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Corporate Headshot Photography as a terminology could easily be confused with stuffy unfashionable images set against a backdrop of oak panelled boardrooms, mahogany desks with an exclusivity that will only suit high earning  executives dressed in bespoke Saville Row suits. Whilst this style still holds a place in the portfolio of traditionalist Photographers and may be perfect for some genres, relaxed personnel and staff  images have developed into two of the biggest commercial  trends over recent years. Companies of all sizes are emphasising the importance that their teams play in their companies through high quality staff photographs. The explosion that social media now plays for  through networking platforms and high quality websites has opened up numerous opportunities to promote the importance of the real people behind your services, brands and products. 

Professional photographs are a fantastic way to really stand out from your competitors, especially in today’s crowded marketplace. Your team really deserve to look their very best, whether it’s for a Linkedin profile, an editorial press article or advertising materials, but look around and you will soon see that many organisations fall short when it comes down to personnel imagery and corporate headshots. Inferior quality images, selfies and smartphone photography have the potential to undermine your business. After all, look at any well known product’s advertising campaign either in a magazine, on a website or on television and ask yourself, ‘was this shot on a smartphone?’ I’d imagine the answer is likely to be ‘No’ unless of course, it’s for a very niche market.

We genuinely think your personnel  deserve to look their best so that’s where we come in. At Blanc Creative, we’ve  been shooting professional imagery, commercial portrait and Team PR for almost a decade and we have a massive portfolio to reflect the many different approaches we take in this important area of business. There is a growing trend for companies to have their business portraits taken with an office or natural environmental background. The feedback we have received is that these images have a more natural, friendly and approachable feel compared to those with the traditional white backgrounds or studio based images and are also much more diverse for use across all types of digital and printed mediaand boardrooms 

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We take a relaxed, engaging approach to our commercial photography and business headshot photography. After all, not everybody loves to stand in front of the camera and people can find the whole process a little daunting. Corporate headshot photography is used for a multitude of purposes and forms part of your own personal brand, particularly if your business is independent or if your particular brand, is yourself. First impressions are invaluable and it’s always reassuring that you can visualise the person at the end of the telephone or before your first meeting. There’s nothing worse than seeing an inappropriate profile image or even worse, using generic over-used stock images to replace the real people who keep your company running smoothly. Clients and customers love to put a face to a name because it personalises the whole business 

Take a look at some of our recent portfolios on this page and you will soon see that we shootnatural, dynamic  The ambiance of your office surroundings can be utilised in how you wish to be portrayed, if you have a creative work space we can use that atmosphere for informal more approachable images.

There is a growing trend for companies to have their headshots taken with an office background. The feedback we have received is that these images have a more natural, friendly and approachable feel compared to those with the traditional white background. Corporate staff photography facing camera on a plain background is great for continuity and a slick clean look, ideal for editorial features, social media profiles and staff listings.

We can take your corporate headshots using your own office setting as the backdrop, this style of corporate headshot photography works well if you are looking for informal images that capture your team in their own working environment. The ambiance of your office surroundings can be utilised in how you wish to be portrayed, if you have a creative work space we can use that atmosphere for informal more approachable commercial photography. 


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Katie Marrison
Group HR Director at Norse Group Limited.

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Katie Marrison
Group HR Director at Norse Group Limited.

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Katie Marrison
Group HR Director at Norse Group Limited.

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There seems to be a slight misconception that Business Portraits are limited to predominantly office based, professional services. At Blanc Creative, our commercial photography stretches the length and breadth of the UK, occasionally internationally and across every conceivable type of industry from refuse collection, agriculture, aviation, construction, the food industry, wealth management and funeral directors to mention just a few diverse areas we work within. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader operating from an office in your home or a multi-million pound organisation. Our principles and ethics remain the same and no assignment is too small or too large. Your professional portrait photography is a diverse marketing tool which can be used across  Meet the team, staff profile pages and about us sections of your website as well as informative business brochures, case studies, professional documents or press articles. A corporate headshot photography is a great way to maximise your return on investment  when buying a photography service.

We craft our business portraits to suit the needs of the individual and we can be as creative or traditional as you feel comfortable with. As a business, we’ve been shooting people for over ten years including international celebrities and music artists, members of the royal family and many sporting legends. Our reputation has been built around our professional approach to work, great communications at every stage with our clients and our flexible approach to your needs. Honesty and transparency are two of our ‘Biggest’ selling points. We love people and have an unquenchable thirst for delivering high quality work that is creative and represents great value for money. 


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We’d really like to hear about your corporate headshot photography and business portraits visions. we encourage you to dig around our website. There’s a lot to see. If you think our style and quality of photography would suit your business and image goals ,then why not pick up the phone and  give our team a call on Tel: 07871 364041. Alternatively, you can email: or simply fill in the contact form below. One of our team will reach out to you at the very earliest opportunity and always within 24hours.