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PR Photography is a form of commercial imagery which comes with a news angle. PR Photography is the cornerstone of many individuals, businesses or charities. Images are used to accompany anything from Good News Stories, Public Relations, awards, achievements.. Pretty much anything that increases the profile. PR Photography is literally found on every avenue of media from printed media, newspapers, magazines or online through social media and the many news websites across the globe.

Through shares, likes and press coverage these photographs can help raise the profile of a business, charity or person in what might be considered an organic way.

How does PR Photography differ from other Advertising Photography?

May Press outlets or Newspapers will take an interest in genuine PR stories that may make worthy news stories or generate sales of their product. PR photography tells a story and usually the imagery is set around the news article and a press release it relate to. Photographs have to be interesting and the use PR Photography re-enforces the key messages of the storytelling. More often than not, Agencies will send out embargoed documents that mean the photographer has the information needed deliver the story, but cannot use the information until such time that the time and date on the embargo have been reached. in the music industry, agencies may send out Editorial Information to Newspapers and websites of album releases or artist tour announcements. PR Photography is about promoting business.

PR Photography – Dragons Den

We’ve been shooting PR Photography for our clients for many years and our PR Photography has been seen in many publications and through all manner of websites and social media. One example of our PR Photography was working with Ross Mendham and the Barenaked Foods Brand. The Barenaked Food Company shot to fame after pitching their business to Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, Kelly Hoppen, Deborah Meaden and Piers Linney on BBC Tv Show Dragons Den. A £60,000 investment from businessman Peter Jones on television show Dragons’ Den launched the product in 2013. It went into health food shops, was picked up by Morrisons and is now seen as a mainstream product on the shelves of literally all of the mainstream supermarkets in the UK. We worked with Barenaked Foods to provide PR Photography as the brand prepared to launch in Morissons Supermarket, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

PR Photography Norwich - Dragons Den Winner


Dragons Den Winner - PR Photographer Norwich





Bare naked Foods - PR Photography NorwichBare naked Foods - PR Photography Norwich

Bare naked Foods - PR Photography Norwich

Bare naked Foods - PR Photography Norwich

Bare naked Foods - PR Photography Norwich

We are always looking to work with new PR Photography clients in Norwich and across the UK. We’d love to hear your ideas and visions so why not reach out and speak with one of our PR Photography Team today on Mob: 07871 364041 or


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