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Recreational Drone Flyers to Be Regulate Under New Drone Laws

New Drone Laws are set to be passed for the UK including the possibility of competency testing under legislation planned by the government. The New Drone Laws follow huge increases in the sales of drones to untrained recreational flyers, escalating near miss reports and increases in Drone based criminal activity.

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The crackdown on irresponsible flying in the UK may include;

New Drone Laws restricting maximum flight altitude to 400 feet for recreational flyers (in line with current legislation for Commercial Operators)

Banning the use of Drones weighing more than 250g from flying near airports. or above 400 ft, in a crackdown on unsafe flying.

New Drone Laws may allow Police to seize Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles believed to be linked to criminal activity.

New Drone Laws to Include Mandatory Registration and Safety Tests

Like all technology, drones are open to misuse. “Introducing safety awareness tests to educate users we can reduce the inadvertent breaching of airspace restrictions to protect the public,” said aviation minister Lord Callanan in a statement. The government’s intention is set to to ensure all new users of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles other than children’s toys are centrally registered. It remains unknown quite how legislation will be implemented and the details at this stage remain vague to say the very least. It Recreational Drone Flyers may be able to register online with mandatory testing set to cover key areas include privacy, safety and security aspects of flying Drones.

Purchasing of Drones through online retailers based outside of the UK mean that registration can be easily avoided. The physical amount of drone sales in the UK would be complete guesswork. Until now, there has been no requirement to track how many units are in operation unless Drones are used as a commercial operation tool. The CAA has seen a ten fold increase in the past year, with over 3150 licemsed operators working in the UK alone. There are likely to be literally thousands of recreational flyers who will be affected by New Drone Laws.

New Drone Laws for UK

Near Misses

British miltech boffinry outfit Qinetiq document 34  drone-related Airprox incidents up until the end of May and these are purely the reported incidents without any other type of non aircraft incidents that have affected public, vehicles and buildings.  The Drone Code was developed to advise new Drone Users of the basic safety elements and laws surrounding Drone Flying but this is purely informational and not a legal requirement.




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