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Construction Industry Video – Why even a short promotional video is a winner!

Shooting a construction industry video for your business has never been so economical or inexpensive. It’s a key marketing strategy that can promote your business to the next level  throughout the construction sector and sell the benefits of your company to a huge audience in a very short time. At Blanc Creative, we’ve worked across the UK within out home county of Norfolk with a diverse range of building businesses from sole traders to some of the countries leading construction firms. A construction Industry video is a very powerful tool because it can highlight the different trades involved even in the most complex of projects, showcasing everything from project management management to handover of the completed build. It’s. great way to promote Health & Safety and to promote your business as a professional business.  A construction Industry Video compliments traditional Construction Photography Services and maximises your business exposure across a wide range of Digital Media Platforms.

Construction Industry Video – Garon Building Services

Commercial Construction Company – Promotional Video from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.


Commercial Photographer Norfolk
Garvan Foan – Managing Director of Garon Building Services

We recently worked with a new client, Garon Building Services, a Norfolk based Construction company who Refurbish, Build and Develop within the domestic and commercial sectors across East Anglia. Garvan Foan, Managing Director of Garon was looking for simple, impactive content that could be distributed to clients, populate their new Business website and upload onto a number of key social media channels including Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook Business Pages. Garvan explained to our team; 

We wanted to reach out to existing and potential new clients throughout the building industry with a Construction Industry Video and and still photography.  advertising is important, It’s a very reliable way to show the different trades, scale of commercial projects we undertake and  and the companies working practices in a manageable way. Photographs and video also give our company a stock library of images that can be used across a wide range of printed and digital material including case studies, tenders, advertising material and Training resources. 

Construction Industry Video Production


Construction Industry Video



Other ways Construction Industry Video can help your business

Testimonials: Shooting customer reviews is a great use for your Construction Industry Video. We’ve all been onto website and sen the same faceless reviews shouting about how great a product or service is. We also know how common place it is for businesses to pay for reviews that aren’t 100% real. Physically having a genuine client presenting a piece to camera about just how great your product, workmanship and service has been is a a very worthwhile piece of marketing. This type of review will definitely improve your status as ‘market leader’ your specialist area.

Case Studies: I wrote in my last post that ‘case study’ blog posts are a great way to focus on solving specific problems depending on the type of audience and their individual roles. If you have a case study which focuses on solving technical issues then support the case study by filming the technical representative who helped solve the issue, highlighting how you overcame the problem by designing or specifying a particular product.

Construction Industry Video Production


Builders Photography Norwich


Builders Photography Norwich



Construction Industry Video


Construction Industry Video


Professional Photographer Norwich



Construction Industry Video

Advertising Photographer Norwich


Professional Photographer Norwich


Builders Photography Norwich

To find out more about range of Video Production and Commercial Photography Service, why not reach oiut and speak with one of our team today. We’d love top help turn your visions into reality. We can be contacted on Tel: 07871 364041 or email: 

Find out more about the range of Construction services offered by Garon on their new website

Property Photography Norfolk – Blanc Creative

Property Photography. Interior Design

2020 is already proving to be a fantastic year for property photography. As restrictions slowly lift from the Covid-19 pandemic, the construction industry and building sectors across commercial and residential sectors are fighting back. The property market appears to be booming and with this, comes the need for property photography on those newly developed residential properties. At Blanc Creative we’ve been supplying our professional photography services to clients throughout Norfolk and the UK. Our most recent work has taken us to Suffolk, Northampton, Bury, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Leamington Spa to name just a few. We cover all areas of property photography including;

Norwich Interior Photography


*Construction Photography incorporating building work from the ground up to completion

*Drone filming and aerial Property photography promoting entire construction sites and finished housing estates

*Exterior property photography imagery for advertising, brochures, websites and case studies

*Interior property photography showcasing interior design and lifestyle

*Case studies with new home owners

If you have found us online it may be because you are looking for professional Property Photography. We are sure that our extensive portfolios will reflect Lee Blanchflower and Blanc Creative as a leading commercial photographer. We have provided  worked clients across the UK in not only Property Photography sector, but all aspects of commercial and corporate business. We work with property developers, architects, building companies and interior designers.

Property Photography – Achieve your marketing goals with professional imagery

Whether you are looking for a construction photographer or property photographer, photographer or you need interior photography for your project, we always ensure the highest standard of work is completed. We have an eye for detail and 10 years of experience shooting commercial Photography. Our modern photography combined with the latest digital cameras and post shoot editing software ensures that your photographs are delivered to the highest of standards and suitable for all printed and digital media platforms. You properties will take centre stage, promoting sales and supporting your marketing and advertising goals. We offer competitive rates that offer quality photography at favourable prices.

When marketing any property, poor photography can make this difference between winning and losing a sale. An experienced professional photographer will showcase your property as you would truly wish it to be seen, with exceptional images. Unless you are proficient in high-end photography and post-production skills then it’s best you leave the photography to our team. We live in a digital world where Google is usually the first place we visit and people now search online for properties before even venturing to an estate agent. Great photographs are essential in marketing a house or commercial property and professional property photograph will encourage potential clients through the door. It is likely that you are looking on this page because you are serious or at least starting to think seriously about having professional images taken of your property, so have full confidence that you will be hiring a photographer who’s serious about producing high quality images for you to make sure you heading off on the best direction.

Please take a few moments to view our range of look books where you will find residential photography, industrial photography, construction photography and much more.

To find out more about our range of services, why not call today and speak with our team on 07871 364041 or email

Did you know we also produce videos promoting your property or housing developments

Commercial interior Photography Norfolk

Norwich Interior Photography

Commercial interior Photography Norfolk

Norwich Interior Photography

Commercial interior Photography Norfolk

Norwich Interior Photography

Commercial interior Photography Norfolk

Property Photography Norfolk


Social Media Video – Fosters Solicitors Case Study

Norwich Corporate Video

Social Media Video – Fosters Solicitors LLP

How to produce a sub 30 second commercial video from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

Our previous 30 second video marketing blog covered the subject of Social Media Video Marketing with an emphasis on “why 30 second video marketing is a winner” and how important short videos are in the world of the social media digital platform. Today we will look at our latest Video short, which we produced for our client, Fosters Solicitors LLP with a very specific aim. We received an initial brief to produce a video advert that met a very succinct criteria.

    • The video could run for no longer than 29.5 seconds including any call to actions at the end.
    • The content had to cover five key elements of law that the business offered to clients including Family / Employment / Property / Motoring / injury
    • The social media video should not have any voiceover or spoken script
  • Was aimed at a younger demographic as the content with a primary objective of being be played on a loop in an environment where music would already be playing.
  • The content had to be interpreted purely from a visual perspective.
  • The content would be used in a secondary capacity as a social media video across a host of platforms and therefore would require some element of audio but not a scripted voiceover.

Social Media Video Pre-production

During our pre-production meeting, we discussed the pace of the film. Conveying 5 key areas of law in a social media video left very little time for each element, particularly as we needed to incorporate a call to action and branding at the end. My initiial thoughts were to look at historical marketing campaigns that were fast paced, conveyed numerous cuts into one flowing theme and immediately, I thought of Lurpak. I’d always had a fascination with these adverts from the disembodied Rutger Hauer voice overs  trumpeting the benefits of butter and the continuous movement covering the rise from bed to leaving the house with lunch in just 37 seconds was so appealing, that I couldn’t think of any other concept that would have worked any better. Fosters Solicitors were really receptive to the theme, so the initial planning concepts and storyboarding would all be planned around this theme.


The storyboarding concept was quite straight forward as there was no script to worry about and therefore the emphasis was placed on three main elements, which were visuals, sound and Text. The storyline would be built around the lifestyle of a young, successful person and would convey the aspects of Family Life, Employment, Property, Motoring and Injury Law set over the course of getting out of bed and driving to work. We all have personal needs in our lives and Fosters Solicitors provide expert legal advice and services across a multitude of legal areas. The concept of the marketing campaign would re-enforce the message that during your life, you may need professional solicitors across a whole range of scenarios and that Fosters Solicitors is indeed the place “Where your life meets the law”.

Assignment Costs

Whenever we produce a Social Media Video for a client, production costs are always one of the main areas we focus on. We have built our business ethics on delivering high quality work at a fair price with awesome customer service. We live in a time where creative industries are a saturated market so delivering value for money is at the forefront of everything we do. The video could be shot at one location, with once cinematographer and actor,, so from a production cost, this was really favourable. The length of the social media video being under 30 seconds, also meant that post shoot editing and colour graded would be relatively inexpensive. The storyboarding process meant that we knew exactly what shots were required, so in addition, filming time was reduced. Taking into consideration the need for sound, we opted to incorporate no music, reducing the requirement for Royalty Free Licensing. However, one of the largest tasks outside of filming would be the sound production. Dispensing with the use of a sound recordist on site, we once again reverted to the Lurpak advert and opted for a complete Foley soundtrack to be produced to accompany the visuals. In film production, 50% of the viewing experience is the sound. Produce a bad soundtrack and you can ruin an otherwise great production. Whilst the initial brief required no soundtrack at all, failing to include a soundtrack would render the advert almost unusable across social media platforms, so the decision was made to create a whole new track that was built from scratch in the studio with a sound recordist.

Location scouting

Location scouting can be as difficult or complicated as you want it to be. Keeping it simple is always the best choice unless you’re producing an epic saga. The larger the production, the more work is entailed and the chances of having to seek permissions for filming and complete extensive RAMS assessments for Health and Safety increase workload, add to your budget and either eat into your profits  The storyboarding for this project was set in one location, so finding a suitable property was slightly easier. There were no particularly expansive scenes, lots of closeups and therefore, providing we found a property and vehicle brand that reflected the modern type of lifestyle to reflect the demographic we were trying to capture. We actually shot the project in my own house, so there were no costs involved.

Social Media Video

Social Media Video

Shooting your Social Media Video

So you’ve already produced a great storyboard for your social media Video that your client has signed off, you’ve secured your location, found a suitable actor for the role and secured a post production sound engineer and foley artist to produce your soundtrack, you’re then ready to shoot. There’s no point in hiring freelances, runners and extra staff unless you need them. You should be able to plan the team you need on set during your planning and setting your shooting schedule. It’s great turning up to your client with a team of six people, but if nobody has a role to play and spend the entire shoot standing around, then your client is going to be pretty unhappy and is likely to challenge you about the need, especially if they are on set to watch filming. We worked with a two person team, with myself working as Director of Photography and one assistant, who worked as runner, clapper board operator and set dresser. Build you team around your workload and the technicalities of your film. If you have scenes that require continuity from a perspective of multiple camera angles, then you’ll need to camera operators or you’ll lose the continuity. Extensive planning will save all of your headaches in post production. Check footage as you shoot it. We use an Atomos system with a large screen and built in Solid State Drive. If your client wishes to be part of the production process, they may very well want to  sign off the rushes to make sure that the footage fits with their vision. If you can’t review the footage on anything other than the LCD on the back of a camera, then this will. look unprofessional and you don’t really want to be having to download every single ‘Take’ onto a laptop as your film as this  will be counter productive and eat into your filming.

Blanc Creative Video ProductionPost Shoot Editing

Keep your editing process as simple as possible. We edit our Social Media Video in Davinci Resolve which is a solid professional platform. Our personal preference is to shoot in S-Log where lighting conditions permit as this allows for some great colour grading and dynamic range of your footage. We allows edit without a client being present. On numerous occasions, clients have requested if they can be part of the editing process, but this will definitely slow down your process and can cause multiple problems. If you have storyboarded, developed the concept, shot the film in the style to reflect the storyboard, then the editing process should naturally flow. There are no hard and fast rules about this, it’s just a personal preference, but we always send our clients a primary completed version of the production. You may receive a request for minor changes and this generally comes in the form of soundtrack music if you’re using it or Font changes if a specific has not been chosen. Ensure that you deliver the final product in a suitable format that your client can use. Particularly on larger productions that aren’t short social media video  products, that delivering a heavy 4K version is often impractical. Listen to your client from Day 1 and you should be able to deliver a fabulous product that will the audience wanting more.

A few tips for Social Media Video Production

Tip 1- The importance of a pre-production meeting and the chance to listen.

Never undertake a social media video production without first holding a pre production meeting with your client. If you’re tight for work it’s really easy to agree over the telephone to take on a project and offer a quote for the job only to find out that the workload is two or three times more than you thought and that the clients expectations, far far exceeded your fee and more importantly your ability. It’s a key opportunity to listen top your clients vision and make a decision about your experience, your equipment and the production time versus workload. The last hing you need, is to agree a price simply to seal the assignment and then to find out that the timescales, hire of equipment and any other freelancers or sub-contractors is way outside your quote. If this happens and you decide not to undertake the project after you’ve agreed, will leave your reputation and credibility in tatters. And you really can’t afford to have this in such a competitive business. Pre -production is a chance to listen and to document everything your client visualises for the production. Your clients will mainly be led by your experience. Don’t offer services that you can’t commit to and more importantly, if a concept doesn’t work, explain why. Your knowledge in the industry is the reason your clients wish to engage you services. Provide examples from your portfolio or showcase work that really stands out for you as an example of the kind of work that would suit your clients brief.

Tip 2 – Storyboarding your Social Media Video

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating  a TV advert, social media video or a large scale film production, storyboards are super helpful to quickly tell a story. A storyboard showcases the shots planned for filming and presents the client with everything from camera angles and style of shot for that element of the scene. of your film. From a pre-production perspective it’s really valuable because it clearly conveys how the story will flow. It allows your client to glimpse what they can expect to see and can save a lot of time, worry  saving you time and money, after all, it’s reduces the need to shoot footage that will be discarded and stops the problems of having key elements missing from your edit that you suddenly realise should have been included in your shooting schedule. Social media video is often produced as an explainer video or marketing tool, so the work that goes into storyboarding isn’t a labour intensive task. It will tell the story and communicate the concept, serving as a guide when producing the the final work. The storyboard is the first opportunity following your pre production meeting, where you client can visualise the overall concept of your visual ideas. Take your time to think of the script when you begin to sketch out each board. Focus on the characters in the story. You don’t need to spend a lot of time filling in the background if it doesn’t affect the plot. At this point it’s a good idea to share your boards with someone to get feedback. Sharing your storyboard and script helps identify if your boards flow and makes sense. If you’re missing something or need to revise the concept, then it’s a relatively simple process, as most professional video production companies use dedicated storyboard software.  The art of storyboarding is powerful and will ave a lot of potential headaches. It also allows the scripting process to be written around the timings of your production or vice versa. There are numerous storyboarding options on a subscription basis, including Studiobinder or Toonboom to name just two.

Tip 3 – Shoot for your intended platform

For most social video, landscape mode is generally the best choice. Videos are almost almost always presented horizontally unless you are choosing to shoot for something such as a dedicated campaign on a Digital Bus Shelter or a portrait style screen in a retail store or a bespoke screen.  When videos are filmed in portrait mode, there’s always two large black bars on the side unless the footage is adapted to fit the screen, which causes all sorts of problems unless you’re filming with the camera on the side. unless, of course, your viewers are on a platform like Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Stick to tradition and how video is meant to be viewed… in landscape mode.

Tip 4 -Aim to catch attention quickly

The first 30 seconds of a social video is what matters most. Make your video engaging, exciting, succinct and leave the viewer with a message they will remember.

At Blanc Creative, we are a group of creatives who love to make short films, shoot awesome commercial photography and deliver fully licensed drone footage. If you are planning your next visual project or require imagery for any commercial purpose, then please reach out to our team on 07871 364041. We’d love to help turn your ideas into reality.


Construction Industry Photography

Norfolk Construction Photographer

Construction Industry Photography

Construction industry photography are now an integral part of any commercial build and at Blanc Creative we have built an impressive portfolio of professional imagery with industry leading names in the UK including Orbit Homes, Morgan Sindall and The Norse Group to name a few. Documenting your commercial and residential building projects has never been so important. Construction Industry Photographs are a valuable tool that can be used across a masive range of printed and digital media platforms including brochures, tenures, case studies and publicity material before we even mention social media sites. With digital platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook commanding a huge share of advertising opportunities, the requirement for high quality, professional photography has never been so important.

construction industry photography

At Blanc Creative, we have been capturing construction industry photography for almost a decade. We are fully insured with employee liability, professional indemnity and public liability cover. Based in Norfolk, our clients are spread across the whole of the UK. We shoot every aspect of the construction industry from groundwork photography through to licensed drone imagery and internal and exterior architecture images. A recent example of our work took place at the newly built  St Annes Quarter development in Norwich, an exciting new community of prestigious residential and commercial properties. Spanning a period of months, we worked on site at key stages to document the entire process of the build from construction, interior design photography, commercial drone footage, drone photography and commercial video production.

Our services are increasingly popular since the construction and property sectors are so immensely competitive. We enable properties to stand out and tell stories through the construction process with highly specialised and effective photography. We offer high quality imagery that. can be incorporated in your business sectors including;

  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Work progress reports
  • Architectural photography
  • Development projects
  • Annual reports
  • Construction equipment advertising

Norfolk Construction Photographer

construction industry photography

construction industry photography

construction industry photography






Construction Industry Photography – Interior Photography

construction photography Norwich


Norwich Interior Photography

construction industry photography

Norwich Interior Photography

Norwich Interior Photography

Construction Industry Professional Drone Filming

Orbit Group Mavic 2 Pro 2.7K footage Norwich City Centre from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

We understand that construction projects encompass a great deal of responsibility, time, budgets and pressure. We offer help in preparing shooting schedules, storyboarding for video assignments and art direction. If you think that your development could benefit rom professional construction photographs, then why not contact our office today on 07871 364041, email or our online contact form.









30 second video marketing is a winner

30 second videos Norwich

30 Second Video Marketing in a nutshell.

30 second video marketing has never been so important as a means of marketing your business, products and services. We currently live in globally challenging times with the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world, your future customers are spending more and more time trawling online content. Individuals are working from home, people are in lockdown or are extremely apprehensive about venturing out to shops and businesses. In fact there’s never been a better time to take your business to the next level with short creative films. 30 second video marketing is all about cutting out the clutter and focusing on key content elements and delivering a creative message very succinctly in order to succeed. This is a huge push towards short advertising formats on social media channels with Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Linkedin and all offering the facilities to distribute video. So why is the 30 second number so important. Unless you’ve been living as a hermit, you’re probably aware that video is truly the king of online content. With billions of hours’ worth of video being viewed each day,  it’s easy to see why brands are flocking to this highly engaging format to communicate their message.


Keep it Short. Keep the attention.

The only downside is that the average consumer has an extremely short attention span, which has pretty much pushed the video producer to tailor content to meet the demands of a generation that is very easily distracted. Over half of the videos out there are under 120 seconds in length and whilst social media sites have a different set of preferences about maximum run times, you don’t necessarily have to fill out that whole time with content. 30 Second Video Marketing has its’ name for a reason. It’s a fact,  that the average social media video that lasts 30 seconds in length, is viewed 85% of the way through, while the average 2-minute video was viewed on average 50% of the way through. Ask yourself? How many times you’ve failed to reach the end of a social media video just because you can’t be bothered to watch it. We used to have the same problem with long blogs, so I actually wonder how many of you reading this will get to the end? We’re time precious and have a desire to suck up online media like a sponge, so as a business, well made  30 second video marketing is a no brainer.

Key tips for 30 second video marketing

1. Create a storyboard and don’t deviate.

Visualising your content is a priority when preparing 30 second video marketing. Deviate and you the risk of project creep. You’ll shoot footage you don’t need, you’ll try to cram in too much and end up with a 60 seconds of video with no space for movement and unable to upload your content where you really want it especially as you’re trying to stick to a limited timeframe. This is what will help you avoid wasting time – you’ll be setting each frame ‘in stone’, so there’s no way you’ll end up with a scene that fails to communicate something important.

In the storyboard, there shouldn’t be frames left without information: everything that ends up being in the storyboard must be essential. This is a job for the director of the video!

2. Your script should be short and sweet

30 second video marketing is what it is! For millennials they should be even shorter – a study by IAB found brands running 10-second mobile video ads had greater appeal and persuasion potential with younger audiences. However, a slightly longer, 30-second spot did better with those between the ages of 35 and 54.

Keep your content succinct and direct. Don’t complicate things. 30 seconds to sell a service or a product is highly achievable if you plan your content.. Especially as you will have a well written script (If you’re having spoken content or a voice over) or key subtitles. Remember though, you don’t always need a script to convey a message as you’ll see in our very own FOSTERS SOLICITORS LLP CASE STUDY.

3. Think about it like a TV commercial

We all know it’s not it’s not the same but… for the sake of the comparison, think of your video as a way to introduce your brand to the audience, just like a TV advert. 30 seconds on TV is a huge amount of time so you should be able to transfer the same message online.

How Lurpak influenced our latest 30 second project.

It may be hard to believe that Proper Danish butter producer Lurpak was the influence for a 30 second video to showcase a renowned firm of Solicitors, but that’s just how it happened. We’ve put together a little case study explaining how we worked with Fosters Solicitors LLP on there latest project and a little insight into how you can create inexpensive content for your business.

30 second video marketing is a winner

Read our extensive case study of how we made our latest social media video for Fosters Solicitors LLP

 Blanc Creative have been making short, to-the-point commercial videos for a wide range of businesses of all sizes including startups, local companies and national organisations. We transform your visions into memorable, engaging videos. Why not reach out and contact our office today on 07871 364041 or email

Noel Gallagher headlines Sunday Sessions Norwich

Noel Gallagher Concert. Oasis Star Headlines Sunday Sessions

A Noel Gallagher concerts sold out Norwich’s outdoor Earlham Park venue as once again, Sunday Sessions headed back to Norfolk. The Noel Gallagher Concert marked his first appearance on stage in Norwich for over 25 years. Crowds braved a mixture of torrential downpours and bright sunshine over the bank holiday weekend to watch the Oasis front man perform with his High Flying Birds. Gallagher’s latest album was evidence as he performed a number of tracks including his latest single Black Star Dancing. Sunday Sessions is a first class music festival with an explosive line up of entertainment that once again turned Earlham Park into a music venue hosting a crowd of 15,000 Fans.

If you were unlucky enough to miss out on the Norwich Noel Gallagher Concert and fancy heading off to watch The High Flying Birds perform live, then you may have to dig deep into your pockets. The band worldwide tour runs through until November 2019 concluding in Bangkok.

“Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are an English rock band formed in 2010 as the solo moniker of former Oasis lead guitarist/songwriter Noel Gallagher. The band originates from Manchester and includes former Oasis session pianist Mike Rowe, drummer Jeremy Stacey of The Lemon Trees, The Zutons bassist Russell Pritchard and guitarist Tim Smith. The band also varies guests on their debut album such as the Crouch End Festival Chorus and The Wired Strings. Since his split from Oasis in August 2009 many speculated that Gallagher might record a solo album. In July 2011, he held a press conference to confirm that this was the case, after denying rumours from his brother Liam Gallagher that he had already heard the tracks featured on it. He also explained that he would be collaborating with Amorphous Androgynous for a second album that is due for release in 2012. The singles for Gallagher’s debut album are “The Death of You and Me”, “If I Had a Gun”, “AKA… What a Life!” and “”Dream On””. AKA… What a Life! made its debut on a Vauxhall television”



At Blanc Creative, we’ve been shooting professional music photography, festival photography and high profile concerts for almost a decade. It’s not the first time they’ve photographed a Noel Gallagher concert. The Norfolk Based Music Photographer Lee Blanchflower, had the pleasure of photographing the international star at a Noel Gallagher Concert at London’s O2 Arena  in 2015. We’re passionate about Concert Photography and would love to hear from you if you would be interested in our Event Photography or Music Photography services.

Norwich Music Photography - Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher Concert Photography

Norwich Music Photography - Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher Concert Photography

Noel Gallagher Concert Photography

Noel Gallagher Concert Photography

Noel Gallagher Concert Photography

Noel Gallagher Concert Photography

Noel Gallagher Concert Photography

Noel Gallagher Oasis Photography

Noel Gallagher Oasis Photography

Noel Gallagher concert photographs Sunday Sessions Norwich

Noel Gallagher concert photographs Sunday Sessions Norwich

Noel Gallagher concert photographs Sunday Sessions Norwich

Noel Gallagher concert photographs Sunday Sessions Norwich

Noel Gallagher concert photographs Sunday Sessions Norwich

Noel Gallagher - Norwich Music Photography

The Sextortion Blackmail Scam

Photo by Dmitry Moraine on Unsplash

Sextortion Blackmail Scam Continues to Plague Business Emails.

Phishing scams have been around for over twenty-years and are still reeling in victims on a daily basis. Since the evolution of the internet we’ve been warned about the dangers of cyber crime. Yet, two decades later, the vulnerability of even the most astute and street wise individuals continues to be tested. The Phishing email was developed to be a smart hack, literally designed to fish for personal information. The terminology comes from PHREAKS, who were he first generation of notorious hackers to target the internet. Today, more than ever, hacking and cyber crime is prevalent in epidemic proportions.

As we enter 2019, the Sextortion Blackmail Scam is set to take it’s place alongside some of the Top Phishing Scams in history. These include The Moscow World Cup Vacation Rental Scam, Dear Customer Email Scams, Smishing and the legendary Nigerian scam, which involves someone overseas offering you a share in a large sum of money or a payment on the condition you help them to transfer money out of their country.

How Does the Sextortion Blackmail Scam Work?

The highly effective Sextortion Blackmail Scam continues to plague businesses and individuals across the globe by cyber criminals. The latest phishing trend uses cleverly constructed emails claiming to prove that the intended victims have been recorded online viewing pornography. Emails threaten to expose the recorded footage online unless substantial ransoms are paid using untraceable Bitcoin Accounts. The Scam, which has adopted the name of “Sextortion” has been widely reported to National Crime agencies and Law Enforcement  across the world including the FBI and the National Crime Agency to name just two. The Sextortion Blackmail Scam really is nothing new. It’s really a new take on the extortion theme where the criminal convinces the victim into sending naked videos or images before the criminal began blackmailing the victim. The new trending scam takes things to a new level, relying on the elements of shame, guilt and self doubt of the victim,  through a campaign of financially-motivated Sextortion. It’s believed that over 13,000 complaints were made relating to Sextortion Blackmail Scams during the month of July 2018 alone.

Step 1 – The victim receives an email

The emails often appear to have been sent from the recipients own email address and includes content such as usernames, passwords, personal information and other details that seek to bolster the hackers credibility and to immediately shock the recipient into believing that the email is genuine. The Sextortion Blackmail scam brings together a big mix of social engineering and extortion claiming to have hacked your computer’s webcam and recorded your sexual activities while you allegedly watched pornography. The email will often state that  RAT Malware has been opened when you clicked on your website of choice. A (RAT) is a A remote access Trojan malware program that includes a back door for administrative control over the target computer. RATs are usually downloaded invisibly with a user-requested program such as a game or as an email attachment. The email will claim the Malware was downloaded and did a number of things simultaneously. The Virus cloned your whole contact list and social media details. Whilst this was happening in the background, the virus recorded a video of your computer screen along with footage from your webcam. You’ll probably notice that the alleged date of the incident remains very calm. Using terminology such as “A few months Ago…” to place a timescale on when the alleged video was captured. This is deliberately used a s a tactic to confuse the victim, particularly if they have been viewing adult information regularly and making it impossible to pinpoint exactly whay evidence they may or may not have intercepted.

Step 2 – The Sting

It states that you sexual act will be distributed electronically on social media and to all of your business and personal contacts including friends, family and work colleagues, unless of course, you pay a substantial ransom using untraceable bitcoin currency (BTC.) The ransom demand will be time limited, generally offering between 48 and 72 hours for the victim to pay the ransom. The ransom demand varies considerably from email to email but it’s not uncommon to expect in the region of  $200 USD to $4,000 USD.

The emails will contain a number of themes but will essentially carry the same message of which a few examples are listed below;

Sample 1

I am aware one of your passphrase: password. Lets get directly to point. Not a single person has compensated me to investigate about you. You do not know me and you are probably wondering why you’re getting this e mail?actually, I actually installed a software on the adult vids (sex sites) site and you know what, you visited this web site to have fun (you know what I mean). When you were viewing videos, your internet browser initiated working as a Remote control Desktop that has a key logger which provided me access to your display screen and also web cam. Right after that, my software program collected your complete contacts from your Messenger, FB, and email . After that I created a double-screen video. 1st part shows the video you were viewing (you’ve got a good taste haha . . .), and 2nd part shows the view of your webcam, and its u. You do have only 2 alternatives. We are going to understand these types of choices in aspects: 1st solution is to disregard this message. In this case, I am going to send your actual video clip to just about all of your contacts and thus you can easily imagine about the disgrace you feel. Not to mention should you be in a relationship, just how it will eventually affect? Number two choice will be to pay me $3000. We will think of it as a donation. As a consequence, I most certainly will without delay eliminate your videotape. You will keep going on your daily life like this never happened and you will not hear back again from me. You’ll make the payment through Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search for “how to buy bitcoin” in Google).

Sample 2


Hi perv, The last time you visited a pornographic website with teens, you downloaded and installed software I developed. My program has turned on your camera and recorded the process of your masturbation. My software has also downloaded all your email contact lists and a list of your friends on Facebook. I have both the ‘<name>.mp4’ with your masturbation as well as a file with all your contacts on my hard drive. You are very perverted! If you want me to delete both the files and keep the secret, you must send me Bitcoin payment. I give you 72 hours for payment. If you don’t know how to send Bitcoins, visit Google. Send 2.000 USD to this Bitcoin address immediately: 3QBCunubfjup2DCFDpUzX2exurv7wws2Nv (copy and paste) 1 BTC = 3,580 USD right now, so send exactly 0.564369 BTC to the address provided above. Do not try to cheat me! As soon as you open this Email I will know you opened it. This Bitcoin address is linked to you only, so I will know if you sent the correct amount. When you pay in full, I will remove the files and deactivate my program. If you don’t send the payment, I will send your masturbation video to ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES from your contact list I hacked. Here are the payment details again: Send 0.564369 BTC to this Bitcoin address: 3QBCunubfjup2DCFDpUzX2exurv7wws2Nv You саn visit police but nobody will help you. I know what I am doing. I don’t live in your country and I know how to stay anonymous. Don’t try to deceive me – I will know it immediately – my spy ware is recording all the websites you visit and all keys you press. If you do – I will send this ugly recording to everyone you know, including your family. Don’t cheat me! Don’t forget the shame and if you ignore this message your life will be ruined. I am waiting for your Bitcoin payment. If you need more time to buy and send 0.564369 BTC, open your notepad and write ’48h plz’. I will consider giving you another 48 hours before I release the vid. Anonymous Hacker

Sample 3

Hello there! There is nothing hidden that is not shown – you`ll see what I mean in just a moment. Recently you were browsing a website that has pornographic content and yes, I saw you masturbating. It is not my duty to teach you what to do or how to do it I want you to pay me to keep this thing private You`ll have to take care of this finance-related issue. Before you question yourself how did that happened, I`ll tell you How did I get it? While you were browsing porn sites accidentally installed the malware I used to hack the website So consequently I`ve hacked your computer I`ve got all your names and passwords, access to your email, messengers and other things. If you want to know my secret, I used keylogger. When I got ahold of your desktop I immediately installed keylogger on your system. There was one other program involved, I’m not gonna tell you which but it gave me access to your webcam so I recorded all the things you did in front of the computer. Guess what I filmed? You masturbating. I am sure your friends and family will be delighted to see you do your dirty business, a long time will pass before you can get clean of all this mess. Okay, here is what you should do (if you do exactly what I ask, I will delete that embarrassing video and let you be). You must send 650 us dollars To my bitcoin wallet 1FXTXQEWFaPukDUWcMYnbgae1FpPtYNyA6. That`s it, it`s all you have to do. Don`t waste your time replying to this email I`m not gonna read it but the system will notify me when you make the payment. After you read this message, you have 24 hours to make the payment. You can reply to this email in case you need more time (48 hours max) to collect the money. I hope you understand everything I`ve mentioned. Sorry for my English, it isn’t particularly popular in my country P.S. I`am expecting to see the money on my account within 24 hours

Sample 4

Hi, victim.I write yоu becаusе I put а mаlware оn the wеb раge with porn whiсh yоu hаve visitеd.My virus grаbbed all your рersonal infо аnd turnеd on yоur сamеrа which сaрtured the рroсеss оf your onаnism. Just aftеr that the soft savеd yоur соntaсt list.I will dеlеte thе сompromising video and infо if you pаy me 999 USD in bitcoin. This is address fоr рaymеnt : 1K2jNTLdbHEwaALQWKMeGoKLWD67Cb6q8BI give yоu 30 hоurs aftеr you ореn my mеssаge for making the trаnsactiоn.As sоon аs yоu reаd the mеssаgе I’ll see it right awаy.It is nоt necessary tо tell mе thаt you hаve sеnt money to me. This address is соnneсtеd tо yоu, my systеm will dеlete еverything automаtically aftеr trаnsfer соnfirmаtiоn.If yоu nееd 48 h just reрly оn this letter with +.Yоu сan visit thе pоlicе stаtion but nobоdy cаn hеlp yоu.If you try to dеceive mе , I’ll sеe it right аway !I dont live in yоur соuntry. So they саn nоt track my lосаtiоn evеn for 9 months. Goodbyе. Dоnt fоrget аbоut thе shame and tо ignore, Yоur life can be ruined.


Step 3 – The Request for Payment

The whole Sextortion Blackmail Scam situation is pretty terrifying,, especially if the extortion revolves around your work computer. In light that the worlds most influential pornographic site receives 75 Million Hits Per Day it’s not unrealistic to make an assumption that mass email campaigns will at some point, reach some of the demographic that makes up these astonishing numbers. The hackers are literally fishing for active people who may just be susceptible enough to part with large amounts of cash in an attempt to hide their activities. The generic Sextortion Blackmail Scam emails are cleverly constructed, There are numerous examples available detailing variations of the same scam, but they all have  underlying similarity that play in favour of the person receiving the threat;

*The email actually gives no credible indication that the hacker is in possession of any of your personal data. You’re not mentioned by name despite the fact the Hacker has allegedly cloned your whole address book and knows all of your personal information.

*When exactly did you visit the adult site. If the Hacker has painstakingly taken the time to target you, your hardware, your computer screen and cameras, then why haven’t they sent you evidence of this?

*Has the Hacker sent you any visual proof of the alleged self-abuse? With this kind of phishing scam (and let’s not confuse it with other forms of genuine Sextortion Blackmail, which can and has serious consequences,) the answer will generally be No. The Criminals behind these scams are playing on words and don’t want you to request proof, because the chances are, there is none available.

*The Hacker will demand payment into a Bitcoin account but they won’t give you details on the process of how to pay or how to set up a Bitcoin Wallet. Why? The answer to this is that the more research the Sextortion Blackmail Scam encourages the victim to undertake, the greater the doubt it places in the victims mind that the email is genuine.

Data Breaches

The truth is, that data breaches are common place and sensitive information and passwords have been intercepted in vast numbers. You only need to look at the Aadhaar Data Breach affecting 1.1 Billion people in India over six months including Aadhaar numbers, names, email and physical addresses, phone numbers, and photos. Why not check out the Top 10 Data Breachers of 2018.  Scammers are likely to directly obtain this information or purchase it through the dark web for mass email campaigns. Using the Have i been pwned? website will give you some kind of indication if your email details have compromised.

For this type of Sextortion Blackmail Scam, it should really only work if a number of factors are in place including;

a) The recipient has a webcam or camera on their device. In 2019, this is a distinct possibility with smart phones, PC’s, Laptops, TV’s or Tablets all with the potential to house cameras.

b) The recipient has been viewing adult content online – In 2016, a survey published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, stated that 16.1% of men watched pornography at work on their smartphone or tablet and 5.4% watched it on a work computer. As much as we may not like the idea, the statics fuel hackers to try and extort victims.

c)The recipient actually communicates with the hacker and pays the extortionate ransom demands.

You may have landed on this page because you’ve received a Sextortion email. You may have


You may be reading this because you’ve personally received a Sextortion Blackmail Scam Email either at work or at home. Don’t worry. You certainly won’t be alone. Should you bite the bullet and pay for your extorter’s silence. In our opinion, the answer is a resounding “NO.” Do not pay under any circumstances. The whole premise of this extortion scam, relies purely on the statistics that a tiny number of victims will actually respond out of a batch of potentially thousands, maybe even millions of mass distributed emails. There is an expectation that the majority of these emails will not be answered, in fact, most will probably drop into the Spam or Junk Folders of potential victims only to be read days or weeks after the deadline for payment has passed by. Hackers rely on engagement with victims at which point, they will move to the next stage of the extortion. Without engagement, it’s impossible of the criminals to turn on the pressure of those petrified people whose world’s have literally been turned upside down with fear.


If you’ve ever had an animal and you feed it every day, eventually, it will keep coming back to its’ source of food. The same principle applies to Sextortion Blackmail Scams. Pay once and you’re showing that you either have the money to pay and risk the extortioners coming back time and time again. You should not pay the ransom. Firstly, you will never see your money again. Bitcoin transactions are pseudo-anonymous, which means they can be tracked, however, Bitcoin Mixing, Tor- Onion Router, Logless VPN’s, New Address for Transactions and JoinMarket are a few ways that criminals avoid their identities being linked to their Bitcoin Wallets. In reality, once you send cash to the Hackers Bitcoin Address, your money is gone. Losing your money gives the criminals scope to continue sending demands to potential victims.


There are a number of steps that could help to eradicate this type of email plaguing you in the future and to keep you safer online.

*Don’t communicate with the Criminals emailing you. Avoid the feeding the animals. Once you start, you’ll never be free of them. Your details are likely to be shared and you may start a depressing chain of events that will take a long while to break.

*Changing your password is a must. You ma very well recognise the passwords used in your emails but these are likely to have been obtained from historical data breaches. If an attacker had genuinely intercepted your password, then there are many more lucrative means of  clearing out your bank account or causing financial deprivation using online fraud.

*Remain calm. The people operating these scams continue to practice because believe it or not, victims actually pay the ransom. It may seem difficult to comprehend but the Sextortion Blackmails Scams work. They use psychological damage to drum up fear in potential victims and once this is in place, it becomes difficult to rationalise the situation. Anxiety, fear, and emotion are all used as triggers to extort money.

*Cover your webcam. If it means sticking a piece of gaffer tape or a plaster over it, then at least you’ve taken positive steps to keep yourself safe. The whole taping over of your webcam and microphone was brought into the public domain when Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg posted an image of himself and his own Macbook Webcam was clearly shown as having been taped up. If you’re worried about the cosmetics of doing this, then take a look online and you’ll fins hundreds of webcam covers available at very affordable prices.

*Don’t open any attachments that may be linked to the emails under any circumstances. You may have panicked when you first saw this email, but remaining rational and not making foolish mistakes from the offset will be very beneficial. If you feel better retaining the evidence of the email, then that’s fine, particularly if the extortion differs from the type of scam we are discussing here. If the email address is not your own email, then block the sender straight away.

If you search the internet for this very subject, you will find numerous examples posted in comment sections by victims, targets and worried business owners and staff. We’ve left the comments section open, so please feel free to document your experiences and offer advice as to how you dealt with this type of Scam.

If you are based in the UK, the Action Fraud website will offer further assistance on this subject. 

Hot Chain Waxing. Video Production on a Budget!


Is inexpensive Video Production Achievable?

Video Production without a huge marketing budget! Is this a concept that is deliverable to clients? At Blanc Creative we certainly think so! We’ve seen a huge increase in moving image as an advertising tool. Video Productions are a hugely attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes and as the world becomes a faster place, business also move at a quicker pace and the option to deliver professionally produced Video production for the corporate and commercial sectors is becoming an essential marketing tool. The word ‘Budget’ Video Production shouldn’t be confused with cheap and unprofessional. The world is literally awash with Video covering every conceivable product, service and business, shot on every type of device from smart phones to cinema quality cameras. Video production is about creating cinematography that meets the requirements of the client and to an old phrase.. “Not breaking a nut with a sledgehammer.” Whilst most clients would love their project shot on £100,000 8K Camera, these type of parameters are often way out of the budgets of many small businesses, so it’s about compromise.

How Popular is Video?

Did you know that web-based content including online video is now watched at a higher level than generic television broadcasts. Computer users are watching digital video content up to 15 hours a week. Almost 50% of internet users now browse videos relating to products or services before visiting a store (ThinkWithGoogle), 80% of shoppers believe demonstration videos are are a source of making purchases decisions. People now spend on average over 200% times more on pages with video content than those pages without.

Ride Harder. A Case Study

Corporate Budget video Production is achievable on a surprisingly tight budget and in some circumstances, with minimal project development . A physical example of working to tight schedules and budgets was the recent video production that Blanc Creative undertook for an independent Cycle Shop, In a Spin and Ride Harder, with Professional Bike Fitter, James Walsgrove. With two days notice and a minimal budget, we were able to Plan, Shoot, Edit & Deliver, an informative, creative Video Production for Hot Chain Waxing Product, Molten Speed Wax, with a turnaround of only 24 hours.

There are a number of factor to consider when producing Video that will impact on how the project pans out. Things to take into consideration include;

*Planning & Briefing – Video Production will generally rely on significant pre production meetings and a solid brief to ensure that location time is maximised and downtime reduced between takes. This cannot always be achieved on last minute projects, so having some knowledge of the subject matter you are shooting, can really help to speed up the process. As an avid, passionate cyclist, having a knowledge of the Hot chain waxing process, meant that developing a shot list was a relatively easy prospect as the whole video production could be undertaken in one location using selective angles and a backdrop that delivered lots of exposition for the viewer. Planning interview content with those who aren’t necessarily comfortable in a presenter type role can take a while, especially if no pre-shooting script writing has taken place. We knew that the video in this case was going to run for no more than 90 seconds, so on site script writing was a very simple process, centred around the Molten Speedwax product.

* Geographical Location – Actual travel time, fuel and out of pocket expenses may increase project costs, especially if last minute Hotel bookings, flights or other travel plans need to be made. Choosing local Video Production options may help to keep your project a Budget Video Production. Working with local businesses means that pre site surveys, physical meetings and any logistical issues can usually be dealt with much more easily than perhaps that of an international assignment would pose. Ride Harder is situated around twenty minutes from the Blanc Creative office and having visited the shop historically, this reduced any logistical worries. *The complexity of the Production – Transparency is an area that has underpinned our business model from the day we launched our brand. It’s super important to be clear and upfront from the very start about what is achievable and deliverable based on a clients financial constraints. Budget Video production works particularly well on projects where perhaps self-directed cinematography takes place or reducing unnecessary staff. Small promotional videos are more than manageable with self-directed camera operator, providing they have a good understanding of visual composition, sound and production. It’s important that the client and your own business are comfortable with the workload and the budget. Avoid being a “Busy Fool” and be aware of ‘project creep’ where one day of filming turns into three days for the same cost. Over delivering can leave film makers disgruntled and essentially de-values a product and leaves clients perhaps expecting the same on future projects.

The Quick Turn Around of Budget Video Production

Shooting, editing and delivering a 90 second Budget Video Production is more than possible, turning around an edit either same day or preferably overnight. After all, as film makers, I’m sure we’ve all shot film for perhaps a corporate event where a final cut is required for a presentation or award ceremony later in the day. Same day delivery or the offer of super fast turn can be problematic. Rushed editing comes with the downside of losing the little attentions to detail or quality that you would expect to proudly deliver to a client. Clients will have less control as to how the production is shot, the artistic direction and the content of the final edit. Quick turnarounds will be subject to less re-editing and minor tweaks. Our Ride Harder video was a pleasure to edit overnight. Having shot and digitally marked all rushes on site using the Atomos Shogun Flame as the shoot progressed, it was simple process of importing the selected clips, editing into a time line and adding a suitable audio track before colour grading. This involved a late night edit and super early start the next morning, but finalising a video in under twenty fours hours, does give a nice sense of satisfaction. Factors That Dictate Turnaround Time

To find out more about our full range of Video Production services, why not call one of our Team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email the office at

PR Photography Norwich – Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Frellance Press Photographer Norwich

PR Photography Norwich – Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

We’ve been providing Freelance PR Photography for nearly a decade. In the time my photography assignments have included celebrities, Concerts, Sporting Events and all manner of business clients. We’ve shot PR Photography across the  UK and a lot further afield (as an award-winning travel photographer.) As a Freelance PR Photography business, we work for private clients, established organisations, charities and an international Press Agency, so our knowledge of shooting PR has been successfully tested over many years.

One of our clients is Great Yarmouth Racecourse, who we work with throughout the season, producing PR, press and advertising based images. Great Yarmouth Racecourse is situated on the northern edge of Great Yarmouth only a few minutes walk from the beach. Great Yarmouth is one of the only racecourses in the country to feature a straight, mile long run, making it an important racing venue in both trainer’s and spectator’s calendars.  In 2017 the course hosted 18 exciting fixtures of flat racing from June through to October including action-packed family fun days with live children’s entertainment, themed Music Live Race Nights with live music after racingGreat Yarmouth Racecourse is part of Arena Racing Company (ARC), which operates 16 racecourses across the UK. It is a versatile venue that is available all year round for race days and events and first class facilities.


PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse is one of the most eagerly awaited race meetings of the year and 2016 was no exception. It is one of the highlights of Norfolk’s Social Calendar where ladies from across the whole of East Anglia mix elegance and the sport of kings on Norfolk’s premier Racecourse. The 2016 event saw a fantastic turnout with a great race card where the sun made an appearance, the rain held and the evening concluded with trackside dancing to London band, “The Chip Shop Boys. Blanc Creative had yet another fantastic evening on assignment working for the racecourse capturing the evening unfold to deliver a selection of images that could be used for advertising and social media campaigns.

PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Races

Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Races

Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Races

Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Races

PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Races

PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

PR Photography - Ladies Night at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

GY Ladies Night-4706


To find out more about the Annual Ladies Night Race Meeting Gat Great Yarmouth racecourse, visit the Great Yarmouth Racecourse website 


Getty Images files competition law complaint against Google

Commercial Photography Norwich

Getty Images files competition law complaint against Google

Getty Images has built a solid reputation in the industry as one of the most trusted providers of stock imagery, news photography and photojournalism photographs and throughout the world.  The company, who provide every genre of visual imagery through it’s own businesses including I-Stock, have an astonishing archive of over 200 million items in the marketplace. Getty Images sells it’s products to individuals, small businesses, news outlets and business websites in over 200 countries and has carved out an immense name in the media industry as the “Go To” company for Video and still image content. content from the world’s best photographers and videographers.

Getty Images files competition law complaint against Google

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The Complaint

Getty contributors woke today to an email from Paul Banwell, Senior Director of Contributor Relations at Getty Images, in which he stated;

Our complaint focuses specifically on Google Images, which has impacted the competitiveness of our business by siphoning off traffic and promoting piracy – to the detriment of the 200,000 contributors who rely on us to earn a living. On a broader scale, this has impacted the interests of content creators around the world, allowing Google not only to profit from their work, but also to reinforce its role as the internet’s dominant search engine and thus maintain its monopoly power.”

Getty Images says it will file a competition lawsuit with the EU against Google, after changes to Google’s picture search promote piracy and give the search engine giant unfair advantages in the way it manages traffic and advertising protocol. This isn’t the first time that Google has been in hot water and with complaints over allegedly breaching EU Competition laws. Google has been issued formal antitrust charges over allegations that it has taken advantage of it’s influential position in the market specifically with  its Android operating system. The European Commission sent a statement of objections to the tech firm, alleging that it has breached EU competition law. Google is accused of placing onerous requirements on firms using Android and stifling competition. The company has in the past dismissed allegations it has used its dominant position to stifle competition.

Getty Images files competition law complaint against Google

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Accidental piracy

Heading back  to the recent complaint, Getty Images claims Google is displaying pictures in its search results that takes away traffic that would otherwise go to Getty’s own website. The iconic agency indicates that because image consumption is pretty much instantaneous, that once an image is shown in a large format by Google, that the need for customers to continue to the website (the originating source site) is reduced as they are essentially  giving the picture out that they are viewing.

“These changes have allowed Google to reinforce its role as the internet’s dominant search engine, maintaining monopoly over site traffic, engagement data and advertising spend,” Getty said in a press release.”This has also promoted piracy, resulting in widespread copyright infringement, turning users into accidental pirates.”