Press Photography Norwich by Lee Blanchflower

Press Photography is a specialist area of journalism that is essentially documenting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast. Press Photography is about storytelling and the style of photography employed as a Press Photographer should evoke images are a creative format that is not only informative, but also entertaining. in order to tell a news story. At Lee Blanchflower Limited, we’ve been shooting for both National News Publications & International Newspapers for over six years. We have an extensive portfolio of Press Photography and work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver attention grabbing images and professional photography that can be used across a wide range of printed publications, web based news services and social media.

Our images have been sold across the world! We’ve been featured in globally recognisable publications both in print and online including image sales to Hard Rock Cafe USA, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Guardian, The Times, Daily Mail and The Sun to name just a few. We never lose our local roots and also work closely with every type of business from start-ups, sole traders and small businesses. If you’re just starting out on business and are looking to obtain high quality, affordable Press Photography, then please speak with one of team on Tel: 07871 364041 or email: as we’d love to hear your visions.

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