Net Neutrality. Battle for the Internet

It’s the Battle for the Internet

As an avid internet user i’ve been known to visit the odd website or two, I even occasionally use Google. Im joking of course! Something not to joke about is what’s happening in America right now, the Net Neutrality Bill. If you haven’t heard of this let me just sum up what this means to you.

  1. Websites wont be on an even playing field. ISP’s reserve the right to throttle sites that aren’t paying a ‘fast lane’ premium.
  2. In a nutshell thats it.

Of course there is much much more involved than simply that and you can read more about the implications and the extent of this reach on the USA Networks blog, here.

Net Neutrality. Battle for the Internet

That may not sound too bad right, wrong. The internet is a wonderful network or information that we can access at the click of a button and digest just as quickly. Wether you’re researching your next blog post or watching the latest episode of [insert current trending Netflix show here] you can be sure that without equality the small guys will get lost.


For example take the mom-and-pop at home startup. They keep bees or have a modest orchard and winery, they hire great web designer *ahem* to build a beautiful website but they simply do not have the funds to ‘rent’ bandwidth from the ISP and users have to wait an age for their site to load. What will happen? What do you do when a page doesn’t load instantly? Hit the back button, find the next result in the Google search and surf away. Good bye Happy Home Orchard.

This shouldn’t happen and in todays climate, setting SEO aside, everyone has the same rights to have their sites load, after the abolition or Net Neutrality you can kiss this goodbye. Is this the internet you want?

If you want to find out how you can help visit The Internet Defense League or Battle for the Net

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