Yesterday I had the pleasure of accidentally watching an advert by the MTN Group, a telecommunications company based in Johannesburg South Africa.

MTN Group, formerly M-Cell, is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African, European and Middle Eastern countries. Its head office is in Johannesburg. MTN Group’s President and CEO is RS Dabengwa.

This is a beautiful example of creative and inspiring video marketing, one of the most engaging pieces of advertising I have seen in the UK for a while. MTN have excelled themselves with this commission and should be seen as a leader in corporate, but creative, marketing me So what can we learn as creative filmmakers from this, essentially, corporate video?

Corporate does not mean conventional. Creativity is key to creating an engaging, immersive and emotional viewing experience no matter what the topic or subject. Using characters we can empathise with, or relate to, not only allows us to think as that character but makes the production a whole lot easier. How would you ‘feel’ if you were they child in that video?

Without coining a cliche you really must think outside the bun [insert Taco bell comment here!] We’re huge advocates of approaching clients with engaging ideas. Even if it’s only a range of incidental shots to offset the commercial message. We cannot stress enough how important it is to tackle a project with a creative mind, as stimulating as Alan Partridge may be you never want all your work to only inspire people in suits.

What are your thoughts on this video?

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