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Food Photography is a big deal. It’s more of a big deal than it’s ever been. I mean… 650 million Instagram Food Photographs can’t be wrong Marketing your products for brochures, menus or PR isn’t any less important than marketing for social media or online marketing, but the quality of your Professional Food Photography is invaluable.Websites for any food business are a MUST HAVE, particularly if you want to engage with customers, clients or even suppliers. It’s all about controlling your marketing message. We’re really at a point where Professional Food Photography is also a prerequisite for a winning online presence. So what is it exactly that makes Professional Food Photography, a worthwhile service to buy for your business.

One of the major fears of food photography is the cost. The initial investment is going to be a little more than hiring a ‘snapper’ to do the job, but the long-term benefits will completely exceed the initial cost. In fact, your meals may very well be more than expensive than any well known fast food chain. But that will undoubtedly be because your product is handcrafted, created by a skilled chef and presented beautifully. The same thing applies to photography but Food Photography is actually surprisingly inexpensive. It has been proven over that awesome food photography is what draws customers to an establishment and ultimately builds sales.

Compare any professional-quality photograph of a food product sold in your shop or restaurant or cafe next to a snapshot of un-staged food. You will soon figure out figure out the differences. Weare super confident that almost all of the restaurants, deli’s, butchers and pubs who have invested in our professional photography, have never regretted that decision.

We shoot on location because your food should be a reflection of your own business. The key to our Food Photography is natural lighting and a minimum of artificial environments. However your food is styled, it must always create a sense of honesty. After all, customers will expect to eat the food they’ve seen. Have you ever been to a restaurant or fast food outlet, ordered something from the fantastic photography on the menu and received something that appeared to have been literally thrown together? The importance of honesty in photography is paramount and we will assist from concept stages, all the way through to delivering finished imagery that will wow your existing and new customers.

Why not call our team today to see how we can help turn your visions into reality? We can be contacted on Mob: 07871 364041 or email studio@blanc-creative.com

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