Vegetation Clearance Norfolk. Green Climber

Norfolk vegetation clearance services from J W Riley Contracting Ltd

Vegetation Clearance services has formed a huge part of our business for a number of years but recent technological advances in Robotic Heavy Equipment has enabled us to offer very affordable commercial vegetation clearance across a range of challenging environmental conditions using the Green Climber LV600 Flail Mower. At J W Riley Contracting Ltd, we incorporate traditional Forest Clearance, Bankside management and Vegetation Clearance methods with modern technology including The Green Climber LV600. Our latest Flail Mower is remote-controlled and specially developed for vegetation clearance services on slopes up to 60o.



Remote Controlled Vegetation Clearance Services

Stability is ensured by rubber tracks which are hydraulically extendable with the latest in ‘Traxion Technology’. The Green Climber can traverse terrain that would be inaccessible to conventional driven machinery. It is designed and built for constant use in harsh conditions and has 400mm of hydraulic side shift to assist with cutting up close to trees and fencing. Our mower comes with a flail mower as standard however other attachments including power harrow, trencher, snow blower, snow plough, sweeper and hedge cutter are also available for hire. Perfect for grasses, brush and trees up to 6 inches, the Green Climber LV600 is the tool you need for your tough jobs and our vegetation clearance services include road maintenance, light forestry, and even fire breaks.  Multiple attachments allow for flail cutting, guard-rail deck mowing, and finish mowing. Unlike other remote control mowers the LV600 is equipped with a common rail turbo intercooler diesel engine with low fuel consumption and high torque, even at low rpm.  The LV600 engine meets EPA, TIER4 FINAL standards and is ready for the EU Stage-V standard. Some of the key benefits of the Green Climber are;

Toughness & Reliability

Operator Safety – Up to 500′ of distance from steep slopes, flying debris & harmful exhaust

Reduced Maintenance Costs


Safe Investment with 40 years of engineering experience

Maintenance & Operation Training

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Vegetation Clearance Services Norfolk. Green Climber

Norwich Vegetation Clearance from J W Riley



Norwich Vegetation Clearance from J W Riley


Norwich Vegetation Clearance Services


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Business Photography Norwich - Blanc Creative
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Vegetation Clearance Services from Norwich based J W Riley Contracting Ltd

J W Riley Contracting Ltd are a multi service specialist contracting company. Our operations are predominantly in Ground Works including Commercial Vegetation Clearance Services across a diverse range of sectors including Construction Clearance, Highway Maintenance, Forestry Management and Agricultural & Fishery Bankside Clearance. You may ask yourself why you should consider J W Riley Contracting Ltd undertaking your vegetation clearance services project with the Green Climber LV600? Here’s a few simple reasons;

The Green Climber LV600 is a long range radio controlled Flail Mower. It is a diverse piece of plant that can safely endure dangerous environments minimising operator risk even in the harshest of surroundings.

Vegetation clearance services are made easy with the Hydraulic side shifting attachments and Traxion Technology Tracks with expandable undercarriage.A super low centre of gravity allows Green Climber to work on slopes up to 60° in total safety.

The Green Climber LV600 can be easily transported from location to location within work areas

The standard Flail Head works well on multiple materials from thick grass, light to medium brush (up to 2” thick), and steep slopes

The LV600 is a diverse, commercial machine designed for dense vegetation, trees up to 3” diameter

The Green Climber mulches debris into manageable one to three inch pieces  and grubs up to three inches of soil (subject to environmental conditions)



To find out more about how J W Riley Contracting can assist with all of your Commercial Vegetation Clearance Services needs, why not reach out and contact our office on Mob: 07827 297187 or email


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