Can you find High Quality Advertising Photography for £100. What’s the Catch?

Commercial Photographer Norwich

Great Advertising Photography can make a huge amount of difference when deciding on a marketing campaign. Imagery can literally make or break your advertising so making the right decision about who you use to produce your photography can have a huge effect on your campaign. There are few questions that need to be answered about this subject?

Why use a Professional Photographer to produce Commercial Imagery for your business?

Can you actually get professional Advertising Photography for £100? 

Affordable Commercial photography in Norwich Business Photography Norwich from Blanc Creative

Business Photography Norwich from Blanc Creative

Affordable Advertising Photography by Blanc Creative Norwich

Commercial Business Photographer in NorwichCommercial Business Photographer in Norwich

Affordable Advertising Photography by Blanc Creative Norwich

Commercial Business Photographer in Norwich

Affordable Advertising Photography by Blanc Creative Norwich

Affordable Advertising Photography by Blanc Creative Norwich

Professional Business Photography Norfolk - Lee Blanchflower Limited

The Rise in Advertising Photography!

Social Media has never been so popular. New platforms are literally being developed by the day and almost half a million Images a day land on the pages of Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Snapchat and Pinterest. People interact with Advertising Photography. You only need to ask yourself… How many times will you actually engage with a story on a website where it’s not accompanied by a photograph. I imagine the answer is ‘Hardly Ever.’  Advertising Photography used on many Big News Websites use a combination of seductive photography to draw in readers to stories that often don’t even reflect anything about the content on the story they are posting. It just goes to shows the power that good Advertising Photography can bring to your business. don’t even use imagery  are you With everyone snap happy with their cameras on their phones more and more pictures are viewed and all of a sudden everyone claims to be a professional photographer but both you and our photographers at Marked Perception know this is not the case.

Great Visual Content Will Work for Your Business.

Rather than relying on generic stock photos for your Advertising Photography, the smartest businesses are looking to photographers who can shoot high quality Advertsing Photographs. People can see Stock Photographs that are more often than not used across numerous sites. Business will often search for popular, trending stock photographs because they want something that’s current, but this usually ends up in carbon copy websites with non specific images that are not reflective of your own business. Advertsing Photography will help businesses evolve their brand and tell a visual story of who they are. Marketing is all about communicating your values. The use of commercial photography is an excellent opportunity to create a solid call to action or message for your business that makes you unique.

Why use a Commercial Photographer to go visual?

You have a great image bank of inspiration right in front of you, but a photographer who works solely in the Commercial Industry will have an eye for composition, will pick out details that many inexperienced hobbyists will miss and be able to work quickly and effectively to maximise your product or service, essentially saving you money. It’s all about experience and no amount of automated Iphone Photography or Smart Phone imagery is going to look like professional Advertising Photography, especially if you need to have the images printed onto any business branding or documents. People look for emotional value and they make buying decisions based on their instinct. Your business content does not have to revolve solely around text. Build in copy spaces around your imagery. A text and image mixed media post is extremely useful and if you take it to the next level, Video Content has exploded into the Business World, But that’s another Blog Post. Advertising Photography and other visual materials should be the goto source so using a professional photographer will land you a bank of useable images that you can populate your e-mails, website and marketing material and help engagement and click-throughs.

Commercial Business Photographer in Norwich

Professional Business Photography Norfolk - Lee Blanchflower Limited

Affordable Advertising Photography by Blanc Creative Norwich Affordable Advertising Photography by Blanc Creative Norwich

Business Photography Norwich from Blanc Creative

Professional Business Photography Norfolk - Lee Blanchflower Limited

Advertising Photography Norwich

Affordable Advertising Photography by Blanc Creative Norwich

Commercial Business Photographer in Norwich

Advertising Photography Norwich


Professional Business Photography Norfolk - Lee Blanchflower Limited

Advertising Photography Norwich

Commercial Photography for £100 – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Affordable Commercial photography in Norwich

If you would like to know more about our Advertising Photography services and would also like to take advantage of our fantastic Introductory Offer for New Clients, then why not take a look at our extensive Professional Photography Portfolio  speak with our team  on 07871 364041 or email the office


Business Portrait Photography Norwich. Modern headshot portraits

Headshot Portraits

Business portrait photography for Norse Group. Modern headshot portraits for a progressive business

Headshot Portraits

A recent commercial video assignment saw the opportunity for our team to capture a small set of professional images for the HR Manager of  NORSE Group in Norwich. Working around a tight filming schedule, were were able to capture imagery that would be valuable across a multitude of  Press Releases, PR, Official business publications and a range of Social Media Platforms.  At Blanc Creative, we are a Norwich Photography company working across a wide range of commercial sectors. We work only in the commercial sector spanning the length and width of the UK and have been providing relaxed, natural headshot portraits for over ten years. Business Portrait Photography has never been so important in the digital age. High quality images are now a cornerstone in marketing for the majority of businesses that enable, suppliers, clients, colleagues and new business partners to place a visual image of the person they will be communicating with or working alongside. Over the past few years, there has been a huge step away from studio based headshot portraits shot against plain, unflattering backgrounds and a steer towards environmental business portrait photography shot at a subjects place, somewhere relevant to the business or attractive locations that compliment the subject being photographed.

business portrait photography

business portrait photography

business portrait photography


A strong portrait will naturally portray professionalism. Looking professional, instantly increases profile. Potential clients, investors or future  partners that don’t know you will be more likely to engage with an approachable looking, professional business person. First impressions have never been so important.  Well-shot Business Portrait photography showcases personality. Choosing your expression match your personality is the key to creating genuine, natural headshot portraits. The message you send through your photographs will remind business contacts who you are and can be really helpful in breaking the ice on a first meeting simply by relieving. the need to guess who are person is that they are speaking with for example at a large meeting or event.  Up to date business images work a number of ways. They allows people to the chance to see how you look today. A ten year old profile image on a corporate website has the ability to throw people and cause an  immediate disconnect.

Why choose Blanc Creative for your Headshot Portraits and Business Portrait Photography?

At Blanc Creative our philosophy is pretty simple. We are a genuine bunch who love producing commercial photography, outdoor portraits and great promo films for the small and large companies at really competitive prices! You’ll see we work across a diverse genre, but everything we shoot is for business. Why? Because it’s ‘been our ‘thing’ for over ten years and we like to think we’re now pretty good at what we do. It doesn’t matter what size of company you own. We have our feet firmly on the ground and working alongside new start-ups, sole traders and local independent companies is just as important as the international or household names we work with. Our website has been built so that you can easily access portfolios for literally every  conceivable type of business photography we’ve shot.  We3’ve dedicated a page to Headshot Portraits After all, our website is our virtual shop window and we’re proud to have worked with so many wonderful clients. From the one person independent trader through to multi million pound businesses, show stopping celebrities and members of the Royal Family, we haver a portfolio to shout about our work. Head over to our Blog Page and you will soon see we’re  bursting with case studies and Norwich Commercial Video Showreels. Please dig around as much as you like and if you think we can help take your brand or services to the next level with natural headshot portraits and business portrait photography then please, reach out to our team today. We’d love to hear from you! Mob: 07871 364041 or email:

Event Photography – EDP Bride Wedding Shows

Professional Event Photography for Bride: Wedding Shows

Commercial Event Photography Norwich

Held at a multitude of UK locations throughout the year, Bride: The Wedding Shows, we’ve been producing Editorial Photography and Event Photography for the Show organisers, Archant Press, for the past three years. The concept of shooting Editorial Photography at public show is to capture the whole event.  PR Photography elements need to reflect the huge crowds that attend along with capturing exhibitors, customer interaction, products and the all important venues where the Shows take place.

Corporate Event Photography Norwich

Commercial Photographer Norfolk

Commercial Event Photography Norwich

Norfolk Editorial Photography

Norfolk Editorial Photography

Norfolk Editorial Photography

Norwich Wedding Shows

Norwich Wedding Shows Press Photography Norwich

Press Photography Norwich

Press Photography Norwich

Press Photography Norwich

Norwich Wedding ShowsNorwich Wedding Shows
Wedding Show Photography Norfolk

Wedding Show Photography Norfolk

Norwich Commercial photography Services Wedding Show Photography NorfolkNorwich Commercial photography Services

Norwich Commercial photography ServicesNorwich Commercial photography Services

Editorial Photography Norwich

Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer

Norfolk Event Photographer

Editorial Photography NorwichEditorial Photography Norwich

Editorial Photography Norwich

About Bride – The Wedding Shows

The Wedding Shows have been delivering super professional, well organised wedding shows across the UK. Featuring both large-scale two-day shows and smaller one-day events for a number of years and have built a solid reputation for quality shows. Exhibitors from every possible area of the wedding industry Comprising of professionally constructed stands and beautiful décor, each two-day Bride: The Wedding Show venues are transformed to make the whole wedding show experience a memorable one. Visitors can find an array of local suppliers, glean expert advice and find all the inspiration you need to bring a wedding vision to life – all under one roof. Visitors enjoy an unforgettable programme of entertainment which includes show-stopping performances from musical acts that will whet your appetite for your wedding reception.

Commercial Photographer Norfolk

Norfolk Showground Video 2017

We offer a whole host of professional services that extends beyond Event Photography and all the way to Commercial Video Production and Professional, Licensed Drone Filming. Each year, Bride: The Wedding Show assigns our team to document the Biggest Show of the Year at The Norfolk Showground with a Video Production including with highligts from the spectacular Bride: The Wedding Shows, Catwalk Fashion Show.


Situated in the centre of Norwich and covering assignments throughout the UK, the Lee Blanchflower Ltd creative team deliver high quality commercial photographs, corporate film production & licensed drone footage to a really diverse range of businesses. After seven years of hard work in the industry trading as  Blanc Creative, we thought it was about time that we made things a little more transparent across our business and as a result, Lee Blanchflower Ltd was born. We have to say that our attention to detail and epic customer service hasn’t changed, nor has our client base. We work solely in the commercial sector with sole traders, start-ups, established businesses, Advertising Agencies & International Press covering everything from PR, Editorial work, Film Production and Licensed Drone operations.  What you won’t find, are wedding photographs, pet photography or family portraits.  We seriously pride ourselves as being “people’ people and our unique selling point is transparency. Our favourable pricing structures are visible for every one of our services, so you won’t find  any nasty surprises once you’ve decided to book an assignment.

EDP Bride Show, Norfolk Showground, Norwich 2017 from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

Construction Photography – Morgan Sindall Essex

Industrial Photography Norwich

Groundbreaking Construction Photography from Blanc Creative

Blanc Creative Photography Professional

Norfolk Commercial Building Photography

We recently undertook our latest Construction Photography assignment with Morgan Sindall Construction on an exciting new project in Essex. We documented a ground-breaking ceremony that heralded the start of the building of a brand new primary school for Stansted Mountfitchet village.  Shooting  construction photography on a busy industrial building site meant that we could not consider the use of outdoor external flash units, so naturally lit images with a minimum of fill-in on camera flash were used to create a realistic feel to the images as the use of artificial lighting can often be very noticeable. We also took into consideration that time was of the essence shooting across three separate locations to a very specific time scale.

Parents, pupils, staff and dignitaries gathered at the site of the new Magna Carta Primary Academy to celebrate the start of construction where work is now under way on a purpose-built school building which is due to open in September 2018, initially as an infant school with three year groups. Fran Richards, Stansted Parish Council vice chairman, and Councillor John Aldridge and Councillor Ray Gooding from Essex County Council were on hand to break the first ground for the new school.

After an official ceremony in the existing infant school, Pupils in Reception and Year 1 – the only children who attend the school so far – took the opportunity to visit the site and see how the building work was developing. Children were able to view the diggers in action and watch the crane lifting materials to make the frame of the school.

Work is now well under way on a purpose-built school building which is due to open in September 2018, initially as an infant school with three year groups.

Norwich Commercial Photographer

Morgan Sindall Commercial Construction

PR Photography services Norwich by Blanc Creative

PR Photography Norwich - Blanc Creative

Commercial Photography Norwich from Lee Blanchflower Limited

Architecture Photography in Norwich

Industrial Photography Norwich

Construction Photography

Groundbreaking Construction Photography

Lee Blanchflower Professional Photography

Blanc Creative Photography Professional

Event Photography Norfolk

Construction Photography across the UK from Lee Blanchflower

We want to be completely clear about how we work, so hopefully we can reassure you about the smaller details that make up our Construction Photography rates. We love to work across the whole of the UK, but ethically, we don’t think it’s fair that you should pay considerably more for our services because you happen to run your business in a different area to Norwich. That’s why our assignment rates are standard across the board, whether we work in London, Manchester or anywhere else in the UK. To keep things simple and totally transparentthis is how we structure our assignment rates;

Travel – If your assignment falls outside of a 50 mile distance, we would invoice expenses for the entire journey to and from our assignment. This would be charged at 50p per mile, so if we’re working in London and the total journey is 200 miles, we’d add £100 to the invoice. This literally covers our fuel costs and a minimal element towards the 4-5 hours of travel time. What we wouldn’t do, is double the assignment price just because it’s an area of the country where people would generally expect to pay inflated costs for services. That just doesn’t sit right with our ethics. We offer competitive rates and in return, you’ll receive a great days Construction Photography and a professional service from our team.  The only additional expenses or “Extras” would be for car parking, tolls or overnight expenses in the event of shooting over multiple days.

Image Editing – All of our Construction Photography packages have editing built in as standard. As great as we are at photography, we’d never dream of sending out images straight from camera without some form of post production work. The amount of editing we’ve added to our package pricing is based on our experience of how long it would ‘normally take’ to edit generic images. There will always be exceptions to those rules. Let’s say we were shooting competition hairdressing imagery or high fashion magazine material that required specialist retouching, then the editing process is likely to take quite a lot longer. If this is the case, we would advise you well before we commence the shoot with a realistic expectation of the additional costs. More importantly, we would identify why we think the specialist editing would be a good idea. You’ll always receive a quote for extra editing in writing and we wouldn’t add this on just to make some extra money. That’s not how we work at Lee Blanchflower Limited. For further information about how we can help your business with great construction photograph or PR Photography, please contact one of our Team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email 


Flying Drones Commercially (paid work) in the UK

Are You Breaking the Law Flying Drones Commercially?

Flying Drones Commercially

Flying Drones commercially… It’s always a hot subject in the Drone World as more and more recreational flyers take to the skies blatantly flaunting the law. It’s a subject that actually infuriates many licensed Drone Operators who are Flying Drones commercially for a living! Licensed Drone are required to prove competency before being allowed to Fly Drones Commercially but there is a growing culture within the industry where unqualified, uninsured Drone Pilots without a permission for commercial operation are working in a commercial capacity for clients.

The law is very clear in the UK that if you wish to provide (Any work that is paid) in the UK, you are legally required to have a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfFO). These are granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). People have historically tried to work around the law and I’ve personally had unqualified Drone Pilots say to me;

“I don’t receive any pay for the work. I’m shooting photographs and the Drone work isn’t charged so it’s not commercial and I don’t need a license. “

This scenario simply does not work anymore and if a reportable incident occurs, then there’s a good chance of a prosecution following. Other examples include businesses that use their own unqualified staff Flying Drones Commercially for them. If an employer pay their staff a wage, then any work undertaken within their role is classed as commercial because the employee is being paid to Fly Drones Commercially.b

Flying Drones Commercially

Norfolk Drone Services

Aerial Drone Photography NorfolkCommercial Photographer Norwich

Norwich Drone Filming

Drone Photography Norwich

Commercial Drones Norfolk

What are the Requirements for Flying Drones Commercially (for paid work) in the UK?

The basic process in obtaining the permission For Commercial Operation is that you will be required to prove you are safe and professional in the air. This is achieved through a set of Theory & Practical based exams along with evidence of regular, competent flying;

Ground Exam – Knowledge of air law will be evidenced through a written exam. Candidates are required to attend a two to three day Ground Exam course. Two weeks pre-reading material followed by a classroom based course with a multiple choice exam to follow.

Operations Manual – You will need to prepare a business specific Operations Manual. This sets out how you will operate your drone safely when Flying Drones Commercially. Your operations manual contains the procedures you will use when flying your drone including on your flight test. The Operations Manual is not generic. Every business will operate in a differently, but the principles set within the manual will determine how you team prepares and executes any commercial operation. Your operation manual will form part of your application to the CAA for your Permission for Commercial Operations. These documents are scrutinised by the CAA when applying for a PFCO and it is not uncommon for Applications to be rejected subject to re-submission if Manuals do not contain up to date legislation or unacceptable procedures.

Flight Test – The flighttest ins the final step before you receive your Permission for Commercial Operation. Once you Operations Manual is complete you will need to take out some type of insurance for your drone. Some insurance companies provide Flight Test Insurance but do not confuse this with Commercial Drone Insurance (this will be explained shortly.) Once you flight test is booked, you will be required to prepare a full risk assessment based on the flight co-ordinates given to you by your Examiner. The flight test is undertaken in the same manner that you would operate Flying Drones Commercially for a client. Your examiner will observe all aspects of the flight from arrival, equpment set-up, safety considerations, on site risk assessment and a number of flight scenarios. You will be required to operate as per your operation manual.

Upon successful completion of your flight test, you will be issued with Certificate that will need to be forwarded along with your License Fees, Operations Manual, Insurance Documents, Public Liability and Flight records to show that you have flown enough hours prior to apply for a Permission for Commercial Operation. Once you receive your PFCO, you can legally start Flying Drones Commercially for paid work. It’s that simple.

Flying Drones Commercially – Reporting Drone Misuse

The Civil Aviation Authority has recently changed to try and better reflect the balance of capabilities between the CAA and local Police services. Whilst The Police often have greater resources, response times and powers of investigation than the CAA, there is often a noticeable gap in the knowledge surrounding the legislation.  The CAA has now agreed with the Police, in a signed Memorandum of Understanding that the Police will take the lead in dealing with drone misuse incidents, particularly at public events, that may contravene aviation safety legislation or other relevant criminal legislation. The CAA’s remit is limited to safety and does not include concerns over privacy or broadcast rights.


Commercial Photography and Video Production simply doesn’t have to be shot from the ground. We are fully licensed with a ‘PFCO’ from the Civil Aviation Authority. In plain terms, it means that we’ve passed the necessary exams to qualify for a ‘Permission for Commercial Operation’ and we legally fly Drones in the UK for commercial purposes. We have an experienced Flight Team that offer fabulous Drone Footage, Aerial Still Photography and 3D Mapping to name just a few of our services. We would love to talk with you today about using Drones to help raise your business profile. Why not give our office a call on Mob: 07871 364041 to discuss your great ideas with one of our staff. If you’d prefer to email, we can be contacted at

Archant EDP Wedding Show

Press Photography Norwich

Archant EDP Wedding Show

For the past two years, Blanc Creative been covering Press Photography for Archant Norwich and the EDP Wedding Show across Norfolk & Suffolk, with the main event as always, being The annual event, held at the Norfolk Showground in Norwich. We couldn’t have wanted a better way to showcase our press photography and Norfolk Video Production as literally thousands of brides, grooms and their families made it to Bride, The Wedding Show. Blanc Creative are an exciting, modern thinking business that offer a wide range of Norfolk Video Production Services. We can assist you with everything from conceptual ideas to storyboarding, helping you to transform your ideas into a completed project.


Thousands of excited bride and grooms-to-be were at the Norfolk Showground today, as a two-day wedding spectacular continues. The Show, now in its sixth year, had more than 150 exhibitors offer guidance to soon-to-be newlyweds in need of a little help turning their dreams into reality. The show, which is sponsored by Alba Rose diamonds, was awash with stalls, shows and a champagne bar to keep guests happy. By Saturday morning the show was already off to a lively start, with over 1,000 visitors queuing in the cold and through the doors by 12pm. Laura Honey, 33, of Newmarket, came to the show with her sister ahead of her wedding this June.  She said:

“We’ve got quite a lot of it planned already but I couldn’t resist coming along. It’s a really big wedding show – there’s so much here. We’ve had so much fun and really enjoyed the fashion show.”

Lively catwalk shows, were playing to full houses four times a day, display the latest in bridal fashion for all members of the family. EDP Wedding Show manager Diana Sims said that the event was on the “scale of a national show” and that visitors attended from as far as Essex. This year, two lucky couples won their dream wedding, as they walked away with £25,000 worth of wedding goodies in a one-of-a-kind competition. Dresses, a marquee, accessories, transport, photographers and even hen and stag parties were all be up for grabs in the giveaway.


EDP Wedding Show Norwich

EDP Wedding Show Norwich

EDP Wedding Show Norwich

EDP Wedding Show Norwich

EDP Wedding Show Video Production fromBlanc Creative

To read more about the spectacular Archant Bride Show and to view our extensive gallery of professional press images, please visit the Blanc Creative Portfolio Hub or simply Click in this Box.

Newlyweds-to-be flock to the Norfolk Showground for biggest EDP Wedding Show …

We’ve had so much fun and really enjoyed the fashion show.” Lively catwalk shows, held four times a day, will display the latest in bridal fashion for all members of the family. EDP Wedding Show manager Diana Sims said that the event was on the “scale



Photo Gallery and Video: Organisers hail EDP Wedding Show 2014 an

‘amazing …

The EDP Wedding Show at the Norfolk Showground. Bride-to-be, Claire Holden and her mum Carol. Picture: Denise Bradley. Miss Melanson said much of her big day was already mapped out, but some big decisions remained and the show had helped her …

Norwich Photography – NORSE Group Groundworks

NORSE Grounds – Norwich Photography

Norwich Photography

Blanc Creative has been working with Norse, through its PR and Marketing consultancy Hydrogen Publicity, since early 2013 on projects ranging from attention-grabbing PR shots, perfectly lit and styled catering and food images and comprehensive event coverage, through to imaginative print-work photography, dynamic personnel cameos and inspired photographic interpretations of the client’s services.

One specific element of the Norwich Photography businesses work with NORSE is the companies Ground Division. 

Norwich Photography

Norwich Photography

Norwich Photography

Norwich Photography

Norwich Photography

As a leading commercial business providing Norwich Photography to a national company, the importance of client relationship is paramount in developing creative imagery and a long term working partnership where a photographer can work without having to be art directed on location.  Blanc Creative are extremely humbled that Nick Harden, PR Director Hydrogen Publicity said of Blanc:

“Lee is one of the most original commercial photographers we’ve worked with in terms of achieving the most from locations, people and props.  He adheres to brief but blends in his own unique vision to achieve stunning, often from our point of view unexpected, results that perfectly compliment or define the marketing objective. To us, Lee is not just another top-class photographer; his commitment to perfection means that he works with us in creative partnership, sharing our goals and understanding our client’s ethos.”

To view extensive Norwich Photography Ground Work Galleries, why not head over to the Blanc Creative Portfolio Pages

Airdog Drone – GoPro Quadcopter


Blanc Creative saw Airdog and simply thought this is awesome and could not resist backing the project. Blanc Creative are extremely pleased to be adding this awesome piece of technology to their growing list of video production equipment. The first international shipment of Airdog will include a Blanc Creative unit when Airdog literally launches at the end of 2014.

AirDog is a small, agile, foldable quadcopter, especially designed for filmmakers and action sports enthusiasts who use GoPro cameras.

Blanc Creative Video Production Norwich

Like its canine namesake, AirDog automatically follows you wherever you go, whatever you do. It’s not bothered by pelting rain, freezing temps, massive waves, or freaking insane places. AirDog doesn’t say “no.” It just follows, flying right along.

AirDog is your sidekick, just in case you can’t rent a helicopter plus professional photographer to take a video of your black diamond run. AirDog is your personal training assistant, allowing you to review what you’re doing right, and where you need to improve. AirDog can transport you to views that you never thought possible. AirDog can persuade others to join you in your extremes.

Just strap the AirLeash (tracker device) on your wrist or helmet, and the AirDog is ready to follow you

Inside, AirDog is really complex technology. But using and controlling AirDog is really simple.

Here’s the basic idea

AirDog follows a signal from the programmable tracker – AirLeash. We could use a smartphone, but you need more precise tracking for actions sports. So we designed AirLeash.

The AirLeash is a small waterproof computerized tracker with clever software and sensors inside. It sends signals to the AirDog, indicating exact movement trajectory.

It may look bulky now, but as soon as we start production it will be half the size and with multiple attachment opportunities (helmet, snow-googles, wrist, bike handle-bar, etc)

Blanc Creative Video Production Norwich will be the first to show off AirLeash, shown in this picture is current working prototype. It is going to be two times smaller when we launch production.
AirLeash shown in this picture is current working prototype. It is going to be two times smaller when we launch production.

The drone performs inflight calculations to correct its flying pattern, and points the camera at the user wearing AirLeash.

Takeoff and landing is completely autonomous, freeing you to focus on your performance. It will land at the end of your track, or return to the takeoff spot when the battery begins to run low. An alarm on the AirLeash tells you when AirDog’s battery is too low to continue.

We spent countless caffeine-fueled hours, hacking intelligent flight code algorithms. The result is functionality that allows AirDog to follow you while you’re riding down the slope or flipping around on a halfpipe. You don’t have to worry about controlling the camera.

Strap it on, cue it up, and do epic things.

There are six Follow modes that you can configure and control with your AirLeash and smartphone app. Each one is a great choice and will deliver stunning results, regardless of your sport. You’ll probably want to use all six.

1. Auto-follow. Will work with almost any sports. In this mode AirDog will follow you repeating exactly your movement trajectory while maintaining its position in preset distance and altitude from you. It will follow you at speeds up to 40 mph.

2. Relative position follow. In this mode AirDog will maintain constant offset relative to magnetic north from the rider. For example, you can set it to keep a 10 meter distance at 4 meters high to the east from your position. Even when you change your direction, the AirDog will stay at the same preset angle from you. We suggest this mode for straight line wakeboard cable parks, surfing, and some other sports.

3. Follow track. This is the safest way to operate AirDog. Simply go for one lap with AirLeash and it will record your track. Then adjust AirDogs trajectory to your liking in smartphone app. AirDog will repeatedly fly over the exact set trajectory and the camera will be continually adjusted to aim at the rider.This is the most creative mode where you can become a true director of your movie. Adjust AirDog’s trajectory to avoid obstacles like buildings or trees. You can even make it to shoot you from different angle on different spots/kickers in the track. It might sound complicated, but its a simple few tap process in AirDog smartphone app.

4. Hover and Aim. The Hover and Aim setting allows AirDog to stay in one position above the ground, but constantly directing the camera at the AirLeash. This setting is perfect for tight places such as smaller skateparks, narrow forest trails, or for activities such as bungee jumping or base jumping, where clearance from equipment is important.

5. Circle. In this setting, AirDog makes circular rotations on a set radius and altitude, keeping the camera aimed at the AirLeash. This for slow speed or static shots to show impressive view around you.

6. Look down. The most simple mode but can produce very stunning results. Simply “walk” your AirDog above a ramp or kicker where you are about to throw some epic tricks and with push of a button it will freeze its position and aim camera straight down. Now make sure you don’t go too high.

Not satisfied with all these amazing options? No worries.

We’ll always be adding new flight modes through firmware and app updates. We depend on user feedback to continually develop Airdog into something that’s jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring.

The AirDog is designed to go farther and higher than you thought possible. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot an edgy music video from off a cliff, the AirDog is your solution. If you’re shooting an indie movie, and want some clutch aerial shots for the car chase scene, the AirDog is happy to oblige.

Here is little longer story about why we created “AirLeash”

The AirDog uses a unique dedicated tracker called “AirLeash” that guides and controls the AirDog in flight. Why did we invent a new device? Why not just use a smartphone app?

A year ago when we started developing the AirDog, we thought it would be a great idea to make AirDog follow a smartphone. We abandoned this idea really quickly.

Here’s why.

1. Smarphone’s Poor Usability in Many Sports Have you ever tried to use your smartphone while surfing a huge wave? Yeah, the water might be a problem. How about using it while executing a cab 5 double grab? Those gloves would kind of get in the way. What about emergency situations, where terminating flight and landing the AirDog is important?

A smartphone was simply not an option if we wanted to maintain safety or efficiency.

2. Lack of Vital Sensors for Precise Auto-follow In testing, we discovered that average smartphone GPS accuracy in a horizontal plane is about 5-10 meters. The margin of error doubles when measuring altitude.

We realized that if we wanted a precise flight tracker, we needed extremely high level sensors. In addition, we would have to develop complicated sensor fusion algorithms to calculate and predict movement trajectory while keeping the camera aimed at rider all the time.

Technologically, no smartphone has such capabilities.

3. Limited WiFi and Bluetooth range Different smartphones have different ranges, but it was clear that anything beyond 30-50 meters was not possible. This can be problem when you’re surfing out in the ocean 350 meters from the drone, and want it to launch and come to you. Or, let’s say you’re riding downhill at 30 mph, and the drone just loses signal. You could potentially lose your drone forever! The stringent standards of AirDog required something with long range power.

As amazing as smartphones are, they simply can’t meet the high demands of many action sports. In true innovation style, we ditched our idea, went back to the drawing board, and created a solution.

The result is better than we hoped. It’s an easy-to-use, sturdy, reliable, long range wireless transmission and custom-developed tracker. It’s called AirLeash.

What do you get when you throw aviation experts, entrepreneurs, programmers, developers, and extreme sports fanatics into a box, and shake it up?

You get us. We’re kind of a quirky group.

Our team at all its glory
Our team at all its glory

We love doing something fanatical like MX, wakeboarding, snowboarding, kitesurfing, skating, surfing, or other daredevil stunts. But when we get sort of serious, we’re cooking up technology that’s just as extreme as the action sports we love.

AirDog is the product of years of development, the pinnacle of drone technology, the apex of sports videography. (And it took a heck of a lot of coffee.)

Now, we’re ready to introduce this mind-blowing technology to extreme sports fans all over the world.

This invention is a dream come true.

If you’re already an experienced remote control (RC) pilot, you’ll love Airdog’s manual flight features. Although AirDog boasts fully autonomous flight modes, you can also use it for FPV (First Person View) or indoor video shooting with your RC transmitter. Simply connect any TX module that supports PPM mode and has more than 6 channels, and fly AirDog completely manually.

But there’s more! You can combine AirDog’s auto-follow feature with manual control. Simply attach the AirLeash tracker to the object you want to shoot — car, boat, animal, whatever — and manually turn follow mode on or off whenever you want to switch to or from manual mode. This way, you can use the auto-follow tracker with enhanced RC maneuvers to make circular fly-around moves at the precise radius and speed.

With this amazing combination of auto-follow and manual control, AirDog is a total game changer in aerial video shooting. You won’t believe the creative possibilities.

So you want to make videos that look drop dead awesome, professional, and really top-notch. We get that.

We designed AirDog, while chanting the mantra “stable, stable, stable.” Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that, but you get the idea. We think stability is important, and we obsessed over it.

AirDog uses  2 axis gyro-stabilized gimbal with the following features to make sure that your aerial videos are as stable as a tripod on a granite slab. Here’s what we engineered:

– Auto pitch and yaw – camera will always be pointed to the tracker;
– Horizon alignment (roll stabilization);
– Vibration isolation;
– AirDog is the only drone that carries GoPro in its protective casing, your camera will be happy for that.

In other words, your GoPro footage is stable as anything, even while airborne, even while flying at 40 mph, and even while tracking your progress on the slalom.

To use AirDog, simply attach your GoPro to the drone’s gimbal and you’re ready for stable action shots.

Early gimbal prototype test demonstrates camera stability.

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