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At Lee Blanchflower Limited, we’re great believers in transparency. It’s actually one of our unique selling points that sets us apart from other businesses. Shopping for a professional service can be quite uncomfortable, particularly when you have to approach the subject of “How much is it going to cost?” Our crystal clear pricing means you won’t get any nasty surprises that bump up your assignment costs. In fact, we’re so transparent and confident in the services we deliver, that we don’t even care that our competitors see how much we charge!

  • Half Day Photography
    £400Commercial on-site photography
    • 4 hrs on-site photography
    • Post Shoot Image Editing*
    • License for usage across all media platforms
    • Electronic Delivery of Hi Resolution Images
    • Option for on-site Editing & Delivery*
    • T&C's Apply*
  • Full Day Photography
    Huge Savings
    £675Commercial on-site photography
    • Maximum 8 hrs on-site inc of set up/clear down
    • Post Shoot Image Editing*
    • License for usage across all media platforms***
    • Electronic Delivery of Hi Resolution Images
    • Option for on-site Editing & Delivery****
  • Price Per Hour
    £150Superb Value for Short Assignment
    • Up to 1 hr of on-site
    • Post Shoot Image Editing
    • License for usage across all media platforms*
    • Electronic Delivery of Hi Resolution images
    • T&C's Apply

The Extras

We want to be completely clear about how we work, so hopefully we can reassure you about the smaller details that make up our commercial photography rates. We love to work across the whole of the UK, but ethically, we don’t think it’s fair that you should pay considerably more for our services because you happen to run your business in a different area to Norwich. That’s why our assignment rates are standard across the board, whether we work in London, Manchester or anywhere else in the UK. To keep things simple and totally transparent, this is how we structure our assignment rates;

Travel – If your assignment falls outside of a 50 mile distance, we would invoice expenses for the entire journey to and from our assignment. This would be charged at 50p per mile, so if we’re working in London and the total journey is 200 miles, we’d add £100 to the invoice. This literally covers our fuel costs and a minimal element towards the 4-5 hours of travel time. What we wouldn’t do, is double the assignment price just because it’s an area of the country where people would generally expect to pay inflated costs for services. That just doesn’t sit right with our ethics. We offer competitive rates and in return, you’ll receive a great days work and a professional service from our team.  The only additional expenses or “Extras” would be for car parking, tolls or overnight expenses in the event of shooting over multiple days.

Image Editing – All of our Commercial Photography packages have editing built in as standard. As great as we are at photography, we’d never dream of sending out images straight from camera without some form of post production work. The amount of editing we’ve added to our package pricing is based on our experience of how long it would ‘normally take’ to edit generic images. There will always be exceptions to those rules. Let’s say we were shooting competition hairdressing imagery or high fashion magazine material that required specialist retouching, then the editing process is likely to take quite a lot longer. If this is the case, we would advise you well before we commence the shoot with a realistic expectation of the additional costs. More importantly, we would identify why we think the specialist editing would be a good idea. You’ll always receive a quote for extra editing in writing and we wouldn’t add this on just to make some extra money. That’s not how we work at Lee Blanchflower Limited.

On-Site Editing – Whilst we offer image editing as part of all of our packages, there are times when clients need a super quick turnaround. It’s not uncommon for our commercial photography images to be edited and delivered to our clients before we leave the assignment. Maybe you have a deadline to hit or simply like to have your Art Director to work with our Image Editor to sign off the photographs before we leave. We will provide all of your images on a USB Stick so that they can be taken away on the day without the need to electronically transfer the images at a later stage.

We are undoing a massive overhaul of our website to continue to deliver a great online experience. During this time some content will be unavailable but we’re always happy to provide project costs and quotes upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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