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Running with dogs – One man and his wolf pack

Running with Dogs

Running with Dogs – One man and his wolf pack

Running with Dogs – One Man and His Wolf Pack from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

There was always too much work and never the time to shoot a creative short film for myself. Bills had to be paid and rightfully, as an owner of a commercial video production company, my client productions will always come first and always take pride of place. Then it happened. The Covid-19 pandemic broke across the globe and the UK fell into twelve weeks of lockdown. Work had ceased and the realisation crept up on me day by day, that Running with Dogs may just become a reality. As restrictions eased, I was now locking up my car on a quiet Norfolk countryside driveway, met for the last time not by the sound of birds chirping, but a chorus of howls that would be more in place in the heart of a Transylvanian forest. We were recording the last of our voice over for Running with Dogs.

Running with the Trail Dogs


Neil Featherby is a well known face in Norfolk, a regular contributor to local press wit a weekly running column in the EDP. Neil had a had a privileged career as an athlete.  He represented England and Great Britain on a number of occasions including a World and European Cup.  He competed in marathons and events all around the World whilst also winning the Leicester, Wolverhampton, Bungay and Norfolk (four times) marathons in the UK. He even boasts personal best times of 29 mins 28 secs for 10k, 49:47 for 10 miles and 2 hours 17 mins 35 seconds for the marathon. In International Competition, he also took the runners up position whilst running for England in Aberdeen as well as finishing 3rd in The Hong Kong, Malta, Bermuda and Luton Home Countries Marathons. Further honours include Norfolk AAA Marathon Champion 1986/87/89/90, Eastern Counties Marathon Champion 1987/89/90, South of England Marathon Silver Medalist 1991 and South of England Half Marathon Bronze Medalist 1992. Neil is also a coaching advisor offering training advice on many aspects of specific fitness and sports nutrition for individuals and groups which includes a number of World Class and Elite sportsmen.

Neil holds diplomas in sports psychology and sports nutrition for which he has written several articles. Neil owns Sportlink, the most prestigious running shop in the county and away from his working and sporting life, he spends a lot of time organising charity raising events to help local causes particularly for animal and rescue centres. Neil is a huge dog animal lover. Running with Dogs is his passion.

Neil and I go back thirty years, but a chance visit to the shop and a catch up sat on the wall outside turned my vision into reality. We talked about the concept and everything just panned out naturally after that.

The days were long. Walking a camera, drone and tripod around fields and woods up to eight 8 miles a day and shooting in locations that could only be reached on foot were at times a logistical nightmare, but not as much as the shame of trying to running full pelt with a camera and steadicam in my hand as Neil literally jogged effortlessly further and further away from me in a matter of seconds.

Running with Dogs is a key part of Neil’s life. He’s obsessed about running, obsessed with Dogs.. But I can’t say too much, it would spoil the film.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to watch Running with Dogs. It’s an emotional short story and we’re humbled to have made it.

Trail Dogs

Creative Video Production Norfolk

Running with Dogs

A few words from Neil Featherby

On the back of my EDP column this week and the mention of my charity challenge this year, needless to say it has produced several messages asking me for more details and as to why I have kept it fairly quiet up until now.
Well the truth being told is that the plan originally had been to run Hadrian’s Wall again back in May with some friends and the same team from when we did it back in Sept 2018. However, this time around was also going to be extra special as the date had been set for May 21st which would have coincided with what would have been the Big Man’s 15th Birthday. The Big Man being Oslo of course who we lost last October, which still cuts me up just thinking about it. However, with him very firmly fixed in my thoughts I am pretty sure we would have smashed it and completed the 84 plus miles over really rugged and hilly terrain well within the 24 hour barrier whilst also raising money for Northern Inuit Dogs, The Hallswood Animal Sanctuary and Nelson’s Journey.
Needless to say it didn’t happen and as we all now know, any plans made pre March of this year went well and truly out of the window after lock down while pretty much turning all our lives upside down. Tia our number two dog also got ill so there was no way I wanted to leave her for any amount of time either.
Therefore and starting next Thursday, the plan is to now run, jog and walk Peddars Way and The Norfolk Coastal Footpath over four days Aug 20th – 23rd. I think it will work out somewhere between 33 and 35 miles each day. Doing it over four days also reduces any pressure of busting a gut to get it done in any record time too although a part of me thinks that 30 plus miles each day may prove to be even tougher as fatigue sets in each day. When I say we, that means me, Karen Grapes, Craig Bowen Jones (first two days) and several other friends (Mark Thorpe, Simon Bales, Chas Allen) who have said they would like to come along and join us for a few miles or even a full day. Possibly all the way.
With regards to fund raising, we all know that it has been a pretty torrid time for charities and good causes the last few months, so any money we raise will be a bonus. Lots of people have been doing some pretty amazing challenges for their own causes this year and this will now be ours and seriously even a quid will be very much appreciated. Karen is setting up a Go fund me page which will be posted later and every single penny raised will go to our dedicated causes which are The Hallswood Animal Sanctuary, Nelson’s Journey which is headed up by Simon Wright who is so very well known in the running community and NI Dog Rescue. Oslo was a Northern Inuit so this is also my extra bit for him and his memory.
If you want to come along and join in with us at any point or help out, then please do let me know in advance.
Lastly, the film with my dogs which so many people have also been asking me about has now been completed. I have to say a huge thank you to Lee Blanchflower who really did produce something which went well beyond my expectations and of that of those very few friends who have seen it.

Festival Video Production. Forest Live

Video Production Norwich

Festival Video Production

Festival video production is about engaging those customers who have attended your concert or festival and setting the scene for future years. Contrary to public belief, it’s not about grabbing a few minutes of headline acts during their set. After all, unless the artist is booked again for the next year, this type of footage has a pretty limited life span. High quality Festival Video Production highlights the atmosphere and fun but also helps to promote future festivals. Video is proven to be the highest form of engagement currently on social media and forms an awesome marketing tool for engaging growth on social media platforms. It’s also a great way to direct people to your business and website.

The concept of Festival Video Production isn’t new, especially with thousands of people uploading smart phone videos of their festival experiences, but high quality Festival Video Production takes your event to the next level. We’ve been working closely with Forestry Commission over the past five years and in 2018, undertook the first promotional Concert Video Production of Forest Live 2018.

Forest Live Concerts

Forest Live is an independent programme organised by the Forestry Commission, bringing you music without commercial branding or sponsorship. Income generated from ticket sales is spent on improving the local forests for both people and wildlife. With everything required for a great night out, including full catering and bar facilities, the concerts are renowned for their relaxed atmosphere.

How does it work?

Or team has a lots of experience in the area of Video Production. Our process starts with planning your video. It’s important that we gain an insight of exactly how you’d like your production to look. We could shoot a huge amount of content of your festival or concert, but a little knowledge of your vision is an important first step before we film. Your ideas will also allow to work with you to ascertain the level of access we require on-site and to allow for all Health & Safety Assessments to be completed long before we arrive to start work.

Once we’ve shot your awesome Festival Video, we begin the process of editing in our studio. We would usually deliver a teaser trailer, that would fit perfectly on social media sites, grabbing the attention of your audience and directing them to the site where you main video would be hosted.

Forest Live Festival Video Production

Our Festival Video Production for Forestry Commission and Forest Live was shot over four days with an emphasis on a number of key areas that make Forest Live Concerts unique;

*Forest Live Concerts are held in the most beautiful of Forests and are organised by Forestry Commission. The Concerts are hidden gems in the festival calendar. The BBC actually took great pleasure in announcing that Kasabian had played an Event ‘in an actual Forest’ 

*The concerts are a ‘Family orientated’ series of Events that encourage everybody from toddlers to grandparents to attend.

*An emphasis on a well structured, professional set of concerts, where staff are approachable, promoting a safe environment for every type of individual to attend.

Aerial Drone Filming

At Blanc Creative, we operate a licensed Drones to capture Aerial Footage of Festivals and Concerts. Festival Video Production using a Drone is not as expensive as you may think and from a creative aspect, drone footage allows a completely different aspect of your Event with spectacular birds eye views. There are lots of safety implications and restrictions flying at festivals and it’s really super important that you employ a Drone Operator who is licensed, has public liability and professional indemnity insurance and has a proven track record operating commercially. To read more about Licensed Drones, we have a great article that can be found by clicking here.  


To find out more about options for Concert and Festival Video Production, why not reach out today and speak with one of our team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email


Thetford Forest Live Concerts 2018 from Blanc Creative on Vimeo.

Hot Chain Waxing. Video Production on a Budget!


Is inexpensive Video Production Achievable?

Video Production without a huge marketing budget! Is this a concept that is deliverable to clients? At Blanc Creative we certainly think so! We’ve seen a huge increase in moving image as an advertising tool. Video Productions are a hugely attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes and as the world becomes a faster place, business also move at a quicker pace and the option to deliver professionally produced Video production for the corporate and commercial sectors is becoming an essential marketing tool. The word ‘Budget’ Video Production shouldn’t be confused with cheap and unprofessional. The world is literally awash with Video covering every conceivable product, service and business, shot on every type of device from smart phones to cinema quality cameras. Video production is about creating cinematography that meets the requirements of the client and to an old phrase.. “Not breaking a nut with a sledgehammer.” Whilst most clients would love their project shot on £100,000 8K Camera, these type of parameters are often way out of the budgets of many small businesses, so it’s about compromise.

How Popular is Video?

Did you know that web-based content including online video is now watched at a higher level than generic television broadcasts. Computer users are watching digital video content up to 15 hours a week. Almost 50% of internet users now browse videos relating to products or services before visiting a store (ThinkWithGoogle), 80% of shoppers believe demonstration videos are are a source of making purchases decisions. People now spend on average over 200% times more on pages with video content than those pages without.

Ride Harder. A Case Study

Corporate Budget video Production is achievable on a surprisingly tight budget and in some circumstances, with minimal project development . A physical example of working to tight schedules and budgets was the recent video production that Blanc Creative undertook for an independent Cycle Shop, In a Spin and Ride Harder, with Professional Bike Fitter, James Walsgrove. With two days notice and a minimal budget, we were able to Plan, Shoot, Edit & Deliver, an informative, creative Video Production for Hot Chain Waxing Product, Molten Speed Wax, with a turnaround of only 24 hours.

There are a number of factor to consider when producing Video that will impact on how the project pans out. Things to take into consideration include;

*Planning & Briefing – Video Production will generally rely on significant pre production meetings and a solid brief to ensure that location time is maximised and downtime reduced between takes. This cannot always be achieved on last minute projects, so having some knowledge of the subject matter you are shooting, can really help to speed up the process. As an avid, passionate cyclist, having a knowledge of the Hot chain waxing process, meant that developing a shot list was a relatively easy prospect as the whole video production could be undertaken in one location using selective angles and a backdrop that delivered lots of exposition for the viewer. Planning interview content with those who aren’t necessarily comfortable in a presenter type role can take a while, especially if no pre-shooting script writing has taken place. We knew that the video in this case was going to run for no more than 90 seconds, so on site script writing was a very simple process, centred around the Molten Speedwax product.

* Geographical Location – Actual travel time, fuel and out of pocket expenses may increase project costs, especially if last minute Hotel bookings, flights or other travel plans need to be made. Choosing local Video Production options may help to keep your project a Budget Video Production. Working with local businesses means that pre site surveys, physical meetings and any logistical issues can usually be dealt with much more easily than perhaps that of an international assignment would pose. Ride Harder is situated around twenty minutes from the Blanc Creative office and having visited the shop historically, this reduced any logistical worries. *The complexity of the Production – Transparency is an area that has underpinned our business model from the day we launched our brand. It’s super important to be clear and upfront from the very start about what is achievable and deliverable based on a clients financial constraints. Budget Video production works particularly well on projects where perhaps self-directed cinematography takes place or reducing unnecessary staff. Small promotional videos are more than manageable with self-directed camera operator, providing they have a good understanding of visual composition, sound and production. It’s important that the client and your own business are comfortable with the workload and the budget. Avoid being a “Busy Fool” and be aware of ‘project creep’ where one day of filming turns into three days for the same cost. Over delivering can leave film makers disgruntled and essentially de-values a product and leaves clients perhaps expecting the same on future projects.

The Quick Turn Around of Budget Video Production

Shooting, editing and delivering a 90 second Budget Video Production is more than possible, turning around an edit either same day or preferably overnight. After all, as film makers, I’m sure we’ve all shot film for perhaps a corporate event where a final cut is required for a presentation or award ceremony later in the day. Same day delivery or the offer of super fast turn can be problematic. Rushed editing comes with the downside of losing the little attentions to detail or quality that you would expect to proudly deliver to a client. Clients will have less control as to how the production is shot, the artistic direction and the content of the final edit. Quick turnarounds will be subject to less re-editing and minor tweaks. Our Ride Harder video was a pleasure to edit overnight. Having shot and digitally marked all rushes on site using the Atomos Shogun Flame as the shoot progressed, it was simple process of importing the selected clips, editing into a time line and adding a suitable audio track before colour grading. This involved a late night edit and super early start the next morning, but finalising a video in under twenty fours hours, does give a nice sense of satisfaction. Factors That Dictate Turnaround Time

To find out more about our full range of Video Production services, why not call one of our Team on Mob: 07871 364041 or email the office at

Creative Video Production – MA Wrigley Artist

Creative Video Production Norwich

Norwich Creative Video Production from Lee Blanchflower Limited

The opportunity to work on a Creative Video Production for one of the hottest Contemporary Artists to emerge from Norfolk doesn’t happen very often. When MA Wrigley, a talented, Norwich based artist, asked if we’d like to work with him to promote his new work, we jumped at the chance. Working with a range of medias, Mark produces mesmerising artwork including landscapes, contemporary portraiture, and abstract creations. He undertakes private commissions and is currently preparing for his first curated exhibition to be held in his home city of Norwich during the summer of 2018.

Our brief was to create a simplistic creative production Video Production, that conveyed a sense of emotional via a piece to camera. The objective was to deliver Mark’s humble attitude to his work and offer a brief insight into how he approaches his work. Mark Wrigley is completely self-taught and never undertook formal artist training. He has developed his own unique style over two decades and is now quickly building a solid reputation with his private client list from across the globe.

MA Wrigley – Artist

Mark currently works on exclusive pieces of artwork.

Each individual piece is never replicated and prints or limited run pieces are simply not available. Client work remains absolutely exclusive as individual bespoke pieces of artwork. Marks current portfolio for sale can be viewed on the Gallery Page of the MA Wrigley Website. 

Creative Video Production Norwich

Creative Video Production Norwich

Creative Video Production Norwich

Creative Video Production Norwich

Creative Video Production Norwich – How We Work

Producing a short Video Production is an affordable way for many of our clients to showcase their business, their services or products. In an age where many people just won’t or don’t read copious amounts of text on blog posts, Video is an awesome way to convey a message. Simply scroll through Facebook or any other social media sites and Video is now considered a primary source of promoting or advertising. At Lee Blanchflower Limited, we offer a range of inexpensive video options to suit every level of client, from a sole trader, through to large corporate businesses across the UK and further afield.  Over 500 million hours of Video are watched every week across the world. In fact, In fact, according to Entrepreneur, by 2019, 80 percent of the online content on social media will be video. That’s a pretty incredible statistic.

Lee Blanchflower and the Blanc Creative Team can produce everything from 30 second Social Media Content through to Commercial Short Films. We have recently purchased the latest Cinema Camera Technology, producing 4.6K quality footage, slow-motion footage and have a Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones commercially within the UK.

To view some of our additional Corporate Video Productions, why not head over to the Blanc Creative Vimeo Page where a selection of our work can be viewed.


Shaun Leane Winsor Bishop Norwich

Shaun Leane

For over a decade, Shaun Leane has redefined the standard of British jewellery design. Fusing innovation with exquisite craftsmanship, the house is known for a timeless elegance that epitomises modern romance. Creator of some of the most admired jewellery masterpieces of the twenty-first century, Shaun Leane is fast becoming one of the worlds pre-eminent jewellery houses. The Shaun Leane ethos was born at the bench in London’s renowned jewellery heartland, Hatton Garden. From the age of 15 Shaun Leane apprenticed in the finest techniques of traditional craftsmanship. He perfected the art of high end diamond jewellery mounting and antique restoration in an environment where skill was paramount and perfection was the only acceptable standard. This foundation of technical excellence and classic artistry is now the pre-requisite for Leane’s discerning philosophy. The House of Shaun Leane atelier comprises of a team of highly-skilled artisans, designers and technicians, all trained in the delicate yet innovative art of goldsmithing.

“I admire the past masters who – with their style and craftsmanship – created fine jewellery that was distinctive of its time.

I like to fuse elements of tradition with a contemporary design approach. We cannot look to the future of design without remembering our past.”

Shaun Lean

Shaun Leane Winsor Bishop Norwich

Blanc Creative were on hand at Winsor Bishop for their latest Commercial Production as the Norwich Jeweller played host to one of the most acclaimed designers in the UK jewellery industry. Shaun Leane won Best International Jewellery Designer at the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards, which took place on 4th September 2015 in Vicenza, Italy. Winsor Bishop’s success in introducing the range to customers prompted a trunk show from one of the country’s most forward thinking jewellery designers, who during his visit previewed his exciting new collections for the coming season and reflected on his rise to the top through his long term collaboration with Alexander McQueen.

Shaun Leane: Designer Jewellery UK, Fine Diamond Jewellery

The official website of award winning luxury jewellery designers The House of Shaun Leane: fine craftsmanship and signature innovation created for you.

Shaun Leane: Remembering Fierce Designs and Pheasant Claws

LONDON — For Shaun Leane, the “Savage Beauty” exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London has been both bittersweet and inspiring — a chance to reminisce about his creative relationship with the fashion designer Alexander McQueen and …

The Pilot


The Pilot is a short Film production by Lee Blanchflower, owner of Blanc Creative. It was shot entirely on location at Old Buckenham Airfield, (a former Royal Air Force Station used during World War II by The US for strategic bombing campaigns) located south East of Attleborough in Norfolk. The Pilot was a spontaneous production filmed over only four hours and documents Civilian Pilot, Simon Beckett-Allen as he takes to the skies for the afternoon in his own aircraft.

Using predominantly hand held shooting techniques with some monopod stabilisation, the entire Film was captured on a single Canon 5D MKIII with Samyang 24mm & 85mm Cinema lenses.The project was initially going to be stills based, but the airfield held so much character, that Lee Blanchflower could not resist the opportunity to document Simon’s flight through moving image.

Working on the fly and in a solo capacity in strong cross winds and inside a small aircraft during flight raised difficulties with audio production so a decision was taken to either use a separate voice over or dispense with audio in favour of a music score.

Final Cut X was used for editing and graded through Red Giant Magic Bullet  and Pixelfimstudios Plugins.

Click Here to watch ‘The Pilot’


Commercial Photography Norwich

Commercial Photography Norwich

Commercial Photography Norwich

Commercial Photography Norwich

Commercial Photography Norwich

Commercial Photography Norwich

Commercial Photography Norwich

Commercial Photography Norwich