on ten years of corporate photography and commercial video productions for a really wide range of sectors. nBlanc Creative work with sole traders right through to international clients. That may be a bold statement, but it’s not a lie. We are super proud to show off our international portfolio and we encourage visitors to dig around our site and see if they can find some inspiration for their own business.

Marketing photography has played a big part of my day to day role and Social Media Photography goes hand in hand with this. Social media is all about generating exciting content that is relevant and engaging. Social Media Photography encourages interaction from your followers and has the potential to significantly increase how your brand is recognised. Image-led social media has opened up a really interesting concept for Photographers. Work published on these platforms reaches huge audiences and it doesn’t matter what industry you work in, even business sectors that are considered mundane or provincially traditional can still benefit from carefully curated Social Media Photography.  It’s a great way to persuade existing customers to try out new products or services or simply highlighting your latest services or products. people what sets you apart from your competitors.

Shooting high quality images for your social media is actually a really diverse way to also build a stock library. All of the major platforms for social media have different aspects for optimising that media. Shooting images slightly wider in a standard 3 x 2 landscape format, means that you have the options to use your commercoial photographs for every day branding and advertising and then simply crop in the images to achieve an artistic perspective for you key social media platforms. So it really is a win win situation and not as expensive to shoot as you may think.



Restaurant Social Media Photography
Restaurant Social Media Photography

Restaurant Social Media Photography

Restaurant Social Media PhotographyWhy do I need professional Social media Photography?

Standing out from the crowd in a world of selfies and smart phones will re-enforce our brand, your business and your services. We’ve all seen stunning images on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest but the truth is, the majority of the viral, epic images are not shot on a phone, but using professional camera equipment by commercial photographers who shoot social media photography. To really understand the power of social media photography, we only need look at key statistics from Instagram to realise how important the social media images has become;

One Billion people use Instagram every month.
Average users spend 30 minutes every day on Instagram
81% of people use Instagram to research Products and Services
50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service on Instagram
A guide to the optimum sizing for social media images

 Interior Design Social Media Photographs

Interior Design Social Media Photography

Nofolk Property Photography

Norfolk Property Photographer

Norfolk Property Photographer


 Barber Shop Social Media Photographer

Social Media Photography

Norwich Commercial Photographer


Barber Shop Photography Norwich

Social Media Photography Norwich

Social Media Photography Norwich

Social Media Photography Norwich

Social Media Photography Norwich

How can we help your social media accounts thrive?

We can shoot new content on a monthly basis, providing enough Social Media Photography to fill your daily feeds for a period that suits your business. It could be a month, two months… The choice is yours. Your images will be totally unique and individually focused to your own brand or industry specific sector that you operate within. If you’re looking to create an inexpensive portfolio social media photographs, then please reach out today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email and speak with one of team. We’d genuinely love to turn your ideas into awesome photographs.


Grounds Maintenance Business Photography

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography from Blanc Creative

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography


Commercial Stock Photography

Commercial Stock Photography

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography. Blanc Creative Norwich

When you think of Grounds maintenance Photography, it’s not difficult to imagine a wonderful vision of well-tended green spaces and a sense of pride among communities. It shows that the grounds are treated with the care they deserve. Whether it’s parks and gardens,  green areas around historic buildings, libraries, offices, residential homes or school playing fields, Grounds Maintenance make communities happier and healthier places in which to live, work and learn. The Daventry Norse Group Grounds Maintenance division combine the latest technology, the best materials, top quality equipment and well-trained and motivated staff across a diverse range of horticultural facilities. The teams work in areas including: school playing fields, hospital grounds, cemeteries, housing and amenity sites. In addition to the care and upkeep of these areas, the highly skilled gardeners and managers are able to advise customers on opportunities to improve their gardens and grounds.

Why choose Grounds Maintenance Business Photography?

With so much hard work being undertaken by Grounds staff, having professional Grounds Maintenance Business Photography to support and reflect a Professional Maintenance service is incredibly important. Photography can really work for any business, providing creative, colourful imagery that can work as Bespoke Stock Photography, PR Photography, Case Study Imagery and Advertising Material. Generic Stock Photography will serve a purpose, of course, but Bespoke Commercial Photography that highlights you brand, commercial values, professionalism and dynamic staff are just a few reasons why employing a Professional Photography makes financial sense. Bespoke Photography will definitely cost less than high quality Stock Images when you consider how many images you are likely to receive from a professional assignment combined with the fact that you simply won’t or shouldn’t find your own bespoke images across other businesses. We live in an era where consumers are far more considerate of the brands they buy from. Being ‘authentic’ is just one of many reasons for owning your own Business Photography portfolio. The Norse Group is just one example of our client base who actively choose to showcase their full range of business services. Their Grounds Maintenance Business Photography is a diverse sector covering a multitude of environmental services disciplines. People want to buy from and work with people.

Authentic stock imagery in your brand re-enforce a trust for what their business stands for. Businesses understandably use stock imagery to change customer perceptions and generic stock photography purchased online can actually have a negative affect on business. Primarily, it may give a false impression of imagery of your staff at work or false perspectives of the activities behind the scenes. This may invalidate your credibility to future clients as they may perceive you to be hiding the truth about your businesses size or capabilities. There are certain stock images out there that have been so frequently used, that as soon as you land on the website, you will we simply ignore or fail to engage with the business on any level whatsoever. Using bespoke Business portrays a unique value tailored completely to you brand, your services and your values.

Capturing your own Business Photography is a perfect opportunity to increase your brand awareness. As a direct example, the Grounds Maintenance Business Photography case study here, delivers not only company branding, but also highlights the extensive plant and professional maintenance equipment being used by the company. This is significantly more impactful than a generic stock image that you can reverse engineer and find on another 1000 websites.

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography. Blanc Creative Norwich

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography. Blanc Creative Norwich

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography. Blanc Creative Norwich

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography. Blanc Creative Norwich

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography. Blanc Creative Norwich

Grounds Maintenance Business Photography. Blanc Creative Norwich

The Power of Free Stock Images

To give a physical example that relates directly to this article, you can see from the following how quickly the use of generic stock images can water down a brand, especially if an images is attractive. Two years ago,  Blanc Creative uploaded a single concert crowd image to a “FREE” stock photography site as a little experiment to see what kind of reaction it would receive and how many people search for free photographs. WoW! I wish I had a just £1 for every download. 1.8 Million views later it’s been downloaded over 15,600 times and even been used in a FORBES article online. Goes to show just how important originality and bespoke stock photos are for your business if you want to be different and stand out from everybody else.


Bespoke Stock Photography


Bespoke Stock Photography

To find out more about our Commercial Photography and Corporate4 Video Production services, why not call one of team on Tel: 07871 364041 or email