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Thanks for heading over to the Blanc Creative “Our “Work” Page. You’ve landed in a great page where we showcase a massive selection of our Commercial Photography work. We like to think that in almost eight years in the industry, that our Commercial Photography portfolio covers most genres.

Our imagery is continually evolving and if you head back soon, you’ll be sure to find new commercial Photography popping up almost every week. You won’t find any wedding photography or family portraits or pets (unless they’ve been shot for a Commercial purpose) and we’re pretty proud of specialising purely in this sector of the industry. Shooting corporate, business and advertising photography, means that our skill set is geared to business.

It’s pretty easy to water down your service across every possible type of photography, but this does have its drawbacks.

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So what types of commercial photography do we shoot?

Pretty much anything. We shoot PR Photography, Press Photography & Professional Music Photography for Newspapers, Magazines and online Websites. We’ve had work printed in Mainstream Broadsheet Newspapers, Tabloid Press, International News Websites and Magazines. Our commercial photography has been used by UK & International TV Stations to accompany news stories and we shoot for commercial photography for an International Press Agency. We shoot Advertising Photography, Corporate Event Photography & Advertising images, but we don’t shoot Product Packshots! There’s no particular reason behind this, but photographers are no different to other professionals and you simply have to enjoy your work.

It means you can deliver the best results for your clients and we simply took the decision that this area really doesn’t appeal to our creativity. One thing that may surprise you is that our commercial photography doesn’t carry a Massive Price Tag. We love to deliver a great product… For a fair days work!That’s about it! Our prices reflective of our extensive experience, our high quality of finished product and awesome customer service. We live in an age where Mobile Phone Technology and affordable cameras make photography accessible by most people, but shooting Professional Commercial Photography that reflects your business values, your dynamic staff and your key services or products, are an invaluable part of your visual engagement and often, camera photography just won’t do!

We truly hope you like what you’ve seen today and would love to help you make your visions a reality. Why not contact one of team today on 07871 364041 or email studio@blanc-creative.com

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