Editorial Photography Norwich – Care Home Professional

Editorial Photography Norwich – Care Home Professional Magazine

Care Home Professional magazine provides news, trends and market intelligence for group purchasing professionals at premium, private care home companies in the UK. At Blanc Creative, we have been providing high-quality Editorial Photography to a huge cross-section of Magazines, National Newspapers & Websites for a number of years. We were extremely pleased to be offered the opportunity to shoot Editorial Photography for the front cover of Care Home Professional Magazine and NORSECARE Managing Director, Karen Knight. The Care Home Professional article, published in July 2016, focused on how Karen Knight replaced ageing care homes in Norfolk with a state of the art Complex designed for 170 residents in Norwich.

Karen took on the Managing Director role when NorseCare was established in April 2011 and has led the company to achieve a national reputation for quality services, facilitating the creation of stunning new care homes, along with developing a business model that delivers substantial rebates to the local authority. Since qualifying as a social worker in 1985, she has undertaken a range of leadership roles that have focused on improving people’s lives through the provision of care services.  As Managing Director of NorseCare, Karen is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of Norfolk’s older people and championing innovation in dementia care facilities and services.

Editorial Photography Norwic

Editorial Photography Norwic

Editorial Photography Norwic

Editorial Photography Norwic


Editorial Photography Norwic

Editorial Photography Norwic

Editorial Photography Norwich

Editorial Photography Norwich from Lee Blanchflower

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Editorial Photography is an important element of any News story for commercial publication. `Editorial images support marketing and advertising ideas work and Blanc creative have the experience and technical abilities to specific briefs a photographic brief given to them by a client, a designer or an advertising agency.

This can involve any subject matter but is often categorised into specialist areas: still life, portraiture and landscape. Some work is carried out on location, but much is done in studios, using studio flash lighting and a variety of props and accessories. Some Advertising Photographers specialise in producing well-lit product shots for use on packaging and in catalogues. These are called ‘Pack’ or ‘Pack Shot’ photographers. Other Advertising Photographers choose to be self-employed and often operate their own studios. They are commissioned to produce high-quality photographs that sell the benefits of a product or reinforce brand awareness. They secure new work on the strength of past campaigns. Their original take on the subject matter is based on a thorough knowledge of the visual arts and the history of advertising photography.

They often specialise in a specific area, such as food, furniture, engineering, cars or financial services. They continually market themselves, through agents (who take a percentage commission), personal contacts and other forms of networking. Editorial Photographers produce images to accompany feature articles in newspapers, magazines and websites, chapters in books and text in company brochures. Since these publications cover almost every area of interest, photographers with a background in many different disciplines may be involved in this field, working both in studios and on location. Photographers are usually briefed by the publication’s editor or picture editor. It is then the photographer’s job to shoot images that will answer the brief and satisfy or exceed editorial expectations.

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