Colman’s Mustard 200th Bicentenary

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Colman’s Mustard Mark 200th Bicentenary with Pop up Restaurant in Home City of Norwich

To mark its 200th anniversary, Colman’s Mustard celebrated great British food by creating Britain’s ultimate comfort dish…Sausage Macerole. To launch the new fusion dish, Colman’s opened the comfort canteen in its hometown, Norwich. The comfort canteen was officially opened by the Sheriff of Norwich, for one day only, serving up hundreds of complimentary dishes of the new Sausage Macerole. Blanc Creative were assigned to cover the landmark celebrations delivering commercial photography and a video production to mark the celebrations held in Norwich City Centre.

Colmans Mustard 200th Bicentenary

This month, Colman’s is celebrating its bicentenary, just seven years after the future of the UK’s only home-grown spice came under serious threat. Norwich has been the home of Colman’s mustard for 200 years. The factory now employs over 120 people and each year more than 2,000 tonnes of mustard seed is dried, dressed and milled into flour on site. However, just seven years ago the future looked very different for English mustard and its growers. Colman’s was faced with the prospect of importing far more ¬foreign seeds, jeopardising its right to continue labelling its mustard ‘English’. While today 100 per cent of the white seed that is used to make Colman’s English Mustard comes from Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk, in 2007 growers based in these areas had one of their worst crop yields on record. This was down to years of lack of investment in plant breeding, dwindling harvests and poor weather. Meeting with the growers, Unilever agreed to invest £20,000 into agronomy support and into DNA testing research work at the John Innes Centre in Norwich. The brand’s bicentenary year, 2014, was set as the deadline to see if they could turn the tide. If they did not succeed, they decided they would no longer grow mustard. Thankfully they did and the English mustard market is still alive and thriving.


Norwich Video Production – Colmans Mustard 200th Bicentenary from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

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