Norfolk Artist MA Wrigley Reflects Winter Weather with ‘Penguins’ Painting

Norfolk Artist and Oil Painting Talent MA Wrigley has today unveiled his latest public offering entitled ‘Penguins,’ that coincidently comes hand in hand with freak snow as increased artic like conditions hit East Anglia. The 84cm x 64cm Oil Painting on Canvas is the latest in a series of animal, bird and insect paintings to come from his Norwich based studio. Releasing the artwork as his ARTISTS CHOICE selection for March 2018, the contemporary painter describes the work as,

“This month it simply has to be  ‘Penguins’. Inspired by the sudden cold snap in our climate and this week’s snowfall, I thought it was quite apt to create a piece that reflected a Big Winter theme. The painting reflects how these amazing birds overcome the adversity of one of the most hostile environments on the planet, working together in colonies to prevent freezing. The painting delivers a sense of warmth and group strength against an otherwise featureless background.”

Penguins can be purchased along with other selected paintings from his collection on the MA Wrigley Artist Website



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