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Snetterton Biomass Power Plant

The latest Biomass renewable energy plant to open in the UK was the Snetterton Biomass Power Plant. It sits on the Norfolk Suffolk border and officially opened in 2017.  The Plant was developed by BWSC East Anglia (also known as Beale). It is one of 15-20 similar sized biomass plants that are operating or under construction in the UK. Snetterton is a state of the art Renewable Energy Facility.

What is Biomass?

It uses straw supplemented by Miscanthus, Woodchip and OSR to produce seriously clean energy.  The plant works in much the same way as a coal fired power station.The difference between using biomass and coal or other fossil fuels is simply that the carbon released through burning biomass has only very recently been absorbed from the environment. It is part of the existing carbon cycle.

In common with other biomass materials straw biomasses all capture energy and CO2 through the process of photosynthesis as they grow, and when burned as a fuel release only the same amount of CO2 they captured, back into the atmosphere. Biomass is much better for the environment than coal and other fossil fuels as the carbon dioxide being released is not ‘new’. This means that the COin the straw being burned is already part of our balanced atmosphere as it was only relatively recently absorbed by those same plants. Fossil fuels however release CO2 which was absorbed thousands of years ago and so is not part of today’s atmosphere, adding to the CO2 levels which are part of the cause of global warming.

The carbon from fossil fuels was absorbed millions of years ago so when released adds to the carbon in the atmosphere. Biomass is burnt at really high temperatures with this heat used to turn water into steam which then powers a turbine generating electricity. Energy is then carried by cable to the national grid to be used across the region. The output generates enough electricity to power 82,000 homes.  Snetterton Biomass Power Plant burns just over 250 kilotons every year at full capacity with fuel sourced locally from farmers within a 50 mile radius. In plain terms.

Snetterton Biomass Power Plant

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Supporting the Local Economy

One of the key benefits of the Snetterton Biomass Power Plant was the positive impact it had on employment in the local area. The Snetterton Power Plant employs the vast majority of their workforce. Sucha We know that our Energy Plant is also an excellent educational resource so they continue to welcome schools, colleges, universities and interested groups on tours of the facility. If you think that your group would be interested in finding out more about how our Energy Plant operates, the biomass fuels we use, or any other part of what we do, then please do let us know and we will do our best to welcome you.

From the very outset, the plant had a focus on building positive relationships with the local community. The vast majority of the workforce were from the local community and local businesses were sourced to provide to provide from office supplies, construction materials, taxis and procurement of Commercial Photography services and Video Production form Lee Blanchflower Limited, itself, a Norwich based business.

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As Snetterton Biomass Power Plant Prepared for it’s official opening, the Lee Blanchflower Team were given privileged access to the very heart of the Renewable Energy Plant and assigned the task of documenting the Plant with three key areas of imagery including Commercial Photography, Corporate Video Production & Aerial Drone Filming. This was an exciting opportunity to combine the three key elements of our business to produce a short film showcasing a “Field to Fuel” overview of the process that makes the Snetterton Biomass Power Plant so special. If you’d like to see a little more from behind the doors of the Snetterton Biomass Power Plant, simply click the Video Below;


BWSC Biomass Renewable Energy Plant Snetterton from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.