Business portrait photography for Norse Group. Modern headshot portraits for a progressive business

Headshot Portraits

A recent commercial video assignment saw the opportunity for our team to capture a small set of professional images for the HR Manager of  NORSE Group in Norwich. Working around a tight filming schedule, were were able to capture imagery that would be valuable across a multitude of  Press Releases, PR, Official business publications and a range of Social Media Platforms.  At Blanc Creative, we are a Norwich Photography company working across a wide range of commercial sectors. We work only in the commercial sector spanning the length and width of the UK and have been providing relaxed, natural headshot portraits for over ten years. Business Portrait Photography has never been so important in the digital age. High quality images are now a cornerstone in marketing for the majority of businesses that enable, suppliers, clients, colleagues and new business partners to place a visual image of the person they will be communicating with or working alongside. Over the past few years, there has been a huge step away from studio based headshot portraits shot against plain, unflattering backgrounds and a steer towards environmental business portrait photography shot at a subjects place, somewhere relevant to the business or attractive locations that compliment the subject being photographed.

business portrait photography

business portrait photography

business portrait photography


A strong portrait will naturally portray professionalism. Looking professional, instantly increases profile. Potential clients, investors or future  partners that don’t know you will be more likely to engage with an approachable looking, professional business person. First impressions have never been so important.  Well-shot Business Portrait photography showcases personality. Choosing your expression match your personality is the key to creating genuine, natural headshot portraits. The message you send through your photographs will remind business contacts who you are and can be really helpful in breaking the ice on a first meeting simply by relieving. the need to guess who are person is that they are speaking with for example at a large meeting or event.  Up to date business images work a number of ways. They allows people to the chance to see how you look today. A ten year old profile image on a corporate website has the ability to throw people and cause an  immediate disconnect.

Why choose Blanc Creative for your Headshot Portraits and Business Portrait Photography?

At Blanc Creative our philosophy is pretty simple. We are a genuine bunch who love producing commercial photography, outdoor portraits and great promo films for the small and large companies at really competitive prices! You’ll see we work across a diverse genre, but everything we shoot is for business. Why? Because it’s ‘been our ‘thing’ for over ten years and we like to think we’re now pretty good at what we do. It doesn’t matter what size of company you own. We have our feet firmly on the ground and working alongside new start-ups, sole traders and local independent companies is just as important as the international or household names we work with. Our website has been built so that you can easily access portfolios for literally every  conceivable type of business photography we’ve shot.  We3’ve dedicated a page to Headshot Portraits After all, our website is our virtual shop window and we’re proud to have worked with so many wonderful clients. From the one person independent trader through to multi million pound businesses, show stopping celebrities and members of the Royal Family, we haver a portfolio to shout about our work. Head over to our Blog Page and you will soon see we’re  bursting with case studies and Norwich Commercial Video Showreels. Please dig around as much as you like and if you think we can help take your brand or services to the next level with natural headshot portraits and business portrait photography then please, reach out to our team today. We’d love to hear from you! Mob: 07871 364041 or email:

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