Business Stock Photography

Business Stock Photography

Stock photography has a place in business– but there’s nothing quite like bespoke photography.

There are literally hundreds of stock image libraries out there and thousands of stock images that can be purchased for your business needs. Stock Photography ranges from completely free photos, all the way through to Getty Images and other renowned high-end providers. The problem with buying stock photography is exactly that, It’s Stock Photography and everybody and their brother or sister is likely to also have it on their websites or Promotional material. So how can our businesses be seen as individual when we use stock images? It can’t! And stock images at the higher end can cost a serious amount of money when compared with creating affordable bespoke Stock Photography for your own business. The power of bespoke stock imagery simply can’t be under-estimated. It really is so valuable. We all live in a world where the high-resolution phone camera has become part of everyday life. I agree with many people thatsmartphoness and the editing software that come with them can an take amazing photographs.

However, if you need something for printed media, then bespoke stock photography can actually be a seriously cost-effective means of producing bespoke photographs to fit your exact requirements… Safe in the knowledge that ‘Nobody Else’ will have the same photographs as yours. `At Blanc Creative, we can physically manage photography every aspect of your stock photography shoot, from sourcing models, scouting locations, storyboarding the shoot and art directing. We have a wealth of experience in commercial photography and will work with you to create images that can be utilised across many areas of your company including marketing, promotional, PR and all printed and digital media platforms. To find out more about our full range of services, why not contact our team today on Mob: 07871 364041 or email

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