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Property Photography. Interior Design

2020 is already proving to be a fantastic year for property photography. As restrictions slowly lift from the Covid-19 pandemic, the construction industry and building sectors across commercial and residential sectors are fighting back. The property market appears to be booming and with this, comes the need for property photography on those newly developed residential properties. At Blanc Creative we’ve been supplying our professional photography services to clients throughout Norfolk and the UK. Our most recent work has taken us to Suffolk, Northampton, Bury, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Leamington Spa to name just a few. We cover all areas of property photography including;

Norwich Interior Photography


*Construction Photography incorporating building work from the ground up to completion

*Drone filming and aerial Property photography promoting entire construction sites and finished housing estates

*Exterior property photography imagery for advertising, brochures, websites and case studies

*Interior property photography showcasing interior design and lifestyle

*Case studies with new home owners

If you have found us online it may be because you are looking for professional Property Photography. We are sure that our extensive portfolios will reflect Lee Blanchflower and Blanc Creative as a leading commercial photographer. We have provided  worked clients across the UK in not only Property Photography sector, but all aspects of commercial and corporate business. We work with property developers, architects, building companies and interior designers.

Property Photography – Achieve your marketing goals with professional imagery

Whether you are looking for a construction photographer or property photographer, photographer or you need interior photography for your project, we always ensure the highest standard of work is completed. We have an eye for detail and 10 years of experience shooting commercial Photography. Our modern photography combined with the latest digital cameras and post shoot editing software ensures that your photographs are delivered to the highest of standards and suitable for all printed and digital media platforms. You properties will take centre stage, promoting sales and supporting your marketing and advertising goals. We offer competitive rates that offer quality photography at favourable prices.

When marketing any property, poor photography can make this difference between winning and losing a sale. An experienced professional photographer will showcase your property as you would truly wish it to be seen, with exceptional images. Unless you are proficient in high-end photography and post-production skills then it’s best you leave the photography to our team. We live in a digital world where Google is usually the first place we visit and people now search online for properties before even venturing to an estate agent. Great photographs are essential in marketing a house or commercial property and professional property photograph will encourage potential clients through the door. It is likely that you are looking on this page because you are serious or at least starting to think seriously about having professional images taken of your property, so have full confidence that you will be hiring a photographer who’s serious about producing high quality images for you to make sure you heading off on the best direction.

Please take a few moments to view our range of look books where you will find residential photography, industrial photography, construction photography and much more.

To find out more about our range of services, why not call today and speak with our team on 07871 364041 or email

Did you know we also produce videos promoting your property or housing developments

Commercial interior Photography Norfolk

Norwich Interior Photography

Commercial interior Photography Norfolk

Norwich Interior Photography

Commercial interior Photography Norfolk

Norwich Interior Photography

Commercial interior Photography Norfolk

Property Photography Norfolk


Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Kit Review

Norwich Commercial Photography

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

Why choose the Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Lighting kit as your go to potable lighting setup? Well we all know when it comes to lighting equipment, there’s a massive amount of choice on the market with a range of prices to fit every pocket and the whole spectrum of photographers from novice to award winning professional. Choosing what is right for you as a photographer can at first seem a bit overwhelming. Believe me, I know. I trawled the internet and Wex Photography (the showroom in Norwich happens to be literally on my doorstep,) to try and find a solution that would fit my work as a commercial photographer. I’ve done the whole heavy light set-up having owned two pairs of Bowens 500 Gemini R lights for the past ten years. The Bowens didn’t owe me a penny. They were used spectacularly for assignments including professional hairdressing photography, commercial portraits, event photography set-ups and acted as warm constant lighting during video production. But they weighed a tonne. The lights were cumbersome, heavy and were totally oversized for transportation. The lighting stands really weren’t very substantial and the modelling lamps and fuses had a tendency to blow at the most inappropriate of times. They were amazing workhorses, but In July 2017, Bowens went into liquidation after 94 years of business, ultimately succumbing to the market’s growing competition and changes in consumer purchase trends. The ELB 500 TTL weighs 1.7 kg (3.83 lbs) and the battery weighs about 0.73 kg (1.60 lbs). It’s got a very small carry case which means it’s a dream to just throw in the back of the car.

If you’re planning to shoot on location somewhere without mains power, battery powered lights are the most practical means of achieving professional powerful lighting and The Elinchrome ELB 500 TTL is incredibly light and compact. I opted for the dual kit, which comes as standard with two lighting heads.  is the most powerful and portable TTL kit on the market and I was very impressed with both the design and the sheer lightness of the kit. There are different types of quality out there depending upon what you’re looking for — Profoto have an extensive range of superb lights including the B10and  B10 Plus, there’s the Badger and entry level Interfit FLA2002K1 Studio Essentials to name just a few. Elinchrom have a solid reputation for making great lighting and are constantly bringing out new and improved products. The ELB 500 TTL Kit is designed for use both on location and in the studio but does not have a dedicated mains setting in order to power the lights without a battery.

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTLElinchrom ELB 500 TTL


About the Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

This is a very clever piece of kit. Not only does it offer TTL but it also offers HSS. Basically, it will synchronize at super high speeds up to 1/8000s so capturing ultra fast action isn’t go to cause problems. The battery will give You about 400 flashes from one charge dependent on the power output that you’re pushing to the lights. The battery has the active charging, which means you can charge the battery as you shoot. This is awesome if you’re using the lights to shoot event photography on location or any indpoor locations where you have mains power available. It means you can shoot the interior set and still have a afull battery when there’s no charging options and still have a full battery to work with. The ELB 500 TTL features built-in Skyport, Elinchrom’s proprietary wireless system. For photographers already using the Skyport Plus HS Transmitter, there’s a firmware update available to obtain the TTL feature set. There’s also built-in functionality for the Phottix Odin II transmitters. 

The Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL battery pack allows for two separate lights to run off the one power supply. Labelled A and B, the pack can power and control two separate heads at the same time with  independent control of one another, meaning you can fire the lights as you would any mains powered system. The battery pack has an easily navigable menu system with options for black and white background colours and functionality that is clear and very simple to manage. he display gives you complete control over the kit, allowing you to activate and has asymmetrical distribution, meaning you can extend the power range when you’re using a single head.

The ELB 500 TTL enables the unit to act as a slave unit, so it will flash automatically along with other flash units. Triggering with the ELB 500 TTL is 15m is around 10 metres. I really recommend the Skyport Transmitter Pro. It’s reliable, has multiple frequency channels and fully controllable from the top of the camera. The lights will automatically adjust the power based on the metering of the scene and your camera’s settings. And, as the kit has HSS, if your shutter speed is outside the sync speed of your camera the light will automatically detect this and use HSS to maintain the correct exposure levels for the shot. The TTL option will automatically  predict the power to us

Blanc Creative Norwich

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

The kit is reasonably priced but be prepared It’s definitely a great piece of kit but the extras will bump up the cost. The lights will wet you back just shy of £1800, but remember you get no lighting stands, no Skyport Transmitter. Obviously softboxes and light shapers are another very personal and subjective item, so the lights come with mo modifiers. I opted for the Rotalux modifiers but in order to use these, the Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II will also be required. This will push up the overall cost by another £700-£800 for a pair of modifiers and mounts.

For professional use, the Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL series is a compact, easily transportable system with a host of features that are heard to beat for the price.

Paul Weller Concert Photography 2019

Thetford High Lodge Concerts

Concert Photography. Paul Weller performs at High Lodge 2019

2019 marks our six year anniversary shooting Concert Photography for the national and International Press. In 2013, as a huge fan of Paul Weller, I’d almost begged my very good friend and then Picture Editor of Norwich’s Archant Newspaper, Steve Adams, if he would let me shoot the concert. He agreed and so began an affinity of Music Photography that would forever fuel the need to photograph Concert Photography. I’d been operating as a part time photographer and full time Police Sergeant, but the opportunity to combine creative imagery of The Modfather, one of the most influential and legendary British Music Artists of all time, was amazing.

Paul Weller in Concert at Concert at Thetford High Lodge in 2013Concert Photography Norfolk


Fast forward to Concert Photography 2019

I already look back on what is a wonderful career shooting music and a Concert Photography. My portfolio ranges from Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Muse, Taylor Swift and Coldplay to name just a handful of successful artists. I grew up listening to P{aul Weller and there;’s something particularly special about photographing your music heroes. Particulary, when they are playing a real forest. For the sixth consecutive year I was assigned the humbling role as the official Photographer for Forestry England.

 Paul Weller stepped out onto the stage at Thetford High Lodge Friday night at High Lodge in front of 9000 fans on a beautiful midsummer’s night.Weller repaid the loyalty with a gig out of the very top drawer. He and every member of his band were simply magnificent. With a career spanning 42 years, his voice remains amazingly powerful and untainted. Concert Photography at at a Paul Weller concert ids always an enjoyable experience, with great lighting from the first song and Weller took fans on a journey through his years of producing a wide range of superb music from Strange Museum off his first solo album to What You Give Is What You Get, Move On Up and That’s Entertainment from his Jam days.

No Weller Gig would be complete without his guitarist of choice, Steve Cradock. A former member of the rock band Ocean Colour Scene who also plays bass, drums, and keyboards, Steve Cradock has toured with Paul Weller for what seems to have been a lifetime. Cradock joined Weller’s band in 1992, having supported him with Ocean Colour Scene. Cradock has appeared on all studio albums by Weller, playing the guitar and other instruments.

Steve Cradock Guitarist Concert Photography

The crowd was treated to an excellent support act set by Stone Foundation. The R&B band is touring the summer outdoor series with Weller and recorded their latest album in his studio, and he has appeared on several of their tracks. There are clear influences from Weller – especially from his Style Council days – in Stone Foundation’s material and will be well worth seeing when they come to Norwich’s Waterfront in November.

To view more Professional Concert Photography, why not head over to our BIG BLOG Page where you’ll find Concert Photography of many artists including Noel Gallagher, Kasabian and a great article about The Real World of Music Photography

Paul Weller ConcertPaul Weller ConcertPaul Weller Concert PhotographyPaul Weller Concert Photography

Stone FoundationThetford High Lodge ConcertsThetford High Lodge ConcertsPaul Weller ConcertPaul Weller Concert

Business Stock Photography

Bespoke Stock Photography Norfolk



Trawl the internet for Business Stock Photography and there are literally hundreds of stock image libraries and hundreds of thousands of images that can be purchased for your business needs. So what it’s it that we all go on websites and find the same images over and over again. Stock Photography range from completely free photos, all the way through to renowned high-end providers. The problem is that purchasing Business Stock Photography is exactly that, It’s Stock Photography and everybody and their brother or sister is likely to also have it on their websites or Promotional material. To put things into perspective, Eight months ago I submitted the following generic image that I had taken, onto a completely Free Stock Image Platform to see what kind of response I would receive offering the image in a Free Business Stock Photography format. I have to say the results were pretty staggering.

Business Stock Photography

The image has received almost ONE MILLION VIEWS and has been downloaded over 6000 times by people. That’s 6000 potential brochures, webpages, blogs or other digital or printed media platform usage. From a photographers perspective, it’s absolutely great that people think the image is creative enough that they want to download it, but it also demonstrates why individuality in business is so essential when producing marketing and PR material. We already know just how important visuals are to people, so why take your most powerful medium of speaking to people and make it generic? Using stock photos misrepresents what your company stands for and lacks originality every time. If a client sees an image on two or more different websites, the meaning behind the photo becomes redundant, as it creates inconsistency in the photos. How many times do you see Shiny offices with sleek interior design, professional Armani Clad staff portrayed on Stock images only to walk into your client and find an untidy, dark office space with dishevelled, tired looking staff. Stock Photography can be a huge “smoke and mirror’ area for your business. We already know just how important visuals are to people, so why take your most powerful medium of speaking to people and make it generic? Using stock photos misrepresents what your company stands for and lacks originality every time.

Bespoke Stock Photography Norfolk

If you really feel you need to join the masses and download this image for FREE, then head over to our UNSPLASH PAGE and grab a high resolution version. 

So how can a businesses be seen as individual when we use stock images? It can’t! And stock images at the higher end can cost a serious amount of money when compared with creating affordable bespoke Stock Photography for your own business. For example, we worked with a client to produce a set of food based images for an advertising campaign. They had looked at purchasing images for their brochures. A set of three, high resolution Business Stock Photography images showcasing Food Products, with limited time usage, would cost around £1000. For the same cost, we were able to offer a comprehensive pre-shot consultation, on-site photography for a full day and deliver a set of 30 high quality Bespoke Business Stock Photography that can be used across the business without the fear of re-licensing or anybody else using the images for campaigns. The power of bespoke stock imagery simply can’t be under-estimated. It really is so valuable. We all live in a world where the high-resolution phone camera has become part of everyday life. I agree with many people thats smart phones and the editing software that come with them can take amazing photographs. The truth though, it that the parameters of an experienced professional photographer combined with a professional camera and post shoot editing will out way smart phone photography every single time.

At Blanc Creative, we can physically manage photography every aspect of your stock photography shoot, from sourcing models, scouting locations, storyboarding the shoot and art directing. We have a wealth of experience in commercial photography and will work with you to create images that can be utilised across many areas of your company including marketing, promotional, PR and all printed and digital media platforms. To find out more about our full range of services, why not contact our office today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email our team on

Business Stock PhotographyBusiness Stock PhotographyBespoke Stock PhotographyBusiness Stock PhotographyBusiness Stock PhotographyNorwich Commercial Food PhotographerComplete and Utter Brasteds NorwichBusiness Stock PhotographyBusiness Stock PhotographyBusiness Stock PhotographyFood Photography NorwichNorwich Bespoke Stock PhotographyNorwich Commercial Photography - About The TeamNorfolk Tourism PhotographyAdvertising Photography NorwichCommercial Business Photographer in NorwichNorwich Commercial Photography

Business Stock Photography

Commercial Photography Norwich


Grounds Maintenance Commercial Photography – The Norse Group

Commercial Photography – Grounds Maintenance. Norse Group

When you think of Grounds maintenance Commercial Photography, it’s not difficult to imagine a wonderful vision of well-tended green spaces and a sense of pride among communities. It shows that the grounds are treated with the care they deserve. Whether it’s parks and gardens,  green areas around historic buildings, libraries, offices, residential homes or school playing fields, Grounds Maintenance make communities happier and healthier places in which to live, work and learn. The Daventry Norse Group Grounds Maintenance division combine the latest technology, the best materials, top quality equipment and well-trained and motivated staff across a diverse range of horticultural facilities. The teams work in areas including: school playing fields, hospital grounds, cemeteries, housing and amenity sites. In addition to the care and upkeep of these areas, the highly skilled gardeners and managers are able to advise customers on opportunities to improve their gardens and grounds.

Why choose Grounds Maintenance Commercial Photography?

With so much hard work being undertaken by Grounds staff, having professional commercial photography to support and reflect a Professional Maintenance service is incredibly important. Photography can really work for any business, providing creative, colourful imagery that can work as Bespoke Stock Photography, PR Photography, Case Study Imagery and Advertising Material. Generic Stock Photography will serve a purpose, of course, but Bespoke Commercial Photography that highlights you brand, commercial values, professionalism and dynamic staff are just a few reasons why employing a Professional Photography makes financial sense. Bespoke Photography will definitely cost less than high quality Stock Images when you consider how many images you are likely to receive from a professional assignment combined with the fact that you simply won’t or shouldn’t find your own bespoke images across other businesses.
At Blanc Creative, we can physically manage photography every aspect of your commercial photography or stock photography shoot, from sourcing models, scouting locations, storyboarding the shoot and art directing. We have a wealth of experience in commercial photography and will work with you to create images that can be utilised across many areas of your company including marketing, promotional, PR and all printed and digital media platforms. To find out more about our full range of services, why not contact our team today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email
Commercial Photography Ground Maintenance - Blanc CreativeCommercial Photography Ground Maintenance - Blanc CreativeCommercial Photography Ground Maintenance - Blanc CreativeCommercial Photography Ground Maintenance - Blanc CreativeCommercial Photography Ground Maintenance - Blanc CreativeCommercial Photography Ground Maintenance - Blanc CreativeCommercial Photography Ground Maintenance - Blanc CreativeCommercial Photography Ground Maintenance - Blanc Creative

Norwich City Football Team Open Training Session

Norwich City Football Team Press Photography

Norwich City Football Team Hold Open Training Session.

Norwich City Football Team held a very special Event with a chance for Norwich City supporters to get a good look at Daniel Farke’s 2019 squad at Carrow Road. As Premier League preparations picked up pace over 500 Canaries fans attended an open day, watching the Championship winners go through their training routines in the sunshine, despite a few rumbles of thunder rolling around the summer skies. Norwich City Football Team were getting ready for their fifth pre-season friendly, away to Championship new boys Luton at Kenilworth Road on Saturday There were encouraging signs for star striker Teemu Pukki, who took part despite being rested for Wednesday’s 3-1 defeat to Brentford at Colney with a slight toe issue. New boys Patrick Roberts and Ralf Fahrmann were among the players on show, with some supporters taking the chance to get selfies and autographs with the players.

The Club’s preparations for the new season began with the  City touring of Germany between July 12-20. Daniel Farke’s men returned back to UK soil for four fixtures before the Premier League commenced, beginning with a behind-closed-doors match against Brentford and he Norwich City Football Team set off the season with great form and a legendary win against Manchester City. Daniel Farke had an injury plagued squad to select from and despite Manchester City dominating the opening exchanges, City sought to impose themselves onto the game, with a prolonged spell of possession culminating in a 3-2 victory against all the odds.

Apart from the seismic home win over champions Manchester City, Norwich’s return to the Premier League has largely been a difficult one.

Unfortunately, latter from has not been quite so impressive. The Norwich City Football Team have lost all four away league matches this season, culminating in a disastrous 5-1 defeat at Carrow Road today against Aston Villa, who had not earned a Premier League away win in 21 matches – a run going back to August 2015.

Norwich currently sit in the relegation zone Norwich and are predicted to concede more goals than any Premier League team this season. If the defeats continue, City will become the most relegated team ever from the Premier League, a title that they really could do without.

At Blanc Creative, we’ve been delivering striking editorial photography many years and our work has been publicised internationally in numerous magazines, newspapers and used across TV Stations to accompany news stories globally.  We cover, PR assignments, press photo-calls, Music Events, Concerts, Festivals and product launches o name just a few genres.

If your business or publication requires editorial or general commercial photography, then why not call our office today on Mob: 07871 374041 or email

Norwich City Football Team

Premier League Photography NCFC Norwich City Football TeamNorwich City Football TeamPremier League Photography NCFCNorwich City Football TeamPremier League Photography NCFCPremier League Photography NCFCTeemu Pukki NCFCPremier League Photography NCFCPremier League Photography NCFCDaniel Farke NCFC Press PhotographyPremier League Photography NCFCDaniel Farke NCFC Press PhotographyDaniel Farke NCFC Press PhotographyPremier League Photography NCFCPremier League Photography NCFCPremier League Photography NCFCPremier League Photography NCFCPremier League Photography NCFCNorwich City Football Team Press PhotographyTeemu Pukki NCFCNorwich City Football Team Press PhotographyNorwich City Football Team Press Photography




Commercial Portrait Photography

Norwich Business Photography

Commercial Portrait Photography

Commercial Portrait Photography allows you to tell a story and convey more about your business, your staff and what you do. Commercial Portrait Photography can be undertaken in a studio, but capturing staff in their natural woking environment opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities and showcases far more about your business than a plain background ever will. Shooting Commercial portrait in a typical environment also helps staff to relax.  Familiarity lends itself to putting your subject at ease and this is a huge factor in producing natural portraits. To coincide with a re-branding project, we’ve once again been working in the Norfolk Tourism Sector with one of our regular clients, The Bure Valley Railway.

Bure Valley Railway is a major tourist attraction within Norfolk and welcomes over 100,000 visitors a year. With a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers the railway operates on a not for profit basis. Husband and wife team, Andrew and Susan, head up the management team. Andrew’s love of railways from a little boy drew him to Norfolk and he became involved in the railway as a volunteer in its infancy and subsequently gave up his job in London a few years ago to work at the railway full-time. The Railway is built on the trackbed of the former Great Eastern Railway between Wroxham and Aylsham. Originally opened in 1880 the line survived for passenger traffic until 1952, eleven years before the infamous Beeching Report! The line did, however, survive for the purpose of carrying freight, a role it performed until the line was formally closed by British Rail in 1982. Norfolk County Council had an enlightened policy of safeguarding closed railway routes for use as footpaths. Through a partnership between local government and the private sector a narrow gauge line was built between Aylsham and Wroxham, with a nine mile long footpath running alongside.  It is Norfolk’s longest narrow gauge railway which runs between the historic market town of Aylsham and bustling town of Wroxham, at the heart of the Norfolk Broads. The 18 mile round trip runs through the pretty Bure Valley countryside following the meandering River Bure through meadowland and ancient pasture. Along the line are wayside halts serving the picturesque Broadland villages of Brampton, Buxton and Coltishall where you can hop off and explore by foot. Hop back on and continue your journey by train by waiving down the driver to stop.

Bure Valley Railway Commercial Portrait Photography

Shooting Commercial Portrait Photography in the heart of a steam based environment opened up some fantastic opportunities. Set against a background of engineering workshops, oil, grease and steam, we captured daily routines and passionate individuals who together, are responsible for the day to day running of the nostalgic railway. Shooting with predominantly natural light really is hard to beat. Creating ‘modern’ looking Commercial Portrait Photography is a case of working with the best lighting and backgrounds and making the most of having an eye for detail and composition. Working with a nice flat light was also really beneficial, reducing harsh shadows and the chances of over exposed highlights. The chances to work with a Northern light canproduce an almost  softbox look creating a soft, flattering light which fits just perfectly  for modern looking portraits. There is a reason why many artists have their  studios purposely facing the north.

If you think your business could benefit from professional Commercial Portrait Photography, then please reach out to our team today and call our office on Mob: 07871 364041 or email


Commercial Portrait Photography

Commercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyAdvertising Photographer NorfolkCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyNorwich Business PhotographyNorwich Business PhotographyCommercial Portrait PhotographyCommercial Portrait Photography NorfolkCommercial Portrait Photography Norfolk

Staff Photography – GCB Recruitment Agency

Staff Photography - GCB Recruitment

Staff Photography – GCB Recruitment Agency

The importance of professional Staff Photography simply can’t be underestimated. Whether its’ for general Social Media, the Linkedin Business Platform or a personal profile page on a website, good quality Staff Photography is essential.  Staff Photography can cover a wide range of styles from Formal Business Photography, Work Based imagery, Corporate Headshots or Relaxed Portraits. It’s always great to avoid overly contrived images, because the results will undoubtedly appear unnatural and  will not reflect your personality. Images need to be engaging and show a friendly, trustworthy appearance. If you have a number of staff or a business that has any kind of regular staff turnover, then one key element is consistency. Staff Photography should remain consistent across a business. We’ve all seen ‘Meet the Team’ Web Pages with multiple staff images where one person has a photograph taken on a smart phone that stands out on the page for all the wrong reasons. Consistency is the key. Images should be delivered in a format that is completely portable across all printed and digital media platforms which increases the return on investing in professional Photography. The philosophy at GCB Recruitment is one where they believe that business thrives on ownership. Each staff member is given both the responsibility and the creativity to generate results. Freedom of expression is vital within a personality-centric industry and GCB Staff photography is the starting point in this process. Genuine personal investment from GCB Team members starts as soon as clients land on the ‘GCB Recruitment Meet the Team’Page. I’ve been photographing Staff Photography for almost a decade and we have been working regularly with one of the regions Premier Recruitment Agencies.

Management Photography NorfolkGareth Broom – Managing  Director GCB Recruitment

GCB Recruitment. Founded in 2010 by Gareth Broom, a former estate agency manager, who was left frustrated throughout his career by the lack of quality, effectiveness and reliability of recruitment companies that he’d used. Gareth found that recruitment agencies didn’t understand what he was looking for or just didn’t seem to care. After working in recruitment, he identified a gap in the market for a specialist property recruitment company that actually knew what was required to succeed and would be able to supply the quality staff, no matter what their size or budget. Gareth places a high value on his own personnel and insists on investing in professional staff photography. Not everybody enjoys being in front of the lens so we never shoot imagery with a clock running. It may take a few minutes photographing an individual before they relax, so staff photography assignments requires reassuring communications and an approach where the subject poses in positions that they would normally adopt. There is nothing worse than placing a subject into awkward situations that are out of character.

If your business would benefit from professional Staff Photography, we would love to hear from you. Why not call our office on Mob: 07871 364041 or email

Personnel Photography NorfolkHeadshot Photography for BuisnessManagement Photography NorfolkHeadshot Photography for BuisnessHeadshot Photography for BuisnesssHeadshot Photography for BuisnessHeadshot Photography for BuisnessHeadshot Photography for BuisnessHeadshot Photography for BuisnessNorfolk Staff PhotographyStaff Photography - GCB Recruitment

Norfolk Property Photography

Norfolk Property Photography

Norfolk Property Photography

Norfolk Property photography can cover a wide range of genres from residential homes to commercial properties, corporate offices and industrial property. We recently shot a set of  modern images of a Norwich based property that had undergone an extensive renovation. The Norfolk Property Photography would be used across digital and printed media platforms and as marketing material as the house was placed on the market for sale.

We live in a society where search engines are the go to place for properties before we even consider walking into estate agents. 92% of potential buyers will use the Internet during their home search. This single statistic is enough to realise the importance of internet in today’s buying decisions. For property sellers, this goes on to explain why great property photography is so imperative. Things are now online and to understand how an online buyer goes about things, you have to get in their shoes. There is a huge gap in the Norfolk Property photography market, from businesses showcasing properties from iphoneography to Medium Format images. Professional photographs are becoming an essential tool for serious marketing whether it’s rental properties, Air b and b or residential property sales. People are naturally drawn to clean photographs and properties that are dressed ready for sale. Great Norfolk Property photography  photograph should naturally encourage people through your door, where poor imagery is likely to detract potential buyers.

We’ve been delivering Property Photography for many years and have a wealth of experience shooting residential and construction based imagery. We also offer a licensed Drone Service capturing aerial property photography and aerial film of your property in stunning high definition film. We have worked with a wide range of construction industry, Building companies and estate agent clients including Morgan Sindall, Norse Group, Orbit Group & Spicer Haart.

Please feel free to call our office on Mob: 07871 364041 or email for further details.



Norfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyNorfolk Property PhotographyEstate Agent Photography NorwichEstate Agent Photography NorwichEstate Agent Photography NorwichNorfolk Property PhotographyInterior Photography NorwichInterior Photography NorwichInterior Photography NorwichInterior Photography NorwichNorfolk Interior PhotographyNorfolk Interior Photography





Professional Headshot Portraits

Professional Headshot Portraits

Professional Headshot Portraits

I’ve recently returned to London to Photograph a new set of Professional Headshot Portraits for one of my International Clients, Artorius Wealth Management , a group of internationally based financial professionals. I’ve had the pleasure of working with their personnel and senior management for around two years across offices in Manchester, London and Zurich. One of the key requirements for Artorius is achieving modern, natural looking images, with a clean, uncluttered style. It was important that I produced dynamic, natural, Professional Headshot Portraits to re-enforce not only the corporate environment, but images that would reflect the personalities of each individual member of the Team.

Each office was situated in a very different geographical location, with the London Office situated in an 18th-century garden square in the Marylebone area in London, a short distance from Oxford Street. It is one of the smaller but best preserved squares in central London and made for the perfect backdrop to capture external portrait images as well as board-room based Professional Headshot Portraits.

Why Do You Need Professional Headshot Portraits

Professional Headshot Portraits are a super way to really stand out from your competitors in a crowded marketplace. Taking yourself and your team seriously will undoubtedly be at the forefront of your business and brand, but many businesses fall short when it comes down to Business Headshot Photography. It makes sense that the quality of leadership and professionalism is reflected in headshot portraits, but more and more, we see inferior quality images, selfies and smartphone photography forming a basis for management and team photography. We have literally been shooting professional headshot photography, commercial portraits and Team PR imagery for almost a decade and we have a diverse portfolio to reflect the many different approaches we take this important area of business photography. Shooting in a studio, natural work environment or on key location are all options available to clients. We take a relaxed, engaging approach to our business headshot photography. After all, not everybody loves to stand in front of the camera and people can find the whole process a little daunting. Business headshot Photography is used for a multitude of purposes and forms part of your own personal brand, particularly if your business is independent or if your brand, is yourself. First impressions are invaluable and it’s always reassuring that you can visualise the person at the end of the telephone or before your first meeting. There’s nothing worse than seeing an inappropriate profile image.

To view more of our Headshot Photography, please Click Here;

Please don’t hesitate to call me on Mob: 07871 364041 or email for a free quotation for Professional Headshots.

Professional Headshot PortraitsProfessional Headshot PortraitsProfessional Headshot PortraitsProfessional Headshot PortraitsProfessional Headshot PortraitsHeadshot Photography NorwichHeadshot Photography NorwichHeadshot Photography NorwichHeadshot Photography NorwichHeadshot Photography NorwichNorfolk Portrait PhotographyProfessional Headshot PortraitsNorfolk Portrait PhotographyProfessional Headshot PortraitsNorfolk Portrait PhotographyProfessional Headshot PortraitsProfessional Headshot PortraitsProfessional Headshot Portraits