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Company Photography for the Security Industry

Company Photography for the Security Industry from Blanc Creative

Commercial Photography is as important in the security industry and defence sectors as it is in the corporate world. Creating dynamic company photography that can be utilised for exciting marketing campaigns, tenders, advertising has never been so important. Great company photography can act as a very positive marketing tool and diverse commercial photographs have the added advantage of multiple uses across public relations and social media photography platforms.

We live in an age everyone wants to see the faces and services behind a business. behind a business. People don’t want to ‘just’ read about these things anymore. If the truth is to really be told, most people, myself included, creative informative copy for my Company Photography Blogs, because without it, there’s a lot less opportunity to picked up by Google Rankings or other SEO based platforms. Potential clients for your business are looking more and more to see exactly what your services and products are through photography and really stunning commercial photography images. It really doesn’t matter what sector you work in, and Covid-19 has impacted dramatically on this as businesses turn more to online sales, marketing and advertising to replace traditional face to face meetings.

Company Photography for the Security Industry

Security Industry Company Photography

Private security is a multi billion pound industry, with personnel outnumbering police officers by 18 to one. The marketplace is booming. There are approximately 360,000 licensed security operatives in the UK compared with 20,000 police officers. The security industry has increasingly become part of the police family. According to the  Infologue website, the turnover of the UK’s regulated security industry two years ago in 2018 was over £4 billion and this figure appears to be growing at a speedy rate. The need for a professional, dependable private security industry is required to protect people, property, assets and operations. These responsibilities cannot always be maintained by the police as the demands for security in society and businesses increase.

The Norse Group Security Sector cover a huge range of Security based services, nationally, to commercial clients and small to large businesses and recognise the importance of bespoke commercial photography. Modern, impactive images documenting professional services have replaced outdated stock images of smiling models which are simply no longer representative of your team or business! We work with our clients to showcase your individual employees, your senior management, your equipment.. your whole security industry operation. Incorporating branding into your business photographs is a key way to let your audience know, that your photographs are legitimate and specifically relate to your own company and furthermore, images of your workplace can demonstrate professionalism and show the world that your business is a ‘real’ operation – not just a faceless website operation run from your house.


Norwich Business Photography for security companies

Norwich Business Photography for security companies

Norwich Business Photography for security companies

Norfolk Commercial Photographer

Norfolk Commercial Photographer

Company Photography for the Security Industry

Norwich Headshot Photographer for Business

Norwich Headshot Photographer for Business

Norwich Headshot Photographer for Business

Health & Safety Photography

At Blanc Creative we offer a full spectrum of Company Photography services from staff headshots and portraits to marketing photography and social media packages ideal for use on social media platforms such as LinkedIn,  Instagram and more. We’ve been established for over ten years established working with numerous companies from large multinationals to sole trader businesses and business professionals. Our Company Photography has taken us across the whole of the UK and internationally. We are based in the heart of Norwich but regularly cover Kent, the Midlands, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. To find out more about our extensive range of services including Drone Filming, Aerial Photography and Creative Video Production, why not reach out to today and speak with our team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email:

Horse Racing Photography

Commercial Photography Norwich

Horse Racing Photography – Great Yarmouth Festival 2019

The three-day Great Yarmouth Festival is always a great opportunity to capture Professional Horse Racing Photography. The Great Yarmouth Eastern Festival featured three thrilling days of racing, with the opening day on Tuesday 18th September, the feature £50,000 EBF John Musker Fillies Stakes on Wednesday 19th September, and culminated in a packed Ladies Day on Thursday 20th September. We’ve been working with Great Yarmouth Racecourse for four years, delivering commercial Horse Racing Photography and images used for a whole host of marketing, PR and on the official course website. September Ladies Day is always a fantastic finale to the season and a great chance to capture Horse Racing Photography. A day shooting Horse Racing Photography covers much more than the physical racing. From The Best Dressed Ladies Competition, the build up of excitement between races, jockey’s in the Paddock talking race day tactics with trainers and powerful horses racing a 300 year old course. For further information about how we can help your business with professional photography, please call one of our team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email the office at

Great Yarmouth Racecourse History

Racing at Great Yarmouth was first recorded in 1715, when a lease was granted by the Great Yarmouth Corporation to a group of innkeepers for some land where they could stage race meetings. Racing may well have been taking place there before that date. It was probably intermittent during the eighteenth century, and will often have coincided with the annual town fair. Diverse events such as donkey races and chasing a pig with a soaped tail were held. Not until 1810 did the official Racing Calendar begin to record meetings with thoroughbred races and sufficient prize money. This course, on the South Denes, then became established. A two-day meeting was held in the late summer each year. Not until 1866 did the number of fixtures start to increase. Racing resumed after suspension during World War I, but in 1920 the course was moved to the adjacent North Denes, in the face of pressure from the local fishing industry to expand its premises onto land on the South Denes. Two grandstands were dismantled and relocated to the North Denes, where they are still in use today. Great Yarmouth Racecourse is part of the Arena Racing Company (ARC), which operates 16 racecourses and two greyhound stadiums across the UK. This modern-day course is home to a summer season of 23 flat race meetings attracting top name jockeys, and up-and-coming two-year-old horses, some of which go on to compete and win valuable races as far afield as the USA and Brazil.

Horse Racing Photography - Great Yarmouth RacesHorse Racing Photography - Great Yarmouth RacesHorse Racing Photography - Great Yarmouth RacesHorse Racing Photography - Great Yarmouth RacesGreat Yarmouth Horse Racing Photography Horse Racing PhotographyHorse Racing Photography - Norfolk PhotographerHorse Racing Photography - Norfolk PhotographerHorse Racing Photography - Norfolk PhotographerNorfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer Norfolk Event Photographer

Tips for Humanising Your Website

Bespoke Stock Photography Norwich

Tips for Humanising Your Website

I recently read a Linkedin Post from StevenThompson, a former college who I worked with when we were both Police Officers. Steve now runs a PR company called BIGDaddy Digital  and I run Blanc Creative, a Commercial Photography and Video Production business. Steven wrote a short post about people paying more attention if you’re Humanising your website and your social media posts. With so many people throwing ideas about how you should run your business, it’s difficult to know what to take in, but this one really stuck in my mind and a week later, I was re-designing my whole website. There are always so many consideration to make when building your new pages. Trying to play off google crawling your content for maximum site hits, getting your business message across to potential clients and perhaps even giving the impression that your business is ten times bigger than it actually is. It’s a fine line between being truthful and playing a game of ‘smoke and mirrors’ and I’ve been personally so guilty of working terribly hard to deliver such a dynamic and professional overviews of how great our business is at Blanc Creative, that I’ve actually lost a sense of telling people what ‘really’ matters and the concepts that make our own company stand out from others in an otherwise saturated market.

Humanising Your Website

The first step in Humanising your website is about taking an honest approach to your values and knowing that you can deliver your product and services that you’re writing about. It’s no secret that people are more likely to engage if they see a personable, real side to your business and less like your content had been written by artificial intelligence. However, humanising your website can be a difficult task.  It a strange phenomena that making something “human” can be so alien but writing content for blogs and web pages is time consuming and needs a lot of thought. Sure, you can pay somebody to do it, but many small businesses don’t have the budgets to employ as team of copy writers and designers to think for them.

What is Humanising?

The official terminology is;

(redirected from humanising) Also found in: ThesaurusMedicalLegal. Related to humanising: recovererhumanizes



tr.v. hu·man·izedhu·man·iz·inghu·man·iz·es

1. To portray or endow with human characteristics or attributes; make human: humanized the puppets with great skill.
2. To imbue with humaneness or human kindness; civilize: acts of courtesy that humanize life in a big city.


a. To modify (a nonhuman compound, cell, organ, or organism) such that some of its components are replaced
with human forms of those components, usually by means of genetic engineering.
b. To replace most of the variable region of (a monoclonal antibody from a nonhuman source)
with a humansequence of amino acids so that the resulting antibody
is more compatible with the human immune system. Even the terminology isn’t human!

In a nutshell, Humanising is simply about giving it a “human” touch. It shouldn’t be too difficult to be yourself. I’m sure you gain new business through to talking to people and verbally communicating, so it should be a natural transition to do the same on your website and on social media. I spoke with Steven today about the very subject of Humanising and communicating in a human way through social media and he said one very true comment that people don’t actually humanise on social media or like posts, through a fear of being judged by others. If you’re posting in a professional manner and your content is not offence, contentious or inappropriate, then surely, this can only increase you profile positively online.


Humanising your website

Humanising your website

How exactly do you Humanise Your Website?

Your ‘About Us’ Page

Lee Blanchflower PhotographyThe ‘About Us’ page is the best example of humanising your website. It’s a phrase that I actually don’t personally like because ‘About Us’ oozes traditional non-humanised Bios. Tell people about who you are, what makes you tick and how great it’s going to be working with you. There’s no set rule behind this. You have to do what’s right for you, however, you should check out this great article about Bio Pages on the subject from BLOGTYRANT. Tell people about what you do, who you are, and why you will appeal to them. It doesn’t have to be complex.  My previous ‘About Me’ Page was so long, even I got bored of reading it. So, why would I think for one minute that visitors to my page are going to take the time to do the same. Wishful thinking perhaps. So my own profile has been stripped down and replaced with bold, bullet points and a few humanised facts. It can be simple, but engaging. Who you are and what you do can be summed up in a few words  Personalising sections of this page will leave visitors feeling like they know a little bit more about you and makes the process of determining if they’d like to do business with so much easier.

Business Speak

Norfolk Commercial Photography - Blanc Creative

Humanising your website with plain English wording is a great tool. Complex sentences and sector-specific terminology is a great way of trying to increase your own professionalism but turning potential customers away. We like to shout to our clients that;

“We’re a multi faceted Limited Company operating with a diverse corporate portfolio and capabilities for transnational assignments for globally recognised enterprises. 

However, the harsh reality is;

Not only do we offer great photography, but we also shoot creative video productions. We work with all sizes of business, from sole traders through to large international companies”  

You may think you sound super smart but the reality is, you’re probably putting off a huge chunk of potential business and you look unapproachable.

It contains keyword-stuffed copy.

Humanising your website

I mentioned in my opening paragraph about Google crawling your website. Remember back in the days, people would include 50 keywords in the same colour as the page they were writing so they’d appear invisible and hope that nobody would hover of the words and expose what they were doing. I’ve been so guilty of writing copious amounts of utter rubbish because I thought it would be great for my website to keep me up on Page 1. We live in an age where people don’ t have the time to read website material, particularly when it’s generated solely for the purpose of key wording.. Humanising your website is great. Humanising your website is really great. Who wouldn’t want to be Humanising your website? Do you understand what I’m saying? Keywords are crucial to driving SEO success, but the algorithms are so complex now, over key wording will result in your site tumbling through the rankings when you’re penalised. Keeping your content fresh, clean and up to date is really great.

It will keep visitors interested in you and your business. How many times have you been back to a website and seen a post for an event that happened six months ago still on their home page or the same material present year after year? We’re in the process of making our messages BOLD,  CLEAR & CONCISE without the need to overdress the messages we’re giving out. It’s not a quick process, but a steady progression and as things take shape, you may feel like me, that a big weight has ben lifted off your shoulders. It’s your product and services that sell and your own personalities that drive these. Look at how much repeat business you receive and ask yourself why? Because the chances are, it’s not down to having the fanciest descriptions and biggest words online.

Blogging is a great tool and we’ll tell you just why that is?


If you’re reading this, you’ll know the importance of a blog on your site  and you’re missing out on huge opportunities. Not only will you gain more ranking opportunities, but your blogs are an awesome way to Humanise your Website too. Write about things you enjoy but try and engage people with the topic. Leave open a comment box and once people start talking, it’s a great way to communicate and show that you’re actually human. Don’t be frightened about blogging about fails. Often your audience is going to relate far more when you share your failures over your successes. Don’t ever discuss air out your dirty laundry, but sharing stories of overcoming barriers is a great way to let people know you’re human. Life experiences are invaluable, especially stories of how your business helped customers overcome failure or problems. You can’t beat a good news story.

Be Social

Humanising your website

It’s so easy to post out your blogs and your pages day after day and hope that people will click on your content, without giving anything in return. To show the real, diverse faces behind your brand, you need to communicate with people. Take a few moments each day to actually engage with others posting on social media or forums at least once. It’s all it takes to increase you online profile and to allow people to identify with you as a person. Think about who your target audience currently are and who you would like them to be. If somebody comments on your post, then reply to them. People won’t take the time to engage with you or your service or product unless you become part of the conversation. We live in an age where you’re accountable for every spect of  your business, so make all of your hard work count and start being a human.